Tales From The Borderlands Full Season 1080p HD


IF YOU PREFER TO WATCH IN EPISODES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw0ry7t3NLCi8DMoyt1L7gfcyRqlcrGXl Tales takes place in the Borderlands …


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  1. Chris Ricca says:

    awesome video game

  2. Mrdezz nuts says:

    how is BF1 for you?

  3. I REALLY want a season 2 of this game i bought the season pass for this game as soon as it came out

  4. Dr. Medic says:

    How tf did you not pick Claptrap

  5. someone's been playing destiny

  6. jbklyn says:

    is it possible to do the wolf among us

  7. N.Y's Finest says:

    This game is beyond good ?

  8. Tan ian chun says:

    love this series. I couldn't believe my eyes it was 8 hours long, better get a adult diaper

  9. Joseph J says:

    Thanks for doing this.. enjoying it. Looking forward to next GTA too. Good weekend.

  10. Mark Aduba says:

    I'm love this game borderlands for life

  11. Tony LaManna says:

    Nice computer screen lol

  12. Mandla1234 says:

    Man, screw Batman. I want Tales from the Borderlands 2!

  13. Excellent vid man, anyone care to explain the ending for me cause im realllllly intrigued to know…

  14. >>Gortys and Loader Bot? I believe this pair .. reminds me of another robotic pair that're .. very similar.

  15. Manny Trejo says:

    awesome very cool thank you

  16. Rubi Yazmin says:

    Can you do Borderlands 2?

  17. the audio is off a lot from around 5 and a half hours

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