Syria: NATO’s ‘secret’ war with Russia but we haven’t been told by the BBC or MPs



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  1. SistaJaine says:

    So good to see more, and more people waking up to truth !….I always knew there were a few good journalists left in the world .

  2. its putin , not peu-tin

  3. Max Mazourov says:

    Brilliant programme

  4. Don Wahl says:

    Craft International stage San Bernardino carelessly to be caught. Why???

  5. Russia for the win..all day,,British/American imperialist wars of aggression against children MUST END…the people whom voted for "yet more military action" and WAR against innocents and infrastructure are guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism..Stupid gullible fools.

  6. Atlanta Bill says:

    In the video at minute 40:40 they talk about the West (incl. Turkey and Israel) and its royalist allies in the Middle East violating the rule of law. Glen Ford, at Black Agenda Report, thinks that under the current rule of finance capital the U.S. deliberately flaunts its disregard of international law because in its policy decisions now there is no room for the rule of law: the rule of law must be discarded. Ford thinks this choice was a fatal mistake on their part. starting at about minute 32.

  7. Big Man says:

    Who run in the present the draconian Illuminati the Rothschilds of Fords and many other and many other major corporations you know and many other major corporations you know George W Bush Jr was a he had a five year plan if you look at a lot of the generals an FBI agents and CIA agent who came out to in Kmart and leave all this stuff in front of them YouTube media and other media you know you could see that was a five year plan to take over the country by England by 5 Muslim countries to annihilate all the Muslims in those countries and it's so discouraging that are American government of greedy corporations that then falling so under control and instruct even the military is under control by 75% from the Illuminati we need to take out the Global is immediately and we resolve our problems and then we can clean up our government and get them out also and arrested for all treason and every branch of America England France and many other places in Europe that are part of this we need to take back and eliminate the globalist the draconian Illuminati are responsible and they are in control of all military in the United States and hola top secret top secret weapon tree and space travel and everything and they are control of it around the world it's around the world obviously so we need to take out these globalist immediately arrest them and shoot him dead like they killed all those people in Syria Libya American English men and everyone else and retrain and regroup military to be more helpful and rebuild we need to join together as a world nothing is going to be perfect but we need to join together to Go we only have one planet and we need to survive and their plan is to annihilate 7 million so they can come back as gods that fighting and who's going to be the leaders of the world so enough is enough let's take back all world me know the truth where

  8. its too late brother they will nuke each other we cant form any kind of army well as i know many muslims have there hands in blood especially rulers freemason controling them

  9. andar komeng says:

    Obama & west are real evil scumbag

  10. andar komeng says:

    Dealing With The Devil – The Hypocrisy of US &west/allies

  11. B. Dain says:

    It is quite wacky to hear our ancestral cousins back across the Atlantic, with all their societal differences from US, y'all are talking about the same pro-western hegemony agenda as the cons & crats.

  12. B. Dain says:

    Quite lovely conversations to listen, bravo!

  13. B. Dain says:

    The lady who keeps whining about international law needs a wake up cocktail. And for poor old Paris, as Charlie McGrath pointed out, France had the equivalent of FOUR battalions mobilized after one or two sleeper cells of complete clandestine origin.

  14. B. Dain says:

    A well armed group of good ol' boys could have ended the terror before CNN rolled their first doom-porn. Why? We have GUNS! I learned to fire & respect firearms big & small at age 6. This isn't weird, this is American.

  15. dpremi1126 says:

    why not Muslims and European counties force on USA to take 1 million refugee since it is the USA who destroyed Syrian home and made them homeless and refugee just for the benefit of ISRAEL. It is misunderstanding of USA think tanks that a poor and suffering Syria will be safe for Israel. However, it will be more dangers for Israel they will take revenge. All the world peace lover and humanity believers request for USA/UN please stop all war in the land of GOD.UN must stop injustice bias and paid media must stop defaming Islam or Muslims just because of some USA created terrorist for its political benefit in the name of religion. From east to west dirty politicians, miss using Islam, religion, and Muslims for cheap popularity and fast image among public.

  16. uncle samuel, has pretty recognisable fingers

  17. never forget to keep a very wary eye,on the trojan wahabi mosques laid on europe, by the charitable house of saud

  18. Martin Reed says:

    who moved middle east next to britain ? look how near middle east has moved next to britain syra now europe!

  19. TOXIC GOODS says:


  20. E Kam says:

    USA planned in 2001 (and earlier) war against 7 countries in 5 years Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran (in 2001):

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