Testimony Of Dying CIA Official , About UFO’s And The Extraterrestrial reality


Online video testimony by an anonymous previous CIA official was revealed at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the Nationwide Press Club in Washington, DC on Friday, May well three.
Supply = http://www.citizenhearing.org/
UFO writer and historian Richard Dolan interviewed “Anonymous” in, 2013. Facing impending kidney failure, this individual felt compelled to disclose secret information and facts he feels is far too vital to continue to keep secret.

In the video, he claims to have served in the U.S. Military, labored for the CIA, and labored on the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Reserve–one particular of the USAF’s official scientific studies of UFOs. And he refers to the undertaking as “partly a fraud.” Asking for clarification, Dolan states, “You are stating some of the Blue Reserve scenarios were being entirely fictitious?” The anonymous person responds, “Sure.”

“Anonymous” alleges that, right after an invasion danger from President Dwight Eisenhower, he and his superior at the CIA were being allowed inside of the secretive Spot 51 in Nevada to assemble intel and report back again to the president. There, “Anonymous” describes seeing several alien spacecraft, which include the craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Then, he and his superior were being taken to the S-4 facility southwest of Spot 51 in which they noticed dwell extraterrestrials.

Selected parts of this video were being Edited to safeguard the individual offering the testimony.

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  1. Feel free to come & join my fb group (undisclosed) where we discus all fringe topics with open minded scepticism

  2. Tara Tony says:

    Who else thought of Rodger when he described the alien? Just me? O.O

  3. MC iNFLUENZ says:

    We have the "central" intelligence agency on this planet. Ever think about whether or not there exists a "cosmic" intelligence agency and what information they know and how low ranking humans are in comparison to the upper echelon of that grandiose agency?

  4. Konan Kun says:

    fk listening to this old guy speak makes me have an asthma attack lol, on a serious note, RIP and thanks for telling us the truth.

  5. nycbtc666 7669 7abcby 'm y66zsgs6 66767

  6. Isaac Wilee says:

    Mass Sighting Over Phoenix Arizona – NBC News

  7. There are no Aliens and this man is clearly suffering from early signs of Alzheimer disease. He has no proof to his story which is basically a figment of his imagination. Don't take what he says into any account and don't go out on a wild Goose chase looking for flying saucers and such rubbish that can only exist in movies and television shows

  8. Jimmy Chong says:

    He looks like Buck Sargeant Leonard Pretko.

  9. Why don't aliens wear clothes ? Do they have any fashions ?

  10. June Bug says:

    aliens don't die..

  11. There was a super secret society made in 1952, they worked on a project called signal. Its goal was to work on uncovering a dialect to communicate with alien life. The united states of america sent a signal out to space for new technology. I did the same and thats how i found my self abducted gaining superhuman abillities. A war is coming be prepared or suffer.

  12. Moxy Dae says:

    Hey lil mama let me whisper in ya heard..tell ya something freaky you like to hear lol

  13. Lord Nikon says:

    I believe in UFOs but this guy is completely full of shit. He's smiling as he is giving his story which to me means he's playing a joke and being deceptive. Bob Lazar is much more believable.

  14. Erwin Persia says:

    I feel hard of breathing listening to his voice! can't stand it!

  15. A Mcq says:

    theres no aliens

  16. frank cannon says:

    you the space lizards conspired with the cia lbj to shoot jfk

  17. Zane Sloan says:

    The chilbolton crop circle shows a message from a real being from another planet, and another at the same location also shows a face of another person who is from another planet, with a cross in dots on the face of the person, which means that they believe in Jesus Christ. It also shows their male and female faces, by using a compiled face image, pixels also made to show to the eye how, depending on how you think, and the angle that you look at it, the different tribes and races of their people, because your visual cortex physiologically and psychologically determines how you perceive the image, because it is the link between the brain and the visual eye response.

  18. stewy1109 says:

    He looks like he is being sincere. If there is no history of mental illness. Then he is telling the truth.

  19. Just goes to show that movies hide the truth in plain sight. Independence Day – when the president has been lied to about ET's.
    Hats off to this man for repenting his secrecy on his death bed.

  20. Cari Citizen says:

    I turned this off after 8:08… this guy is full of shit in my opinion.

  21. Mortimer says:

    Is this Dick Cheney ?

  22. COD Fantasy says:

    If you believe in God you can believe in aliens Bigfoot ghost there's so much we don't know about and yet this dieing man told us everything and yet you still believe it's fake not true why just give me a good answer

  23. Adam S says:

    This is really dumb I feel for this poor man's family but honestly I doubt what he's saying is true

  24. andrew moore says:

    does not sound right , he is reiterating stereotypical notions of aliens all of which are very well known throughout the media in fiction and so on.

  25. while some of the information about locations, events, etc can be found in pubic record, this guy goes into specific detail about his encounters to a degree i find hard to fake or coach into somebody to become this believable.

  26. no evidence just words in the whole "ufo"research business… theories fantasy and lies. But no evidence. ?

  27. Poor man wasn't going to make it out of his procedure. R.I.P at least the truth is out.

  28. jemejem999 says:

    Can any of this story be independently verified?

  29. what do you suppose happened after? got any intel on that?

  30. if this was world the government wouldn't let this published. Everything is owner and reviewed before published. N incase they missed this, they would have annihilate this video already

  31. I think the CIA appeals emotivity to make a more ''believable'' declarations. Easily the CIA can make a montage like this. Maybe this is not the true , and they are making a false testimony to cover the truth. Please , dont believe in all you see… Be more critical and make alot of question about this. Fits the pieces and think beyond normal.

  32. HAHAHA, good one. An anonymous former CIA that are dying 😀 And you can't even say your name. And he was even a bad actor.

  33. what if dude just trying to get attention? after all he is about to pass, maybe he heard stories from his family or friends growing up at the time? jus like we all have our own conspericy n stories wev heard N the being the last of his generation who'd call em out on it when there all dead. does his family not visit him and just wants to be known before he goes..?
    or maybe the feds,cia,military take fresh meat into some of the most top secret bases N jus tell them everything right off the bat and then get close to let alone wrk for the president sounds a bit like a dream he had. on the other hand maybe he really did and he seen alien's but I'm sure that it would affect u as u grow old also if he served why isnt he wearing his veteran hat or ribbons? as far as we know is what wev been told unless u seen space and the universe it's as ll imagination of what they say it looks like,iv seen some unexplainable shit in the sky and spiritually but this guy described it to me as a fairy tale.

  34. They used an elf gun on this guy.

  35. This is in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

  36. BennyCFD says:

    This is total BS. No president is going to ask some nobody low level new hire to go to area 51 to give a message. Working for the CIA they have to sign a confidentiality statement.

  37. kayla dotson says:

    this stuff was created by the government

  38. Sepsis says:

    This old fella is still alive, saw him playing bowls the other day. The old bugger got paid $50 and 2 viagra to tell this fairytale

  39. People should know by now that our military and government are decades ahead of us in technology. It seems so that we can easily be controlled.

  40. Best piece of advice is look at the physical evidence. There are real documents out there released by the CIA on there on website. Looks it up. You will find them. Judge it for yourself. It's all there for you to look at. Do your own research. Don't let other tell you what to think. Don't let others form your own opinion. There are people out there that are there to confuse you. There to give you doubt. There to hold you back. There to make sure its a lot harder for anyone to find out the truth. Everyone out there is more powerful, and more capable than they think.


  42. This is a logical question for anyone who wants to answer. If there truly is secrets that governments are keeping from us and there's so many things hidden and there's the Illuminati nwo and all these groups and black projects why do they allow videos such as this one to be able to be viewed by the public and why is it that we can search for aliens and Illuminati etc. on the web and other places. if these entities are so powerful why isn't every thing shut down immediately why isn't everything taken off the web that exposes these type of subjects. im open minded i know a lot of things don't make sense on this planet like there's a lot of just unreal shit going on all over the world, but how are things exposing aliens and hidden government agendas still visible!! ?? just you know everything in America is messed up actually all over the world all kinds of unnecessary stuff happening!!. This world is so crazy!!

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