Stranded Deep – EP 3 – World War II Ocean Forts – Let’s Play Stranded Deep Gameplay (S4) (V15)


Stranded Deep New Update Build 0.14 Gameplay Let’s Play – World War II Ocean Forts, New Island Exploration. Take the role of a plane crash survivor stranded …


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  1. can you please play more rising world?

  2. Love the vids man keep up the good work #je bent de beste gr uit de nederlands

  3. Fermed NutZ says:

    tbh this game is boring but amazing graphics though. not to ruin your day im just saying my opinion

  4. Akito says:

    eyyy what up

  5. Thomas Hoehn says:

    I would really like to see some base building on this island. a lot of potential. can't wait to see wat u come up with

  6. The island is nice, but I've always preferred the islands with ship wrecks in then, those are the best to integrate into a base build. Also if I'm not mistaken, I think you can build on the derelicts

  7. I like stranded it makes a change from 7days. the island looks great but needs crops

  8. khalid mamay says:

    Beautiful great job

  9. IB GAMINGZ says:

    GameEdged that island is one that you placed in and has no drops on it like the bare island. they give a starting platform if you want to make your own island. Be careful in the center pond there are sharks in there.

  10. jtbrad says:

    I think it would be a cool island to make a base on. Farming and fishing would be a necessity if you ended up building there. It would be a challenge but could make the season more interesting.

  11. Gary Cico says:

    I personally would not make that a base Island – No resources and not enough room, resources is the main issue.
    But that is your choice and your game … just my thoughts. :)

  12. "WILSON!!!"- Tom Hanks (Cast Away)

    This seems like a alright game, nothing too exciting. Just curious though, can you build farms? and if not, can you live off fish and shark? o.O

  13. Queen Shadis says:

    No resources? Who cares? This island is too gorgeous NOT to live on! It just makes it more challenging and makes the farming a necessity rather than an option. Wouldn't the cliffs look amazing with walkways and balconies wreathed around them? And what if you can build in and on the derelict (spearing all the annoying seagulls beforehand, of course! XD)? It's super close to the island you dropped your supplies on, too. :D

  14. If you make a bunker like house in your island that would be cool. Great video as alway :)

  15. This could be a very interesting build, but the issue is poor resources.
    Pros: Gorgeous Island, large, lots of space, and endless posibillities
    Cons: Very low resources, no emergency resources available (ex:food) and too much real estate.

    There's always going to be some pros and cons, but go for it if you think you can do it!!!!

  16. Alyssa Faden says:

    there are some great details added to this game; it's really very very nice. Love the new possible base, but only if you kill the birds 😉

    Shame you can't build in the tower.

  17. I basicly used the inside as a storage, had two storage rooms and used the downstairs balcony for timber storage. The shelves inside were perfect for my smaller supplies. Rooftop farming, bedroom in the centre room up top and the hall outside it had the water collectors, got really lucky with buckets on my end… And… a bathroom. Dont question it.
    Edit, some people have had trouble placing farms on the roof, not sure if it's been changed in a patch or if they got an older version then I did.

  18. Kronik249 says:

    unfortunately the fortress tower is a waste of time for loot only good for a base I guess :/

  19. I'd like to see you build on that island, it's definitely the nicest looking one.

  20. YEAH you can build in that tower?it would be perfect

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