Tell Starbucks to stop serving Monsanto: no more GMOs in our lattes

Mike Adams

When you buy a latte at Starbucks, you may be inadvertently funneling money into Monsanto’s pockets, too. It turns out that the milk served in Starbucks products comes from cows raised on genetically modified animal feed such as GM corn and soy products. “These crops degrade the quality of our land and water, perpetuate corporate-controlled agriculture, and have potentially negative health impacts on livestock,” says GMO Inside. “Additionally, the overuse of antibiotics in industrialized farming is contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, putting us all at risk.”

Tell Starbucks to stop serving Monsanto no more GMOs in our lattes
Because of this, launched a campaign to convince Starbucks to get the GMOs out of the dairy supply chain. Click here to read the full announcement.

Starbucks financially supports Monsanto

Starbucks serves GMO-fed dairy in most of its 20,000 stores around the world, and while Starbucks is already sourcing milk from rBGH-free cows, it still sources milk from cows raised on GMOs.

“Starbucks already serves soy milk that is organic and non-GMO. Consumers also deserve dairy milk held to the same standard and level of quality,” said GMO Inside Campaign Director Nicole McCann.

John Roulac, founder of Nutiva (one of my favorite companies in the entire industry, by the way, with super clean hemp-based products), added, “The days when a global company like Starbucks can hide GMOs from the customer are over. The age of transparency is here and I expect Starbucks will shortly realize it’s in its best interest to eliminate GMOs from its supply chain.”

Dave Murphy of Food Democracy Now also chimed in with, “Starbucks has helped bankroll efforts to defeat GMO labeling in the US for the past two years. It’s time for Starbucks to commit to transparency and the highest quality ingredients for their customers.”

Why the era of covert GMOs is fast coming to a close

To the great frustration of the biotech industry and all its hired guns, propagandists, negative P.R. trolls and intimidation operatives, the era of hidden GMOs is fast coming to a close. One by one, restaurants like Starbucks are going to be pressured into dumping genetically engineered ingredients from their entire supply chain… including animal feed given to animals that produce the products they sell.

Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that Whole Foods was also pressured into announcing that everything they sell would be honestly labeled with GMO content by the year 2018. While that year still seems far off, the word from Whole Foods insiders who keep me posted on corporate activities is that Whole Foods is very, very serious about meeting this date and has been applying tremendous pressure behind the scenes to companies like PepsiCo to get their products labeled.

It’s not difficult to imagine that if Starbucks says “no” to this effort, the entire blogosphere will eventually erupt into a massive consumer backlash that paints Starbucks as “being in bed with Monsanto” and “subjecting the entire world to runaway genetic pollution” caused by genetically engineered crops. (All GE crops planted in open fields result in genetic pollution, much of which now contaminates organic farms and has causes enormous financial losses for America’s farmers.)

Take action now to tell Starbucks to stop serving Monsanto!

All of us here at Natural News openly endorse this consumer grassroots effort, and we encourage you to read this “Take Action” page at and follow the simple steps. One of the steps involves downloading and printing a ticket that you simply hand to the Starbucks cashier on your next visit.

You can also call Starbucks at 800-782-7282 to let them know you want the company to ditch GMOs all the way up the supply line.

Also, chime in at the Starbucks Facebook page and tell ’em you want Monsanto out of your coffee cup!

Most Starbucks customers would no doubt agree that when they order a latte, they don’t want to be served a product derived from Monsanto, the single most evil corporation on the planet today according to multiple web polls.

Natural News salutes for taking this stand, and we encourage consumers everywhere to demand GMOs be removed from all the food and beverages you regularly consume.

Monsanto is at war with humanity, committing environmental violence against us all

I foresee a day when the selling of genetically engineered foods to the public is considered a felony crime, and when executives of biotechnology corporations are arrested and charged with crimes against nature.

Make no mistake that there will come a day when there is a popular revolt against GMOs and biotech companies, and I hope and pray that such a revolt will not turn violent. Yet what companies like Monsanto are doing right now to the entire world is a form of environmental violence committed against us all (and farmers in particular).

Monsanto is already waging a war against humanity and a war against life. It’s only a matter of time before humanity revolts in the morally-justified act of self defense against ecocidal maniacs who run Monsanto and whose actions run the very real risk of destroying our natural world, according to many top scientists (the ones that haven’t been bought off, intimidated or muzzled by the biotech mafia).

For their own selfish profits, biotechnology corporations put us all at risk of runaway genetic pollution and crop failures that could lead to mass starvation and irreversible, self-replicating pollution that permanently damages our world. That this predatory agricultural dominance is condoned by the self-deluded “business” community is an affront to fundamental human dignity and natural rights. When it all comes down, history will remember who fought for the preservation of life on our planet vs. who sold their souls for profit.

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