Swedish Politician Raises Concerns About Chemtrails


By JG Vibes

A Swedish green party politician named Roy Hagberg has recently expressed concern about aerosol pollution that has been littering the skies at a growing rate over the past several years.

Last week she told the Swedish publication Katrineholms Courier that the CIA and the U.S. Security Authority NSA are working together with the Swedish government to cover the skies with aerosol emissions which she called Chemtrails.

She also told the reporter that these streams contain a dangerous mix of chemicals, viruses, and heavy metals such as aluminum that affect weather.

Due to the total lack of information or available research on the backgrounds and plans of these spraying initiatives it has been difficult to really pin down a motive for the establishment to be doing this.

There are many different possibilities, from intentionally poisoning the population, to weather control, to other Geo-engineering efforts.

The excuse that has been put forward in the mainstream by the United Nations and research groups funded by Bill Gates is that these programs are actually polluting the environment in order to save us from global warming, which seems to be the catch all excuse for everything these days.

Roy Hagberg believes that this is a weather modification scheme, designed to control markets and prices, or even put other countries at a disadvantage or in danger.  Personally, i think it could go either way, or there could be another option that everyone has missed entirely.

We can be sure that they are spraying toxins, and we can identify those toxins, but it is difficult for anyone to be fully confident on a specific motive at this point.

It is great to see a politician bringing public attention to this issue and helping add to the credibility of this cause in the mainstream.  Unfortunately, this is a political problem which requires many non political solutions.

Roy Hagberg even said herself in the sourced interview that her local government is working with foreign governments and covert organizations, so with that being said it is going to be impossible to use the mechanism of government to solve this problem.

As we saw with the audit the fed measures that were taken about a month ago, it is valuable for these rogue politicians to use their political platform as a means to sway public opinion in the right direction, because public opinion is ultimately what is going to create social change anyway.

It is very possible that the fed audit had a significant impact on public opinion, and it was without a doubt a worthwhile effort.

However, as we also saw with the audit the fed measures, it doesn’t matter what kind of bill you pass, or audit that you do, or regulatory bureaucracy that you put into power, its still going to be business as usual for the government as long as they have the public support to back them and as long as people go along with the mainstream narrative.

Getting politicians to come around on these issues and speak up about them is great for gathering more public support, but we must come to terms with the fact that electing politicians that say the right things into office is not the solution to these complex problems, the solutions lie in our own hands.

J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio.

He is also an artist with an established record label and event promotion company that hosts politically charged electronic dance music events. You can keep up with his work, which includes free podcasts, free e-books & free audiobooks at his website www.aotmr.com .

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This article first appeared at theintelhub

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8 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    I’ve been seeing these trails all over indiana,Illinois, and wisconsin,within the last 10 days of the date im writing this. People are stupid not to look up and wonder whats going on up there! Wake up and smell the coffee people the lab rat experiments have been let out what these trails can do to you.After the spraying last week in central Illinois i was weasing and had a metal taste in my mouth for 2 days.Believe me or not I don’t care, im preparing my family
    for clean air and clean food.


  2. cloud nine says:

    “Due to the total lack of information or available research on the backgrounds and plans of these spraying initiatives it has been difficult to really pin down a motive for the establishment to be doing this.”
    Thank you for the article, but there is A LOT of info available on these activities.
    Chemtrail Crimes documentary; What in the World are they Spraying, and; Why in the World are they Spraying? Conspiracy Con 2011-Chemtrails, Clifford Carnicom has loads of info.www.carnicom.com. Morgellons syndrome, Alex Jones of course, has many guests with info on this ‘Pollution’.
    Most of these can be found on You Tube, but you better get there fast before they are withdrawn, the sound deleted or the vid blocked with a big black box on the screen.
    Chemtrails are used in conjunction with HAARP, GWEN, SCALER and other weather modification weapons.
    Monsanto is creating ‘aluminum resistant seeds’, surprise, surprise! Not difficult to see where that one is heading.
    The ‘blanket’ they have created to ‘protect’ us from the harmful heat of the sun is actually holding the heat in. Nighttime lows have been raised considerably as the heat cannot escape. My barometer has shown me several times that it would rain, yet we received no rain. Just the continuing drought.
    Chemtrails are also used as biological testing and warfare. Guess who the guinea pigs are? Nanobots breathed in can be destroyed instantly by running a magnet over your entire body, btw.
    Mind control, MKUltra, surveillance, through your own home computer, printer, cell phone, etc,…
    This is just the tip of the iceberg and it all intertwines.
    I have been exploring this for the last year and a half.
    The info is out there. Seek it, look at it and get prepared.
    God needs our prayers first and foremost.
    Be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
    We are fighting an enemy who is already defeated.
    We just have to make him realize it. Expose the lies!

    • Ray Wilson says:

      The problem with all of the conspiracy theories is that they contradict themselves in the “why” department. Most, if not all of the things you mentioned have a decent amount of evidence to back them up, but it is still really difficult to pinpoint exactly what is happening and why. As far as you last few comments about God; I disagree, and I’ll just leave it at that. Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

  3. Rich Buckley says:

    Please link your local area sky view chemtrail video or photograph to our free interactive map at SkyWatchMap.org. It matters.

  4. ian says:

    No body will do shit untill we are all dead,eople are programmed not to look at the sky ,when i ask someone to look up they wont ,fucking sheep

    • cloud nine says:

      It is true. Even with the photographic proof I have that our sun is setting in the ‘wrong’ place Summer and Winter, that we have never seen ‘clouds’ like this before, etc,…I can only get a few to pay attention to it. But a few is better than none.

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