Steve Jablonsky – Arrival to Earth (Transformers OST)

Smolny Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia
Conductor – Igor Ponomarenko
Трансформеры в Смольном

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33 Responses

  1. I want to go to a concert where they play this and other songs from john williams and ramin djawadi so, so so so badly! Also, the vocalist on the far right is absolutely beautiful

  2. Ray Moo says:

    dunno, but somehow I had to cry…

  3. John Morris says:

    The horns and brass owned it

  4. Rhys Thomas says:

    Is it bad that at 2:40 I can almost hear Ratchets siren and then see Jazz jumping down off the roof of that car showroom?

  5. MARCOS MAIA says:

    Quase chorei nessa porra MDs que foda

  6. alper ünal says:

    vay mk ruh hastası ruslar

  7. Snake Bite says:

    i wonder some meteors will fucked up my funeral

  8. Karen Mooney says:

    fkn A man love it ????

  9. Nizar Nihah says:

    beautiful music,very nice

  10. 304 dislikes from decepticons

  11. I love this music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this film 🙂

  12. Pancho COSS says:

    ok ok…. this song is amazing!!! jajaja

  13. Listen it at x2 speed it's even better!

  14. Adam Rocco says:

    funny how a childhood fantasy cartoon can actually take on serious adult meaning here.

  15. 워럿쉐킷 says:


  16. K3LP0 says:

    Autobots, Roll out!

  17. goosebumps all over

  18. 제로。 says:

    their voice is fvcking amazing !

  19. This gives me the chills! AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT!!

  20. awesome from Sri Lanka

  21. Its sad that such a brilliant score, such as this Steve Jablonsky's score for Transformers, did not go  towards serving a better made film. The grandeur and majesty of this score far outshined the mediocre cinematic big budget nonsense that it accompanied. For this reason, the score did not get the credit that it deserved.

  22. SUB ZERO says:

    did anyone else forgot about the Fallen

  23. no se que decir ante esta obra tan exelente :')

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