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Adopted In Islamabad

Sunday, 18 July 2010

At The National Press

Timed For Release With The Arrival Of

US Secretary of State In Pakistan

We, the people of Pakistan, progeny of the Great Nara (Sarasvati), Indus, Gandhara and Muslim Civilizations that predate all civilizations of the world; and a bastion of knowledge since antiquity; and those who have withstood all imperial adventures,

Having evolved a civilization founded on acceptance of higher values of civilized life, respect for others’ rights, culture of giving not taking, and imbibing an ideology of submission to God’s will, with the firmest of beliefs and faith in our abilities to discern the correct civilization path to a better tomorrow,

Disturbed and aghast at the policies being pursued by the oldest and nascent democracies; overtaken by the imperialist, expansionist and exploitative mindset; concerned that democracy is fast becoming the domain of the highest bidders; political-military and industrial complexes, financial cartels and believers of the doomsday scenarios,

Saddened at the gross violations of human rights defined in the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights of the American Founding Fathers and UN Resolutions, an infringement on the values of cultures, Faith in God that reflects separate standards and values; liberal for self and barbaric for others inherently leading to conflict,

Cognizant that silence is acceptance and complicity in the murder of the innocent; considering such militarized preemptions a violation by the governments on the largest suffering class of the poor in Pakistan, Afghanistan and all coalition countries fighting in Afghanistan.

Spiritually disturbed, because all faiths propagate peace, forgiveness and a quest for truth; rightfully asserting that all those who resort to violence and murder of innocent blatantly violate the universal common values of humanity,

Desiring that political and religious leaders in all our nations lead the way to peace for humanity, to stand united as equals, to save mankind and our planet from extinction.

Appealing to the international and national conscience to stand up and declare that ‘enough is enough’ because, civilizations, cultures and ideologies cannot be bombed out of the minds,

We, the Coalition of Conscience demand, that this, illegal, unjust, and inhuman war be stopped through the collective power of human resilience and conscience the world over.


1. The foreign presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan is part of the problem rather than the solution;

The coalition Governments must immediately order a cessation of all military operations and sting operations in the region and allow peace to be negotiated.

2.         Al-Qaeda is a convenient tool to blanket all opposition to US policies in the region and impose unilateral policies;

All efforts to use this pretext to prolong the presence in the region and to pursue an international agenda other than peace must cease.

3.         Ongoing coalition operations have a fragmenting effect on both Pakistan and Afghanistan;

All coalition operations with divisive effects must be stopped.

4.         The entire spectrum of violence and instability in Pakistan is a backwash from Afghanistan created by the presence of foreign forces. Support to insurgent and terrorist groups in FATA and Balochistan originate from Afghanistan. If this is not stopped, the instability will spread to other regions as well;

We demand the Government of Pakistan to make its own independent policies to ensure peace and development in the region; the mother of all civilizations.

5. Afghan movement is led by leaders who are indigenous to Afghanistan and legitimate representatives of resistance to foreign occupation;

These leaders must be treated as party to peace and brought into a comprehensive dialogue process as reflected in Pak-Afghan Jirga of 2007.

6. Failing a clear timetable from the coalition for the cessation of war;

The Government of Pakistan will be urged to exercise this nation’s legitimate right to secure its interests against all hostile bases inside Afghanistan, supporting and funding terrorism and insurgency in Pakistan.

7.         In order to ensure long term stability and prosperity in the region;

The Government of Pakistan must carry forward the inconclusive negotiations of 1996 and assist all Afghans (Resistance and Northern Alliance) to mediate peace. We welcome support from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and China with no covert agendas.

8. It is not Pakistan’s responsibility to ensure logistics for coalition forces in Afghanistan knowing well that much of it is used to destabilize and terrorize Pakistanis;

This support must stop unless approved by UN and conducted under transparent international safeguards and inspections.

9. Gross violations and exercise of human rights on selective bases are widely documented;

All Pakistani prisoners kept by coalition countries, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in illegal detention centers must be brought back immediately and subjected to Pakistani courts.

10. Rendition centers, trials under duress and extra judicial killings including drones and blanket air strikes violate basic human rights;

War reparations and criminal trials of coalition leaders who have knowingly falsified evidence in support of war before their own people; their Parliaments; and before the UN Security Council must be brought before Law. All Pakistani leaders guilty of same must be tried under Pakistan laws.

These are the ten screams of conscience. Let them travel far and wide through the resonance of people’s will and be understood and acted upon with speed, honesty, and conviction. We wish a better and secure future for all nations of the world.

The founder members of THE COALITION OF CONSCIENCE are:

Pakistan Ex Servicemen Association

Christian Study Center, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Society for Advancement of Health and Education (SAHEE)

KBS Welfare

Good Governance Forum

Pakistan Overseas League

Defense of Human Rights

And signatory Citizens

All Civil Society Organizations and Individuals world over are invited to join and raise their voice for the future of mankind.

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11 Responses

  1. fahd says:

    beg, plead, it wont work. instead why not unite into one powerful and tangible endeavor and oust the corrupt bastards ruling us for previous 63 years that have reduced into a stockpile of human garbage and a laughing matter for the world and then grow powerful to be reckoned with. The ones you are begging like you are today will seek your permission b4 tying up their show laces. and since for now we are all living off of their goody bags, your pleading will only make them laugh. you disappoint me.

    • Muhammad ali says:

      Greetings! The charter of demands is good but there is lot to see critically. How can you conclude that some of the Muslim countries you have referred are welcome. In my opinion they are equally responsible to bring chaos in Pakistan because of their doings. Fighting their own war on the soil of pures rather than fighting on their borders. We got to be pragmatic and open minded. The unscrupulous radicals having no respect for the teaching of Islam are a slur bringing bad image of our great religion. These bug gars do all unethical and morally low and below human dignity activities sodomy is part of their socializing in the hide outs. Yes the US should be told for the amicable resolving of the problem. One can write and write alot. I lost my kith and kin in the bomb explosions at HAZARAT DADA GUNG BAKSH RA a great saint and decedent of Hazrat ALI A.S. These saints are the one who brought Islam in this part of the world……and what all the intellectual are doing. Sad and very worrisome. Please revisit your demands that are viable and EXPECTABLE TO THE HUMANITY at large not to the US only. When you are trouble you ask for humanitarian assistance to the US, the example is earth quake…..Had the Chinooks helicopters not been there the catastrophe would have been unimaginable. Its one example… not a loyalist of the holy Pope but one should be realistic.

  2. Salman Siddiqi says:

    Please count me as a signatory.

  3. Ishrat Shehzad Bandukda says:

    how do citizens join it

  4. Rabia says:

    I sign it too.

  5. Percy says:

    When is this scheduled to be delivered and do we have time to get this signed in the United States as well. In fact, we should make this a global effort and I can put it up on my blog to get people to sign but you would need to put a link in it for them to go there and a place to show their country. I get people on my blog from Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britian, USA, of course, Also Argentina, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, China and South Korea, etc…… this can go global if you have the time. Let me know.

  6. ganton says:

    Where do I sign?

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