Stromae : How to make a hit song in one minute


How to make a hit song in one minute


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  1. Vi Bro says:

    Made in FL Studio 12 ……………..PLz Listen to it

  2. Jackson Bell says:

    Where is the Saxophone on the internet?

  3. rasvamanu says:

    everyone in this comment section knows fuck all about music. go home.

  4. Adam BD says:

    "I make my own presets because I'm not a basic bitch " FrankJayFc

  5. yo guys, anyone know the program? greets

  6. snabel a says:

    what program is this?

  7. johnnyx767 says:

    Ya'll have to learn to not over think things n just go with what feels right. spiritually literally

  8. So all you need is "special sounds" and "special tools" – got it . . .

  9. ok I knoiw this is old, that being said, this shit has No Soul. Most people that enjoy this music are people that are drunk or on drugs at a show or a concert … this music is shit, a composer… pfft. this just proves that people like simplicity and repitition, honestly the song and music is shit….

  10. Mr Dancer says:

    I LOVED ITand iam not realy mr dancer im his sister I love your songs you rock STOMAE WHHOOOOOOOOO!!!

  11. cl poster says:

    you just dew it breh!!

  12. TheTuubster says:

    Well, its not THAT easy. First you have to understand, how music works. Then you need to know the music software to compose the music. Then you need to compose a compelling melody. Then you have to find the right instruments and arrange them. Then you need to construct the progression of the song so it isnt repetitive over its runtime. To compose a song in one minute you need to learn and prepare yourself.

  13. Death Season says:

    This shows how simplistic pop music is.

  14. and he thinks that the fact of doing a song in 5 minutes is a good thing to tell… That's why music is shit nowadays

  15. trung nguyen says:

    what is the song name ?? this song is very nice ^^

  16. TheProx1992 says:

    More like how to make a crap song I one minute. How did I get from the making of the prodigy voodoo people, a track that took a hell of a lot of time and effort not to mention talent especially considering Liam howler would have been only twenty three when he made it, to this??? Music doesn't take one minute to make not good music anyway takes a lot of te and effort… This track is laughable

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