Syria October 2016 – War With Russia Looms For All Americans – We Started WW3


Syria October 2016 – War With Russia Looms For All Americans – We Started WW3 The US Government Is Working On An “End Game” Plan Behind Closed …


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  1. Tzotz Balam says:

    Excellent wake up call for those who still don’t see it. That American
    supremacy is based on manipulation, coercion, threats and physical attacks
    against those who cannot defend themselves should be self-evident for any serious student of history. Yet the primary objective of the Western press has been to keep this fact from the wider public while touting American 'humanitarianism'. Ignorance is cultivated: the Pentagon paid a PR firm $540mln to film terrorist propaganda. Destroying Syria has been a joint
    criminal enterprise. The US is at war with itself: inhabiting a war culture that touches every aspect of society. The government has become a comprehensive war machine that aggressively assaults anything that does not comply with its underlying economic, religious, educative and political fundamentalisms.Kudos!

  2. Barney Fife says:

    Obama is lying about Assad as he has done none of those things.  The people of Syria want Assad to stay.  The only country invited into Syria is Russia; so why are all of the other countries still in Syria?  The U.S. has no business being in Syria and should have no say in what happens within their own government.  Russia wants Assad to stay, but because the U.S. is insistent in getting Assad out, a war is inevitable between the two super powers.  This was the plan all along – to destroy the existing world power to bring about the new world power (order).  The people of U.S. need to wake up because all they have come to know will soon be destroyed because of our governments politics.

  3. usa and friends must pay for the war damages!

  4. kathy dudley says:

    On the surface, it looks like we are headed for war but this has always been the agenda. Most middle eastern leaders are really Spanish (Spain) royalty place there by British, French, German and U.S. The destruction of Damascus is part of their playbook following biblical revelations. Assad is part of this deception as is Putin…

  5. Aleksander G says:

    Wake up people! The goverment of USA is lying!

  6. Peaceful protests is for sure impossible way to late for that. This will take decades to sort out and that is after stability has arrived. Yet again it is governments not listening to there people and using the media for their own means. Sir vice to say the western media is as just as responsible for Syria with its biased reporting.

  7. Steve A says:


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