Steve Quayle 2016 World War 3, Civil 2 About To Start


Steve Quayle 2016 World War 3, Civil 2 About To Start.


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  1. David Mac says:

    This conversation really goes to the point made in the movie "The Matrix".
    The scene where Morpheus is talking to Neo about how the people in the matrix , although not technically your enemy, are so completely indoctrinated by the system, so totally attached and part of it-it is part of the very essence of who they are.
    They are a part of the "machine" and if you try to expose the reality of what is really happening, try to tell them the truth- you get such a violent angry reaction and are treated like an enemy yourself.
    You are basically attacked for trying to help.They are opposed to the truth and part of the lie.
    They do not want to know, they prefer the "red pill".
    This has happened to me with my blood relatives!
    They will not even consider what you say, will not lift one finger, will not even read a printed out document -that if they would just look with their eyes and use basic common sense, they would see the truth or at least be open to considering the truth .
    As it is, those who are trying to help are considered fools.

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