Stormzy’s Mum is More Road Than You – The People vs Stormzy


For the latest episode of The People vs, we caught up with UK grime don Stormzy at Fresh Island Festival in Croatia to get his take on the comments on his video for the anthem “Know Me From”.

He finally squashes the rumour that he is actually Emile Heskey. Oh and he’s not Christian Benteke either. Or Romelu Lukaku.

Watch The Police vs Grime Music:

Watch Big Narstie’s Fresh Island Festival Diary:

Watch The People vs 50 Cent:

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44 Responses

  1. Harambe says:

    shes a badman?????

  2. Yes guys bad mans from badmanville where u at

  3. Wreck Tard says:

    stormzy needs to rub some cocoa butter on them damn stretch marks

  4. K.E.P says:

    he IS remolu lukaku

  5. the goal you scored against Germany in the 5-1 was awesome though. thankyou emile?

  6. Hitout says:

    Nines new album is mad ting

  7. tejasx says:

    This came out on my birthday

  8. BIG WILLY says:

    ayyy 420 baby blaze it

  9. ._. says:

    U know dat when he was in United Adidas video… One site wrote: Pogba in new United video and Lukaku in United shirt? XDDDD

  10. nuff of you commenting on here about how srormzy is dark in complection. as if it's a badddd thing????? you fucking slaved out mother fuckers. your sickening!!!!!!!

  11. Joseph Scott says:

    Did he just call his mum a BAD MAN……

  12. Lions Fan says:


  13. OH Martha says:

    All the comments are about his skin colour.. so ignorant ?

  14. MR3MYSTERY says:

    Stormzy is one of the few black people that have ever been in Croatia

  15. OG-TRIX says:

    LMAO this nigga dark af!

  16. Olivia R says:

    Your mums better than you

  17. As a resident of Badmanville I approve of this video

  18. max kerry says:

    Not Heskey, Lukaku

  19. Alfie Izzile says:

    Stormzy were can we meat up in only 9 but I look up to u

  20. Tumblr_E l says:

    It's funny how just yesterday me and my black friends where talking about blick tings

  21. bad man vil u mean kishaw

  22. harriet evs says:

    I smiled the whole time watching this. God love him

  23. HeroIsALiar says:

    Stormzy's got bare stretch marks

  24. big ups to badmanville

  25. Steve Lane says:

    u are like a cooler,funnier deji. Is that bad

  26. MMK HD says:

    black and white music?now nigga thats a mixtape

  27. Johnny B says:

    I'm basically LUKAKU

  28. and the video is 420 seconds long

  29. I thought he was holding a bong

  30. Josh Deemi says:

    Mumzy didn't come in 2016

  31. Ranjt Singh says:

    I am a badman and I am only 13 I got kicked out of my school and bullied lots of people because I your fan

  32. jeff davis says:

    Damn soo many straws mans getting the drink on

  33. Ben Dodds says:

    Badmanville RAHHH ??

  34. chicken grease all over him mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  35. robinhamre97 says:

    What beat is he talking about in the end. Is it know me from?

  36. I love how he does grime and in the background "you can hear sometimes I get a feeling yeah" ?

  37. RAYSERNAXO says:

    Stormzy got me into grime and im from us

  38. MLJ PRO says:

    Mans is from Croatia

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