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sugar Crash


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  1. QRS3C273 says:

    This and other documentaries on this subject I've watched recently have truly opened my eyes about sugar. I'm determined to cut my sugar intake and be healthier.

  2. Why call this channel HD and only upload a 360p version? Great doc though!

  3. hoppas dom där jävla sockerbolagen går konkurs

  4. judarna äger sockerbolagen och styr människan bojkotta sockret ja gör det

  5. Pluto Mars says:

    Vegans at work to cover up sugar is the leading cause of death and cancer

  6. Just eat food! If it looks like it came from a plant eat it. If it looks like it came from a lab don't eat it. You're salt, sugar, and fat automatically go down.

  7. Steven Vegh says:

    I look at sugar now as a poisonous addictive substance. I had to learn about it over and over again through seeing different studies and documentaries like this one until I was able to gain this mindset. When I look at a candy and get that craving the thought immediately comes to my mind reminding me that it's poisonous and that its my addictive response. Has been so much easier to turn down now. I still do 2 to 4 servings of fruit a day on a mostly plant based diet and it has been wonderful.

  8. Hans Zarkov says:

    I tried in vain yesterday to find a container of PEANUTS at the local market that did not contain SUGAR. They all had SUGAR as an ingredient. IN PLAIN PEANUTS????!!! Ridiculous.

  9. Amanda Maxie says:

    Am I the only one that think the host is an adorable older woman? haha shes so aged beautifully:)

  10. Well done! Great information.

  11. Xipo86 says:

    i can proudly say that i am below 25 grams sugar a day which is recommended by the WHO maybe 5 times a week. I still have my moments but i rather eat fruits then sweeties now. I switch to water with fresh citrus too

  12. Johnny D. says:

    Sugar  is not a nutrient.

  13. Box Addict says:

    Natural sugars in veges and fruit are ok they can be digested but eat pure sugar in products refined it will turn to fat stores

  14. Rose G says:

    I thought salt can be added to a baby's food after one year of age (??)

  15. xztasis718 says:

    Robert Lustig is the MAN!!

  16. nothing about all the sugar in fruit? the little girl's lunch at the end was nothing more than sugars; sugars from fruit and sugar from carbs. Diabetes is definitely in her future. The featured family is eating probably the same amount of sugars as before, note they're just eating unlabeled sugars.

  17. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  18. The next issue from sugar is the fugazi alternatives natural or chemical that delivers a sensation of sugar but in the long term we're already seeing metabolic health issues

  19. kiwifruitkl says:

    In the beginning, if the voice-over hadn't mentioned that it's "Irish", I would have thought "American". I think it's more accurate to describe the new deadly eating habits and lifestyle as "the modern eating and lifestyle habits of doom".

  20. Lilly nan says:

    Excellent documentary, but her weird accent (i.e. "TREE" instead of three) is distracting.

  21. Ransom Locke says:

    com on sugar causes depression!! its also causes people to post silly videos.

  22. its really easy…. eat stuff you have to cook or isnt in a can….. its not fucking hard…. eggs…avacado…bacon…all meats….cheese… vegetables…… cmon now…. fuck…. you wanna cound sugars but youre reading the fucking back of a danimals yogurt cup? wake the fuck up stupid bitch

  23. Robstar says:

    Politician are addict to sugar already so there will be no change from there side(they brainless zombies controlled by SUGAR DADDY)
    Brussel go back to work !!!
    btw the movie was top banana 🙂

  24. Johan Wire says:

    5th day of no sugar/no carbs & i am starting to feel clear headed again with increased energy. The 3rd day was by far the worst regards to craving anything sweet including bread or pasta. I have done this before for around 3 weeks and I lost a considerable amount of weight and increased my energy levels. Could I do it for an extended period of time? It would be very difficult because sugar is hidden in everything.

  25. Fat is the cause of obeisity

  26. I think that people are responsible as much as food industry for their health …. People should informed themselves what they eat and simply do not buy food that includes to much sugar anymore.

  27. why only 50 K views ?!?!?!?!?

    Fb – video – a prostitute showing her ass – 30 mil views.

    Perhaps we deserve to die – we are a failed species.

  28. Very good! Thanks for the upload 😀

  29. Jaimy balzak says:

    Didn't know my country was 3rd on a world scale list

  30. Sugar is alcohol for child

  31. Dorky Dom says:

    I find things like this so frustrating, it's all about common sense and knowledge. Educate yourself! Read labels, learn what things mean. It's your responsibility to take control. We all know the media and government are all about the money! Take responsibility.

  32. karmiizhe says:

    i must say those slow mo shots of tasty stuff is giving me mixed feelings right now.

  33. Diana CM says:

    why is it that the US is 1 in sugar intake but does not that the dental problem. I think like UK Ireland does not focus on dental hygiene.

  34. Joy DAvilar says:

    Ahhhh sugar! That molecule that fueled the slave trade….we loooooooove sugar and loved it so much that we did horrible things in efforts to get it. Sugar ain't going no where, we're biologically wired to love the thing and its horrible as hell!

  35. my current diet is:
    fats – welcome
    carbs – welcome
    salt – regulated
    sugar – 3-4 tbsp

  36. high carb low fat vegan lifestyle is optimal for health

  37. sugar is the enemy of the week. one day its fats, cold meats, preservatives, cholesterol, gluten , farkn taking it too far. we dont KNOW all the much as science is constantly getting more advanced and contradicting itself . smoking was good for you at one point, and who knows may find out there are actually some benefits one day. my personal experience is eat heaps and work out! doesnt work for everyone but works for me, peace

  38. knitnpaint says:

    This is somewhat misleading as the Apples and Oranges also contain a lot of sugar, Bananas, Grapes and Pineapple are the worst fruit for sugar content. Berries are best Beans are also high in carbohydrates. They are also not mentioning carbs in bread and potatoes. If you want to get of sugar you gotta cut them out as well, at least for a while.

  39. MrsTabby1963 says:

    At 39:38 the spokesman for the sugar industry, Paul Kelly states that "sugar, like any other food or nutrient can be consumed as part of a balanced and varied diet". He lies. Sugar has NO nutritional value and is NOT a food either. Earlier in the programme studies showed that it had addictive properties. Food manufacturers invest millions creating new and even more addictive shite for consumers to gorge on (and they do). A consequence is that diabetes in children is rising shockingly, not to mention in adults too. Sugar is the culprit. Low carbing is the answer and I started doing this two months ago, with some success. My body fat % (was 46% due to excess injesting excess sugary 'foods') has reduced to 41% so far. I still have a long way to go but letting go of sugar has given me freedom for the first time.

  40. David Lemon says:

    As I watch this video..a Pepsi commercial comes on. Well played Pepsi.

  41. NAT GEO – hats off to you for this sugar video, but honestly I think that HIGH CARB diets are far worse, and cause folks blood sugar – glucose- to go up and down all day long which leads to type 2 diabetes. As carbs turn into sugar. But I think most govt wont target carbs as this is contained in 80% of what folks eat and this would destroy the food industry. I'm well aware of the toxic poison – sugar – so wont finish this video, but I hope they mention Carbs….

  42. Great video, but lets not forget the huge amounts of carbs folks are eating that also turn into Sugar

  43. Good document on recognizing the problem and its damages but does not address the most important part which is how to cure the addiction which is a complex and long term challenge. Just forcing yourself to not eat sugar for 3 weeks will not work in the long term. Everybody can do that with some will and discipline but over months the body will fight back and succeed to get you back on your old sugar addiction. Digesting a high sugar diet and digesting a very low sugar but healthy and full diet takes two very different digestive systems. It takes months if not years for a digestive system to tune itself and repopulate the live bacteria types for digestion. Digesting non sugary food requires a faster metabolism, and a body used to eat sugar has become very lazy at producing chemicals for digesting harder to break down foods into energy. The first thing it will do when you stop sugars is you will feel bad for months, not weeks, but for months. And that's necessary.
    I am still searching myself what foods i need to eat esp amount of meat , fatty meat, seasoned vegetable salads with vinegar and oil to speed up my digestive system metabolism. If you stop sugar for 3 weeks it means nothing. You have to do that for 6 months for your metabolism and digestive system to change.

  44. jasony7 says:

    is it weird that a coke life ad came on b4 this doco

  45. King Kage says:

    hopefully people are noticing now, "if it fits your macros" is a shit diet.

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