STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – “Sacrifice” Trailer


Find out more: In this prequel trailer to the STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire …


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  1. I love their trailers they are so awesome

  2. Abid Haziq says:

    Just curious though, who was that Twilek Sith?

  3. 1:53 Looks like he pulled off the legendary elbow parry.

  4. Fred Pinto says:

    This trailer is more Star Wars than TFA

  5. They should hire writters/director of this video for the Star Wars movies. I enjoyed this few minutes of video even more than them all * _ *

    Deberian contratar a los guionistas/directores de este corto para las pelis de Star Wars . Con tan pocos minutos, me ha gustado aun mas que todas ellas : T

  6. Paulotbag says:

    Everyone agree that a movie like this would be great ?

  7. Is this considered canon?

  8. M.GAMES says:

    هل هذا لعبة ام فيلم
    This is Game (: of Film

  9. Jay Reagan says:

    you can see in 1:32 if u pause it their facial expressions show especially in their eyebrows that the one in white is pissed while the one in black is chill

  10. tank 943 says:

    Who are those two op mother buzzers

  11. Wait a minute is this just a mini movie or a game?

  12. carlo vera says:

    Who are the twins?

  13. takinadeuce says:

    I love star wars but never dabbled in the books or anything so can someone explain the concept behind the yellow saber?

  14. The twins look like Joel Edgerton

  15. realjacer says:

    this would make such a good movie. epic

  16. John Mellor says:

    Looked more like force unleshed

  17. Brandon lara says:

    i wish startkiller were canon…

  18. Joel Nygren says:

    I hate one MAJOR thing about this game right now. Not being able to subscribe.

  19. Juan Lodri says:

    how the hell they can publish a trailer like this one and then release a game like that. Make me feel sick

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