Summers Day Spotting at London Gatwick Airport, LGW! | 19/07/16


This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, “RachaelMatt” 1080p HD! Finally! A taste of summer for the UK. A small week long heatwave has taken the UK by …


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  1. it's a Canadian airline

  2. MrDreamliner says:

    Always good to see the Icelandair beastie. Just a shame it wasn't Hekla! Great job filming!

  3. Which do you prefer? Gatwick or Heathrow?

  4. Absolutely stunning video my friend :D

  5. Ajsski99 says:

    Go to Bristol on the 21st of August!

  6. Where was the Tui 787-9 going

  7. Great compilation, well filmed!

  8. Lazy Boy says:

    Awesome video :D

  9. ellis dee says:

    Another great video , thanks .
    I know Westjet just started service to Gatwick with B-767s , but the plane at 4:02 is a B -737-7ct(wl) or-8ct(wl) . Quite surprised to see one of those on a trans-atlantic flight .
    Has(?) to be used on the Gatwick to St. Johns , Newfoundland trip.
    Have a nice day . Cheers .

  10. EagleGaming says:

    Can anyone explain the WestJet 737?

  11. yup hard to imagine

  12. Jagga Singh says:

    RachaelMatt… Thanks for sharing another great video its always a pleasure to watch your professional quality of work….Thanks :-)

  13. Great video what Camera did you use?

  14. Amazing to see so many Canadian flights in and out of LGW now. Saw 4 Air Transat's and 1 Westjet within the first 5 minutes! (Plus the Air Canada Rouge a few seconds later)

  15. KnifeGuy375 says:

    Did the 2-engine Aircraft absolutely take over the market?

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