Street Lights that Spy On You



The company named Illuminating Concepts (can’t make that up), backed by the Department of Homeland Security, has launched its new product called Intellistreets. It is street lights equipped with a speaker system, motion sensors, video cameras, mics and other crap nobody wants. Remotely controlled using Wi-Fi technology, these street lights have some interesting advantages such as energy saving and whatnot.

It however doesn’t take much of an imagination to grasp to frightening police-state, oppressive potential of these lights. I mean they can film you, record your conversations, and yell orders at you while displaying a video. Anyone who has read 1984 can definitely see the frightening similarities between the “telescreens” and the hidden mics of Big Brother and this technology.

Here’s the promotional video for the product.


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  1. m says:

    Ha HAA The cameras (most time) have no body watching them!
    It’s a scare tactic, look at “London” all those cameras and they had
    no idea what’s going on!. In other works Blank Monitor.
    Heh i need a job watching monitors all day, what would happen first:
    I switch the channel or go more insane?

  2. Welcome to HELL ON EARTH…..

    total-collapse . com

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