Steve’s Fruity’s Front Room Look Round


A look round. No game play. And a bit of detail about the machines in here. Thought I’d get this in as it’s about to get manic again for a bit. As i have 4 new arrivals to welcome in over the next couple of weeks. So last chance to get them all on together for a good run ??????


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  1. can you please post a video of the new machines you acquire as i would be very interested in seeing the hi lights once again. i am of the age were i get a lot of pleasure from any enjoyable nostalgia from my childhood. thank you and look forward to seeing your next video.?

  2. i always played the double it and firecracker as a teenager. they had my dinner money quite often but i dont regret it. they were the days. i also liked barcrest hi lights and spotlight, jpm eway shuffle, lucky 2s and nudge shuffle. enjoyed this so thanks mate.

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