Tensions Rise Between United States And Russia Over Ukraine



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  1. coojsta69 says:

    Its all just the build up for the final grab of natural resources
    The cheap energy the same old stuff that this modern world has been built with…. oil
    Once this is gone the population with drop off anyway but the main question is what country will be left with parts from this modern world after the dust has settled and the last drop has been drained
    This is the war that has been started and allowed to play on forever simply because it is the easiest path and most aggressive
    We are nothing but lazy alpha males that will kill off the rest to be the best
    This is our nature unfortunately
    Its not all doom though
    Not all humanity was molded from the same crap
    There is some hope in thorium reactors and other forms of energy
    But will these technologies become implemented beforehand I do mean to reach and pass the growing demand ?
    Or will the madness continue ?
    I personally see only 3 paths
    1 we forget this modern world and live as we did before oil
    2 a country or a few manage to hold on to some parts of this modern world through technology and war mongering
    3 the rest choose path 1 or become victims of path 2
    What do you say ?

  2. coojsta69 says:

    Hell I can even answer the question for you
    We have been on path 2 for a very long time !
    And now you just have to guess what those war mongering technology beast lazy alpha males are
    Heres a clue theres more than one country but there flag colors are all the same
    Red White and blue

  3. not war russia china afircan europe million death world war 3 2014

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