Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Celebration “Shine”: Big Brother is Watching You.


Sydney, Australia is buzzing in the New Year with an event called “Shine”.  Annually they change their concept, and this year “shine” is intended to symbolize Sydney, making reference to the way the sun shines out on Sydney’s harbor.  That is the formal story anyway. The real story says something very different.

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Celebration “Shine” Big Brother is Watching You.

According to the Shine official site, a “Creative Ambassador” is responsible for this year’s theme.  Reg Mombassa, a New Zealand born musician and artist, created the festival’s creepy ads and merchandise.  And he most likely had lots of help coming up with the all seeing eye theme.

The following pics can be found on their website and they all pretty much promote an all seeing eye, New World order society, with Big Brother watching.  What strides does the NWO plan to make this year?  In Sydney in particular?


Eyes, Eyes, and more Eyes.


Even the Trees have Eyes. Notice the Sun in the background.

The mixture of all seeing eyes along with a bit of sun worship thrown in only points to one direction, one conclusion:  The New World Order and their mystery Occult Religion puts Lucifer, the Light Bearer, at the center of it all, especially with the Harbor of Light Parade.

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Eye of Lucifer on the Streets of Sydney

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