Tehran steps into US-Israel Iran row with threat of pre-emptive strike



Deputy Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces Gen. Mohammad Hejazi issued a new threat Tuesday, Feb. 21: “Our strategy now is that if we feel our enemies want to endanger Iran’s national interests… we will act without waiting for their actions.”

debkafile’s military sources report that an Iranian preemptive attack on Israel has been in the air for some weeks. It became realistic because the dragging out of the argument between Washington and Jerusalem over a military strike and the two government’s indecisiveness gave Tehran a golden opportunity to further its interests.

It bestowed on Iran the gift of entering into talks on its nuclear program with the six world powers (P5 plus 1) free of a military threat and therefore in a superior bargaining position. For openers, Tehran has already pocketed the Obama administration’s promise of permission to continue to enrich uranium up to 5 percent in any quantity and will be more than ready to lay down more demands.

Gen. Hejazi’s threat of a preemptive strike against Israel also serves the Islamic regime in its run-up to a general election on March 3. It aims to show the Iranian voter and Middle East public that Iran has successfully turned US and Israeli aggression against Iran against them and demonstrated they are no more than paper tigers incapable of carrying through on their rhetoric. The military initiative therefore stays in Iran’s hands.

In Tehran, the standard Israeli cliché of “We don’t’ advise anyone to test our resolve” has worn thin.

By letting two Iranian warships bearing arms for Assad pass Israel’s coast on its way to Tartus without interference, Israel encouraged Tehran to assume that, in the last reckoning, it will abstain from a unilateral strike to eradicate Iran’s nuclear facilities without Washington’s blessing.

The Netanyahu government’s resolve is expected to melt away under the bulldozer assault of one American emissary after another touching down at Ben-Gurion airport to corner them into backing down.

Once Israel lets its hands be tied, Tehran calculates, it will become progressively harder to break them loose, so that if Tehran does carry out a limited “preemptive” missile attack on the Jewish state, Jerusalem will again bow to Washington and let itself be coerced into not responding.

Thursday, Feb. 23, US National Director of Intelligence James Clapper arrives in Israel to tackle its military and intelligence chiefs on the question, after US National Defense Director Tom Donilon spent three days in fruitless discussions with government leaders Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff tried his hand at persuasion earlier this month. This cycle of pressure will peak with Netanyahu’s White House talks with President Obama on March 5.

The Iranians felt confident enough to safely deny requests from the team of IAEA inspectors who arrived in Tehran Monday for access suspect nuclear locations and meetings with scientists employed in their nuclear program.

Gen. Hejazi’s words were backed up by a four-day air defense exercise, dubbed Sarallah (God’s Revenge), in the south of the country. The Islamic Republic also took another initiative by cutting off oil exports to Britain and France and so turning the tables on the European Union’s oil embargo on Tehran.


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  1. Habib says:

    There are rare possibilities of Israeli or American attack on Iran. Iran is the coalition partner of the Allied forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. DDearborn says:


    First the US nor any other individual country has the legal right under international law to stop Iran from enriching Uranium to 20%. Why? because unlike israel, Iran is a signatory on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty which gives Iran the explicit right to do so. Second and far more important to current events in order to make nuclear weapons grade fuel you must process to over 90%. Currently many countries can process to 20%. But only a handful have the ability to process weapons grade plutonium. The US, France, England, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan and….ISRAEL!!!!!
    SO the question that the media should be asking over and over is why isn’t the US military on stand by to attack israel? israel is the only nuclear threat in the middle east. Israel has threatened to rain nuclear missiles on any country that might threaten them, including Europe. Israel has already killed American soldiers on many occasions (USS Liberty, Beruit, 9-11 etc. ) and will not hesitate to do so again.
    Israel has attacked every one of its neighbors, many repeatedly. israel is the number one terrorist state in the middle east. So why isn’t our military protecting us from israel?

    • joseph parish says:

      There are many points about which your facts are not only wrong but actually twist reality upside down.You have omitted the historical facts that on two occasions a large coalition of arab nations armed to the teeth by the russians has attacked Israel with the aim of wiping her out and killing every single jew as the mullas twisted interpretation of the koran would have it

      Your version of history is a complete fabrication it is the jews who have been on the recieving, unremmiting and ultimately genocidal aggression by freemason sponsored islamic puppets preaching endless hate and genocide according to there twisted interpretation of Islam.

      Did Israel make an incursion into lebanon in recent years with the stated intention to kill all the muslims and make Lebanon part of Israel.No! she went in to take out terror cells plotting to do just the reverse.This has been the major difference in intent in every conflict Israel has had with her neighbours.

      What ill informed liberals who base their opinions on sound bytes not on sound understanding of history and facts,ignore is the core teachings of Islam that say the jews are cursed as are the christians.In this illuminati sponsored interpetation of Islam to stand up therefore Israel should not be living peacefully in prosperity.

      That the fact that Israel is prosperous is a theological problem for Islam as it proves mohammeds words to be untrue.Thats what you dum liberals dont understand they hate everything you stand for.While you call for support for palestine they plan on stringing you up for being a kuffer in their dream of a global islamofascist state.

      Right now in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of peace Iran a christian is tobe put to death for being a christian does Israel put to death muslims or christians wake up you numbskull !

      Like churchills opponents your a repeater.
      Repeating the mantra of other repeaters without doing any research on historical facts on which to base their profoundly illogical conclusions.

      Israel was a little stretch of wasteland that no one wanted or lived on save a few jews and arabs peacefully coexisting together until the jews made the mistake of inviting arab immigrants to work on their now prosperous farms.

      In return after having two generations of arab immigrants each having six children they hire out a pr company and invent the nationality palestinian.

      This is a total propaganda lie their is no such thing as palestinian they are arabs mainly of immigrant descent that have multiplied into a population of over two million thanks to jewish hospitality.

      What do they get in return = the imposters now lying and claiming Israel their ancestral land whilst en masse thanks to the machinations of freemasonry whos goal is to create division chaos and war teaching thir 3 year old children all jews are non humans who must be wiped out.

      As someone who presumably has access to libraries that document the facts of history im disgusted at your incredible and breathtaking ignorance before making such dum and false comments.

      Israel has always and only acted in self defence even if that means hunting down people hell bent on their desruction.If Israel had never attacked anyone in self defence i guarantee you the arabs would have been the first aggressor and in fact this is the historical case.

      Has Israel attacked any nation that was not housing militants actively plotting her destruction?.Has Israel ever invaded any nation with the intention of indiscriminate genocide as a religious goal or to sieze land for jewry.


      The resounding answer is no the yet the arabs and now Iranians have been proclaiming this religious goal against Israel and attemted to carry it out on numerous occasions as recorded in fairly recent history.

      TWICE in both arab invasions they were victims of a major campaign of unbridled and unprovoked aggresion but completely ignored by the average moron who has an opinion on the matter and bases it on a couple of years of the antisemetic BBC soundbites regarding ‘occupied territories’ which they are not.

      If the arabs had not attempted to inniolate Israel twice the Israelis wouldnt now be occupying the few miles siezed stategically and in self defence in order to prevent them being used as an invading post again.This is not occupation any more than the american airbase still currently stationed in germany is occupation.They lost the war its not theirs anymore tough!

      In fact Israel militarily had the legal and moral right in return for this blatant aggresion to conquer the entire middle east just as we had the moral right to go in and conquer germany but being a very peaceloving people they didnt.

      In my opinion that was their biggest mistake not conquering the entire middle east as we were forced to do in self defence against germany.
      You obviously have not the slightest of even basic knowledge regarding the history of the conflict and the exceedingly violent and warlike reality of the so called religion of peace ie propoganda lies.

      The so called disputed land which is no more than a few square miles [Israel is the size of new york] is in fact land that was used as a military invading post by the arab aggressors which Israel siezed after succesfully defending herself.

      Little tiny Israel which takes up 1/200 of the area of the middle east and at the mercy of 200 million hostile arabs that believe in a god of war,booty and plunder of all non muslims as can be plainly read in any koran.

      Wake up from your comfort zone of political correctness when was the last time you heard of a jewish or christian terrorist ?

      Did you know that almost all the atrocities you think you have seen in palestine are forgeries involving old women and child actors using ketchup that get it filmed by french muslim journalist and then sell it as footage this is all exposed in the film pallywood available on google video.

      Since the worlds largest press agency associated press is owned by saudi shareholders the muslims have practically bought control of western media.Its not the jews who own the media its the saudis just google who the shareholders are of associated press.

      This is why all the footage evidencing the genocidal hate rhetoric that is being spewed out across the middle east calling for your death is edited out but we get to see the ketchup atrocities work of palestinian pr forgeries and propoganda.

      The arabs are a very cunning people who know how to fight a propoganda war and sell victimhood whilst in reality christians and jews are being slaughterd daily all around the world which goes myseriously unreported even when it borders on genocide as in africa.

      Why would Israel give up land that was siezed because it was land was used in the past stategically to attack Israel.They went to steal Isaels land and slaugher the jews so they lost a slither of land for their evil deed.Tough shit thats war and they stated it TWICE as cowardly bullies outnumbering the tiny state 8 to 1. Go tiny Israel stand up to the bullies!

      Your opinion is about as informed as those who scoffed and mocked churchill when in fact churchill was the only one out of the lot of ignoramuses that had the education to know what he was talking about.
      Im afraid you sound just like one of them.

      The only solution to this im afraid is a total and all out conqering and subgugation if neccesary of the entire middle east and if I had my way id do it now rather than see the entire human race inniolated by the religion of hate and global dominance.
      Before you call me a fascist such a move was in fact neccesary to stop fascism just as it is now to stop the freemason supported islamofascism.

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