Terrorism, Immigration and Mass Manipulation


The threat of terrorism and the theatrics of bloodshed are powerful tools in the psychological warfare that is leading up to a final conflagration. Watching Paris is Burning is a sober spectacular for the mass media brainwashed, but for geopolitical observers in the know, the time proven and trusted strategy of using fear over security breaches works every time. Missing in the scores of all the manipulated “situations” is a full appreciation of the grand view of who really benefits from a high anxiety society that always succumbs into a greater level of a police state.

Terrorism Immigration and Mass Manipulation

Framing the latest episode, the Charlie Hebdo assassinations, into a clash of civilizations is a tempting vindication to strike back at a villain that is easy to despise. However, such a simplistic response fails to understand what is really going on.

An example illustrates this point. A professional Muslim architect residing in the Middle East posted the following comments after the slaughter in Paris. “I do not blame them. Because “Christianity” is the false sect of real Prophet Messiah’s call.”

The BATR response was:

Your comments illustrate that you are your own worst enemy. You will never get any sympathy for your cause with an attitude that rationalized murder. As you are well aware, I am a Christian. If you objectives are to kill people of my faith, why would any of us want to deal with you or your fellow travelers?

You are dead wrong and need to rethink your world view. Maybe you should peddle your wares on groups that have immoral standards.”

Now it would be easy to conclude that an Islamic culture that would take satisfaction in the murder of European “infidels” in what little remains of a Christian society is all that needs to be known about followers of Mohammad. Notwithstanding, righteous disgust of an attitude that celebrates execution, ostentatiously for defiling the prophet; the actual beneficiary of the schism between European traditions and Middle East religiosity are the New World Order manipulators, who created the original circumstances to fuel this endless conflict.

The correct Christian canon of judging the case-by-case deeds of individuals, as opposed to the blanket condemnation of a peoples or society, works both ways. Only a blinded person of questionable intelligence or a fool of excessive susceptibility refuses to acknowledge that the interventionist wars waged in the name of “fighting terrorists” are a primary cause on the path to World War III. 

Face facts. The creation of law enforcement and intelligent division bureaucracies to fight a supposed terrorism menace has been the biggest growth industry in the stables of the “Nefarious Warrior Organism” that dominates the planet.

All the time the deceived and gullible public buys into the presstitute narrative that protects and shields the mega financial interests that expand their influence and riches from fueling a perpetual conflict.

If puppet Western governments were serious about preventing actual terrorist attacks on their soil, they would not capitulate to the suicidal open borders culture that has turned Europe into a cesspool of foreign interlopers.

For decades the warnings from sages of traditional wisdom have argued the inevitable destruction of the Caucasian race and civilization from the invasion of non Europeans into their societies. The irrational concern of being labeled Xenophobia has made cowards of a continent that has willingly accepted a doomed fate.

It does not take a brilliant demographer to tally the statistics and project the inescapable consequences of opening the gates to incompatible customs, Sharia laws and Jihad politics. This reality is far too painful for most politicians, mainstream media or socialist libertines who are the cultural gatekeepers to admit.

With the systemic denial and cognitive dissonance that pervades this age of globalist suppression of truth and honest history, the dribble that comes out of the corporatist news outlets only serve the power brokers in the establishment order. 

Add to the doubt of reported accounts, the carnage on French streets is being dissected for false flag scenarios and video tape recordings are broken down frame by frame. As with most initial reports the strange tale of the unbelievable is being sold once again to ratchet up the rage of the unsophisticated.

Dare not call it conspiracy when the pattern of and litany of past tragedies linger with the stench of lies and deceit. All the time the consolidation of world dominance and permanent warfare become the new normal for the struggling souls who are stripped of their heritage and dignity.

If disseminative impact of destructive immigrants is not enough, factor in the entrenched elements in European countries that feed on the turmoil for purely political interests other than their adopted host nations.

One such fifth column stratum of disruptive influence in continental politics favors the interests of Israel over their domicile country. Is it just a coincident that France‘s vote in favor of Palestine recognition preceded this Charlie Hebdo slaughter?

The opinionated anti-Zionist site Smoloko asks.

“With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim Zealots suddenly choose this moment to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel?”

In the orthodox atmosphere of tolerable discourse, the mere asking of such a question lays open the charge of being anti-Semitic. How convenient that the killers of the cartoonists are condemned for executing Free Speech of political caricatures. Contrast with simply questioning the motives and intentions, much less the actual terrorist deeds of Israel, is deemed taboo. Where is Voltaire when he is needed? And where is the same outrage?

The NeoCon chicken hawks back in America are behind much of the insane militarization of homeland insecurity. Their determination to deploy the American Empire’s war machine on behalf of Israeli supremacy in the region is obvious to any honorable eyewitness to foreign policy.

If this assessment was not true, why are there no Al-Qaida or ISIS attacks directly on Israel, while much of the rest of the surrounding countries are in full battle mode?    

The looking glass is inverted and oozes Mossad characteristics. All these seemingly puzzling terrorist onslaughts need not be fully exposed for the average confused American to ask just who gains the most from targeting the 1.6 billion Muslims as the masterminds behind terrorist operations.

For those crazed jihadists’ who are true religious fanatics, how many of them have been trained and equipped with Western special ops support?

This formula works so smoothly that each time it is repeated, the stakes are raised to a higher level. Until people wake up to this game of deception, nothing will change.

Western Europeans have a long experience with the negative outcomes from immigration, whether from the Middle East, African or Eastern Europe. EU governance is tyranny incarnate. Dangling the terrorist boogeyman in the face of ill equipped reality students and dependency docile citizens is important as economic conditions deteriorate further.

When Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle states “Jews are fleeing terror-hit Paris because of growing anti-Semitism in France”, the Zionist controlled mass media propaganda is designed to convey victimhood on the kosher community.

Since that aforementioned Muslim professional has similar viewpoint towards Jews as to Christians, what is the inference? Should both Christian and Jew feel mutual solidarity, or should the lesson be that remaining separate and apart be the prudent course of conduct?

The judicious and wise person knows instinctively that maintaining a culture, a country and a community of your own kind is consistent with the natural order. How more politically incorrect can one become?

Government sponsored terror makes up the bulk of the violence that engulf the planet. When the infrequent and well publicized trophy terrorist examples are stuffed down our throats, one is shrewd to be highly skeptical.

No such reservation is needed when advocating the end to destructive immigration. This axiom is valid across all cultures and regions. Immigration in America needs to adopt this veracity just as much a Europe.

Think upon our message in this editorial and ask, do you agree or are you offended and take issue with the substance and validity of the circumstances. Those who routinely discard this advice, the affect of mass manipulation has worked well upon you.

Is the pen still mightier than the sword? Well, that depends, who is reading the content of the text or understands the symbolism in the graphic cartoon. A free people will respond not solely to the right to express free speech, but to the correctness in the truth that terrorism is the best friend of state despotism.

If the NWO elites have their way the sword will hang over you no matter that the odds are astronomically remote, so as to fall and lop off your head. FEAR is the instrument of social control. Immigration of foreigners from cultures that refuse assimilation, are poison to a traditional society. And duel loyalists that demonstrate allegiance to a Zionist regime are enemies of every real American.

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