‘Terror’ group in Iran linked to Mossad, CIA


A survivor of the Shiraz bombing, blamed on Mossad and CIA

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Tehran says US-Israeli backed ‘terrorist’ network plotting to disrupt Iran’s June presidential election.

TEHRAN – Iran said on Tuesday that members of a “terrorist” network arrested for plotting bomb attacks aimed at disrupting its June presidential election were linked to the US and Israeli spy agencies.

“Beside having links to (Israel’s) Mossad, these people who sought to cause problems for the election had links to the US intelligence service (the CIA),” deputy Tehran prosecutor Hassan Haddad was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

Iran had announced on Sunday the arrest of the network, which Haddad said was made up of three main defendants and four accomplices.

The arrests were based on charges of “cooperating with terrorist groups, acting against (national) security,” he said, adding that more than 100 kilogrammes (220 pounds) of explosives were also seized.

He said the mastermind of the plot was based in the United States and “enjoyed financial support from Americans.”

“These people were linked to the (US-based) monarchists who carried out the Shiraz bombing,” he added.

Iran executed three men on April 10 who were convicted of a mosque bombing which left 14 people dead and also wounded more than 200 in the southern city of Shiraz a year ago.

Iran’s judiciary had accused the defendants of having ties with a monarchist opposition group outside Iran and of taking orders from an Iranian US-based CIA agent to try to assassinate a high-ranking official in Iran.

In November 2008, Iran executed an Iranian telecoms salesman convicted of spying for Israel.

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