Sunrise **CLOSE UP Arrivals ** RW27L/R London Heathrow Inc. Ethiopian Brand New A350..✈️✈️


️Welcome to my channel This is a compilation of Heavy + arrivals, filmed between 6::45-9am 15/10/16. RW09L was mainly used for landing. Watch out for the …


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  1. William B161 says:

    Nice video and good night

  2. Mr. spotter1 says:

    Amazing compilation!

  3. Loved it, nice to see some of the early morning long-haul and transatlantic flights. Very good. ??

  4. Fantastic video my friend.You also got Ethiopian's A350 brand new jet.Awesome.

  5. Congrats on 1,000 subs!

  6. Wow, that is so amazing, my good friend! Thumbs up!!!!!

  7. Rex Miles says:

    Thank-you Sky for another very relaxing and enjoyable video.  Given I know a bit about video photography and editing, which at times is very tedious, I truly appreciate the effort you make on our behalf.  On clear evenings when contrails are visible, I have often spotted the American Airlines (AA730, A330, shown at 10:18) from Charlotte to LHR flying over my house.  Of course the details are difficult to see, since it is 5 miles high, but its contrail plumes are very beautiful.   I have noticed on your videos and those of others that BA only fleets B747-400’s.  It looks like BA will soon be phasing them out.  One difficulty I see you and others having is maintaining focus under limited light conditions.  However, I found a very clever device a photographer had made which facilitates manual focusing.  I plan to make one for myself and adapt it to my cameras.  You can view the 4 minute video at the following web address: .  Again, thank-you very much, and I look forward to viewing more of your work.

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