SUPER SOLDIERS Joseph Stalin’s Humanzee Experiments FULL DOCUMENTARY

20 The humanzee (also known as the Chuman or Manpanzee) is a hypothetical chimpanzee/human hybrid. Chimpanzees and humans are …


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  1. epicblazer says:

    I saw pictures of the ISIS beheading and they are ALL 7 feet tall. I don't necessarily think their animal hybrids but i think that something is up. You can see for your self if you don't believe me.

  2. the closest thing to anything super are nfl athletes

  3. andy dudley says:

    was there not a british tv programme staring Charles dance on this subject about 15 years ago

  4. Juay DeRito says:

    In soviet Russia, ape rules you.

  5. the creation of man by the EL,was to control the SOUL that is in the DNA skin suit,so the so call GODS in the formation of the body within the DNA they switch off some of the codes that will give us our HIGHER abilities,the only way to switch it on is by SEX, not the way we are practicing it today,which is to have the ORGASM,the liquid is the KEY to our freedom.WE must never have children,by doing so we are recycling SOUL back in to the prison of the DNA skin suit and our ENERGY is drain from us and then we DIE and REBORN,WE are trap in a loop,the infinity sign.we are energy for the GODS.

  6. Here is interesting update about "Zana". This site claims that Zana was a African slave.

  7. arthur nas says:

    what gets me about this video is that these people try and compare a monkey to human life form all because they still  believe in evolution that we came from monkeys in my book these creatures are animals and we are the human race under the heavens god created us as much as these creatures for us to enjoy not to abuse as some scientist do today.

  8. Aztlanken says:

    He wanted to make Saiyans.

  9. Nah, don't listen to this bullshit. I would never do such a thing like this.

  10. boy123838 says:

    oh this is to much but dropping a nuke is not, like those american animals.

  11. kickassnigga says:

    " All my life , I have been Hair" hhahaha

  12. cbeartv00 says:

    lol all animals including us are hybrids.. wakey wakey evolution doesnt stop……brrrrrr smh

  13. DarkRyder says:

    he got like SAMSON Strengths

  14. DarkRyder says:

    its bigfoot thee real bigfoot

  15. DarkRyder says:

    Super Soliders = ("Zombies Apocalypse")

  16. DarkRyder says:

    The Movie 28 Days

  17. DarkRyder says:

    Gorilla Called GROD

  18. Thr Are such things as Robot Soldiers..American Army are building..Already made about 20,000 So Far.

  19. Sounds like a made up story,
    An English story "The Death Guard by Philip George Chadwick".
    Written in the 1930's about an army of specially bred ape soldiers called the "Flesh Guard".
    It all sounds too close for coincidence.
    Also considering it was published by right wing British newspapers looking for propaganda to use against the Russians.
    "Look how disgusting these people are they wanted to breed men and apes".

  20. Meng Lee says:

    why sacrifice 2 lives to test a failed super being? when u got 5'4'' dude like me. who can easily kill with a giant 7 foot berserk dragon slayer?

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