Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief Exposes the Satanic Elites and Illuminati in the Government


Ted Gunderson died in 2011 after spending much of his retirement working to expose the Satanic pedophile network within the American government. Another …


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  1. watch The Kinsey Syndrome for answers & documentation. its all there.

  2. LiLBlossom says:

    It's not 911 it's 9/11. It's a date not an emergency number. Big difference!!

  3. burning..hay .you do fantastic WORK. you and only you are bringing TRUTH..thanks .again great info..

  4. genuineuni says:

    I'm sure Ted Gunderson knows about the Satanic type celebration of a Swiss tunnel opening, even Merkel (Germany) attended. Feel a lot of this "crap" stems from Europe.

  5. So Bill Cooper is in this video, and he died in Nov 2001 (I believe, maybe October?) yet Ted Gunderson mentions 9/11 so this must of been real closer to Bill Cooper's death?

  6. DV Phil says:

    he has done good things, and bad too.

  7. yooperlooper says:

    Just found this channel – Good stuff!  This confirms the wikileaks about Hellary & Bill being Satanists and going to those "Pizza Parties"!!  I pray for Trump but it's going to be tough for him.  I wonder what they have planned for him.  Thanks Th3Burning. . . . .

  8. yooperlooper says:

    When was this interview?

  9. Lori Pitts says:

    Glad im not the only one looking into this stuff.

  10. Yvonne Roper says:

    Is that Bo Greitz on the panel?

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