Terraria – #10 – The World’s End


Stumpt plays Terraria! This episode, Rik gets some Hermes boots and runs to the end of the world. Meanwhile, Ash and Price are digging a very deep hole, and …


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  1. MichaelE2003 says:

    Nobody has used the yo-yo to its full potential. If you click and hold then it will not come back to you for a certain amount of time and there for you can move it around corners

  2. BanjoChan says:

    you can make anther eye of cthulhu with 6 lens

  3. I beat skeletron pretty early on

  4. Ham Lozer says:

    Try and fight the eater of worlds guys serious you'll get good stuff for armour :D

  5. Ham Lozer says:

    Btw make a room for this npc when you kill eater of worlds because it's a arms dealer which sells guns and ammo

  6. Man if only they knew the All about Hardmode and all the new content

  7. HelloTurkey says:

    The dungeon isn't endgame, it's middle pre-hardmode.

  8. Ash has a hook in his chest
    Ps did not watch the hole video

  9. plumko says:

    focus on smaller rooms Jasmin. They need at least 2 solid blocks for the tenants and a table, chair, and a light source in each room along with a door. The rooms you guys are making do not have to be that big most of your rooms are only missing one item.

  10. plumko says:

    Jasmin, hit esc and then click on the house icon on the right hand side then click on a room. It will tell you if it is ready for a new NPC. If it is not ready then you have to add something to the room.

  11. Michael H says:

    you can make a three hooked grappling hook by using ingredients from the jungle like vines and jungle spores

  12. Michael H says:

    also if your dig deep enuph you will reach hell and hell stone is the strongest early endgame resource and look in the dunjun to find two people

  13. Michael H says:

    o btw I love your videos and wish they came out more often

  14. Michael H says:

    also find sky islands to gain the most usefully gear like an item to negate all fall damage and a shield to negate all knock back

  15. we shouldn't tell them about hell… it'll be more fun that way ;)

  16. You know whats funny they say end game to the dungeon and they haven't got to hard mode dungeon which is hard with weapons and armor that 100 times better gold weapons and armor but big thing is yall are playing p.c version which has expert mode I cant tell you how hard it is Cthulhu is the eye Cthulhu and brain of Cthulhu mixed they also call Cthulhu The moon lord

  17. Beast says:

    build a dirt wall on both sides where you want to dig down so that you don't have to bring all the water with you

  18. Beast says:

    also use your lens to make a summon item at a demon alter

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