State of the Dead Explained Biblically Part 3



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  1. studentdebts says:

    This has been my position&basic Biblical Understanding for many many years,as to The State of The Dead,We recommend William Fudge"s"The Fire that Consumes as a worthy read on this Subject:5********

  2. Three says:

    Most bodies from thousands of years ago are just dust upon the Earth. The original man Adam means dust and the curse at the garden of Eden doomed him to go back into the Earth from which he came. The Snake (The Devil) was cursed to eat dust which is metaphoric for the relationship his seed would be bound with mankind through the curse of original sin. Jesus Christ frees those whom follow him from this spiritual captivity and the ultimate consequences of sin.

  3. roar5952 says:

    Zombie let the dead bury the dead..?
    Jesus the son of man followed the spirit.
    Told us to follow him and it would be a look or journey of within.
    Think on this once this truth of witness is found being it is the light that dwells in the darkness and not even the world knows what it mean's..The witness to the truth of the spirit that is within…Where will you hide from this witness if it comes from within..?
    The gift to be shared by all the witness of the truth of the spirit within.?

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