‘Super Hero’: Comic Book Paints Eugenicist Bill Gates as a Savior


Aaron Dykes

Bill Gates “saves lives.” It’s a mantra that’s been often repeated in the media to lionize his philanthropic work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where his money funds an admittedly harmful global vaccine campaign, dangerous GMO agricultural projects with Monsanto, bizarre nanotech experiments to drive infertility and more.

Now, the latest Bill Gates propaganda will literally portray the man committed to population reduction as a “comic book hero.” Bluewater Productions, who previously depicted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, will translate the philanthropist’s life into a graphic novel, including the beginnings of Microsoft, awards from Queen Elizabeth and his ‘Olympian’ marriage to Melinda Gates.

The heroic portrayal is anything but accidental. Instead, it has a been a demonstrable pro-Gates meme regurgitated across media. In 2009, ABC News, who have a paid media partnership with the Gates Foundation, reported benignly on the secret meeting among billionaire donors. Bill Gates, who formed the meetings with David Rockefeller, is portrayed in the “news coverage” as the leader of the Super-Rich Friends, based on the Justice League group penned at DC Comics. What the segment failed to mention, but indirectly mocked, was that the secret talks about top billionaire donors was patently centered around involuntary population control (Gates’ idea).


Indeed, William Gates III (Bill Gates) follows a eugenics creed, a secret identity cloaked behind his do-gooder “charitable” front. It is doubtful they will depict his family’s frequent attendance to the secretive Bilderberg conferences to align their population control priorities with those of Rockefeller, Rothschild, the House of Orange & etc.

Bill Gates’ real legacy is that of a second generation eugenicist committed to lowering the global population. His father, William Gates, Sr., has long been on the national board for Planned Parenthood and numerous other depopulation efforts, including financial donations and board positions at PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health), the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the Department of Population Dynamics at Johns Hopkins University and, of course, the United Nations. The family are de facto captains of the Rockefeller-founded health-related eugenics operations, now in full continuation through targeted, global stealth kill programs, updated for the 21st Century by the world’s first voluntarily dethroned richest man in the world. Bill Gates the younger made clear his goal to lower the population through vaccines at his infamous 2010 TED talk.

Bill Gates: Better Than BatmanThen in February 2011, Politico-comedian Jon Stewart dubbed Bill Gates “Batman” on his Daily Show program, comparing the foundation head to the beloved, albeit dark, billionaire philanthropist.

The superhero image has only taken off from there, frequently repeated and then turned into a widely-circulated info-graphic declaring Bill Gates to be “better than Batman”.

Why the comic book hero image? The psychology is simple. Cartoon illustrations are almost universal in their appeal, and simplistic in their ethics. All the energy built up in the images of Batman, Superman or other graphically-illustrated heroes can be easily transferred to real life billionaires, building trust, etc. Moreover, the general population is ready to accept the image of a savior, so they can remain inactive and trust that the system is helping them, even when nothing could be further from the truth.

But where did it start? The “saving lives” term has been framed by the foundation itself, and as I previously reported, Gates has paid, through grants, literally hundreds of media outlets for positive coverage– and most regurgitate the likeness to Christ with little or no critical eye on the actual policy. Other unpaid media outlets further that false image as well.

There are literally hundreds of examples of overtly pro-Gates coverage (Here’s Just a Few. Again, many of them were paid affairs floated by grants, and many even flaunted scripted talking points, regurgitating Gates Foundation’s own claims as fact alongside Foundation produced photo ops from developing world nations targeted for population control):
Forbes: Why Bill Gates Is A Hero And Donald Trump Is A Zero
ABC News (Gates funded): Bill Gates on Using His Money to Save Lives
ONE Foundation (Gates funded): Bill Gates in Madrid: Spanish aid saves lives
TheNextWeb: Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts have helped save over 5.8 Million lives
FrugalDad: Bill Gates Has Given Away $28 Billion Since 2007, Saving 6 Million Lives
ABC News (Gates funded): Be the Change, Save a Life Initiative
Infographic Of The Day: Bill Gates Is A Better Superhero Than Batman
London Independent: Bill Gates: ‘We could save three million lives over the next decade’
Forbes: Bill Gates The Power to Save Lives
SeattlePI: Jon Stewart: Bill Gates is ‘Batman’
BusinessNewsDaily: Superhero Bosses: Which One Would You Pick?

The Seattle Times has been notable in holding their hometown hero-billionaire to account, listing scores of prominent media institutions with deadly conflicts of interest, presstitutes at the hands of the Gates Foundation (and Rockefeller Foundation,etc.) eugenics/population control operation.

The Daily Show
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It’s part of a simple technocratic technique the Gates Foundation has relied upon: cover up controversial population control efforts by emphasizing that the vast fortune is “given” away. Then say it’s saving lives, eradicating deadly diseases… and that Gates himself is a real life hero. Repeat until the message is accepted.

The sad reality is that while the presstitutes have Bill Gates masquerading as a super hero, lives are being harmed, not saved once the effects of the vaccine set in. The dictates of Bill Gates have cost lives in arrogance, not researchers trying to warn about the use of thimerosal and other toxic ingredients in vaccines being pushed worldwide with a heavy hand.

The Gates Foundation has vowed to eradicate polio in places like India through vaccinations, when in reality, the effort is spiking paralysis cases and making a new form of polio-like disease again communicable. At least 47,000 vaccine damage cases have now been reported in India alone. Moreover, medical experts have complained that the Gates grants actually burden governments, by starting health programs with initial grants, then obligating taxpayer funds to continue the costly effort. That is because these global NGO foundations, including the giant in the room– the Gates Foundation– use their programs to shape the agenda and assure its implementation over time. Through its partnerships with the World Bank/IMF, and various United Nations departmental agencies like UNICEF, Gates, Rockefellers & co. have directly tied financial aid deals to compliance with often draconian population control policies, wrapped under sweeping health programs, including cases in India, et al. of compulsory sterilization, paralysis-inducing vaccination programs, organ-damaging & sterilizing GMO agriculture, family planning & women’s reproductive programs (developing world style) and on and on.

Here’s a more accurate look at Bill Gates’ alter-ego, as depicted by Mike Adams:

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