Suge Knight FAINTS After Bail Set to $25 Million.


DJ Akademiks speaks on Suge Knight FAINTING and Rushed to the Hospital after his bail was set to $25 Million. Follow on Instagram …


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  1. Mario Kinnon says:

    they should have got dr. Dre to yeah I say it

  2. vanilla ice has a better life than him…karma

  3. pinkasia says:

    well you get what you deserve…yes you have health issues…$25 million cant even bring back the person he killed…

  4. He aint so damn tough now! Wonder if somebody done slipped a honey bun on his bed for some little favors. Hahahahahahahahaha! Give up dat ass fish!

  5. he's gonna be a bigass dude by the time he gets out. fat-ripped af

  6. And to think, back in '95 '96 and up until 2005, he probably could have posted bail of 25 mil.  Will never cease to amaze me how some people can have that much money and end up flat broke.

  7. Hood wink lookin ass ?

  8. nippypinto says:

    Shouldn't have run those guys over. Shouldn't have killed that guy.

  9. Bayou billy says:

    Ahh poor guy. Damn white judge. Lol shug life's matter. Also biggie and pac huh!!!

  10. GuSuBu Tribe says:

    only have to pay a bond of 10%….

  11. This Niger should smell the gas


  13. yesterday outcome supervisor hzbuk.

  14. yeah nigga, DEATH ROW in real life boy!!! FUCKING IDIOT!!!

  15. Mr. J says:

    This fat fuck deserves to be in jail for life after all the shit he did, especially to Eazy.

  16. why they never gave this kindd of bail to the kenddy who raped a girl and got away for his crime; if its a white women or man they get away with it; this lawyer is stupid and this rapper;better get a new white smart lawyer;at least he will have a chancxe his black lawyer is an idoit.

  17. Luv Sux says:


  18. TERRAXX l says:

    FUCK Suge i hope he gets ass fucked daily.

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