System Of A Down – Aerials


Video Music de System Of A Down Aerials run . ( C ) 2002 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT .


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  1. Jonathon S says:

    This song makes me feel, not a lot of songs do that.

  2. best guitar sound ever

  3. at 1:55 it looks like has a seizure

  4. susan mamani says:

    the lyrics of this song does not make sense but I like…jsksjdskj

  5. what the hell did they do to that kids face

  6. bite down hard on this huge shit Ive just laid.

  7. Strange words, but they hypnotize me… Wonderful!

  8. Gael Mayo says:

    una super banda

  9. This lil' nigga's a G!

  10. Pax says:

    Cara, amo essa música! <3

  11. Gaming NC says:

    that kid just like my dick…look at his head..

  12. piet says:

    that kids got some fucked up face… JESUS!!!


  14. Josh Bob says:

    when you free your mind, eternal prize :)

  15. Keyborad War says:

    A short CS 1.6 movie with this song we used to :/

  16. I vote for the EARTH. Fuck the system !!!Copy n paste to Wake people.

  17. random guy says:

    is the lead singer serj? ?

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