Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Yoda’s vision of dying Ahsoka Tano & world without war [1080p]


Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 06 Episode 12 Destiny [1080p]


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  1. Kurgath says:

    Dooku looks so much better as animation in Clone Wars than actor Lee.

  2. Are the yellow-eyed a mark of Dark Side ? Weird choose for Yoda, don't you think ?

  3. One thing I notice that yoda sound same to the Vander…

  4. Blue Oak says:

    Am I the only one who hates that girl's voice

  5. 4:16 So you will do nothing? Apathy is death!

  6. Huge foreshadowing on Ahsoka's part if you ask me. I see her asking herself the same questions by the time she faces Vader in Rebels…

    "Will I still become one with the Force when I die? Will I be a… Jedi?"
    I imagine those exact words crossing her mind when she fails to bring out Anakin and… the worst happens.

  7. this is just bullshit.

  8. Hmmmm trailer of Revenge Of The Sith? :3

  9. 4:00
    Did anyone else see Chewbacca.

  10. 4:00
    Did anyone else see Chewbacca.

  11. Jon Smith says:

    1:401:53 you will never know pain and will you will never feel sadness… Lies Lies and Lies

  12. Jon Smith says:

    3:28 Why are they all joining together? Are they celebrating Yoda's birthday or what?!!

  13. Evan Ng says:

    OMG Qui Gon Jin !

  14. MCPro Azka says:

    The generations of padawans there,lol

  15. there is no war here bastard…

  16. keegan kylie says:

    Weird this is


    -Yoda 2016

  17. Is that Dooku's old lightsaber when he was a Jedi? 3:24 It changes back to his curved lightsaber when he goes all pink eye on Yoda.

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