Sweden’s U-turn on asylum


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  1. One hundred thousand immigrants from Syria…you realize other countries are in despair? They have to learn to fix there own problems…don't you think?

  2. J4ckCr0w says:

    Finally, they do not want to be raped anymore?

  3. Pedohammad says:

    Too late now… Sweden is already cancerous and it's spreading.

  4. darth vader says:

    "this country very slow+ give us free housing and food and women

  5. Change the name of the country to Swedistan immediately to reflect its new identity

  6. ThePyro721 says:

    The military-age single males flooding into Europe are cultural invaders and economic parasites, not true refugees. The police need to crack their skulls and kick them out.

  7. Once wikings, now weaklings.

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