Talking to the Elite Elusive Bilderberg Creatures



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  1. K Blair (KB) says:

    We saw them at the Chantilly VA meeting.  What a disgusting old croop and his old hag

  2. Jen Drummond says:

    Do you believe in Santa Claus,that was funny,but they can't tell you nothing,I'm syrprised the 1st guy told u his Name!! Lol they'd get killed for leaking info to you. But very much admire your persistence.. Great short video,thanks for sharing!! 

  3. FrostOnPoint says:

    Next time kidnap one of them and torture them into them revealing the facts bring a tazer gun and hit them 1 good time in the neck tie them up and begin by ripping there finger nails with pliers see I wouldn't think this way if they would just be kind enough to give us all the truth and stop all the secret bull shit…. 

  4. Ahhhh, Henry, Henry… Whennn, The Lord,Jesus & His Mighty, Majestic, Magnificently WRATHFUL FATHER-YESH UA , Gets an Opportunity, You're gonna have A Nice, Cozy little Spot, Directly-In The CENTER OF THE BURNING, BIBLICALLY-BUBBLING, BOILING; "Lake of Fire" with ur Demon Buddi- es, Rippin you, From Ear to Ear and Foot to Mouth… Oooohh Weee… Now, That's Gonna be an Event, Complete with Diabolical Satan, Nuzzled right up, Next to You!!!!!!(6**)???????????

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