Terrifying ANONYMOUS Message to Barack Obama and the Illuminati 2016 (IT’S TIME) Jan, 2016


AFTER PARIS ATTACK – BREAKING NEWS! Share… Share… this video must be shared with max number of people! THE ANONYMOUS POWER! make your …


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  1. hamza monga says:

    Please give us a list of all the or some of the members of the illuminanti… then i will trust your movement. Thus the entire endeavour seems like something out if a movie. I sympathise with your cause nonetheless as a critical thinker you should expect others who think the same as you to be very suspicious and cautious.

  2. Max Vogan says:

    What a bunch a morons

  3. tim croft says:

    Am I the only one who heard at the starting "We are Anyomanous?"

  4. AT Dread says:

    only anonymous can save us. they do not forgive, they do not forget

  5. marcus Smith says:

    How do we know your anonymous? Background music lets it down!

  6. Eddie Korkis says:

    Anonymous if Barack Obama is part of the illuminati I understand why you are attacking him. But why trump? Can't you see he's not a globalist and is fighting for American values ?

  7. do you want to kill us or helping us if I get sent to Mexico my life is going to be rune

  8. kere john says:

    Keep up the good work!! ANON.

  9. not eve autonomous can stop JESUS !

  10. AEV6x AFDEx DIV71x RDE12x

  11. well …………………….. GO ON THEN, do summin more fucking talk . load of bollocks!!!!!!

  12. if they are trying to take down the illuminati does that mean that these guys are good ???

  13. Kaz Pen says:

    Errm its now 2016 – have I missed something?

  14. rob marx says:

    ya you guys are really doing it lol Nothing is going to happen! I've watched so many of your videos and there is one common thing———NOTHING CHANGES

  15. anon v.s. ilumminta

  16. badboy Bubba says:

    Seems like a large mountain has to be climbed…illuminate runs everything….including the u.s government…….

  17. Freyja H-J says:

    When you have finished your job to help humanity what will you do or become next ?

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