Texas Farmer Calls Police to Report a Break-In – When a Deputy Arrived Hours Later, His Nightmare Began

Jason Howerton

A third generation dairy farmer in Rains County, Texas, is mourning the loss of his best friend and work partner after a deputy shot his dog while responding to a report of a break-in at the residence.

The deputy claims the 2-year-old blue heeler, named Candy, charged him, threatening his safety. The dog’s owner, Cole Middleton, says police allowed him to review the dash cam footage of the incident — and he says that’s not what the video shows.



Middleton told KDFW-TV that he was on his tractor and Candy was in the bed of his truck when the deputy arrived on his property. The barking dog then jumped down and Middleton lost sight of her.

Moments later, the deputy delivered the heartbreaking news.

“The officer comes down and says, ‘Sir, I’m sorry, I shot your dog — she charged me,’” Middleton recalled in an emotional interview. “I became very hysterical and very upset…I said, ‘No, no, no…you shot my baby.’”

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After the deputy called for backup, Middleton pulled out his cellphone and started recording the officers as they attempted to sort out the situation.

“What I’m saying is the man pulls up without cause and shoots my dog,” Middleton can be heard telling officers in the video.

“Your dog charged me, buddy,” the deputy replies.

“No, no,” Middleton shoots back.

“I got it on dash cam man; your dog charged me,” the deputy claims.

“You’re invading her property, but she wouldn’t bite you! she’s never bitten anybody!” the man shouts.

Watch the video recorded by Middleton below (WARNING: Some disturbing content):

Middleton and another unidentified man in the video try to get the deputy to explain why he didn’t just stay in the car if he was afraid of the dog.

The man also revealed in the video that he had to drown his own dog to put her out of her misery because the officer didn’t shoot in a way that killed her. In the video, Middleton claims his gun was stolen so he couldn’t shoot Candy to put her out of her misery — and the deputy refused to.

Middleton claims he had his dog’s body examined by a veterinarian and the results “suggest Candy was shot while retreating from the shooter.” Further, as reported above, the farmer claims the dash cam video does not back up what the deputy claims happened.

Read the alleged autopsy results from the Hopkins County Veterinary Clinic:



Rains County Sheriff David Traylor told KDFW-TV that he “regrets” the incident and his department is investigating. The deputy involved is reportedly on administrative leave.

A Facebook page, titled “Justice for Candy Middleton,” has been created to raise awareness in the case. It had about 15,000 likes on Wednesday.

“The Autopsy is in and the results are just like we’ve been saying!!! See for yourself!! She was shot in the back if the head,” reads one post. “The bullet exited the front of her face!!! No charges have been filed yet!! Ridiculous!!! As per the sheriff, Dooley WASNT even trained to use a tazer!! Unbelievable !!!”

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  1. levi says:

    Law enforcement today is nothing but slave catchers. They serve their Communist masters not the public. Everything they do is for generating revenue and like Scripture says “extortioners will not be in the Kingdom”, so their existence has a sorry outcome in store for them. The Supreme Court said law enforcement has no duty to help any individual who calls for their assistance. When they show up it is to threaten who ever is at the scene as was seen when a Calif. Hwy. Patrol idiot arrested a firemen who had parked a fire truck in a manner to protect the first responders at a wreck which had injured people. This is the mind of a beast, no morality and cannot respond to any moral appeal or reason. It’s violence for the sake of violence as any mean drunk will do to someone they fully except or know is not a danger. It is nothing but violent cowards and with the colors are identified as gangbangers with radios and computers. America is gone as far as having freedoms or access to justice so everyone’s personal safety and property is in harm’s way in the name of “government”. We will not have any relief till we follow the political revolution of II Chron. 7:14 of changing our involvement with this evil beast power. We have to go back to what works. Destroying the conscience of the weak minded thru the indoctrination of “law enforcement training” has proven to be one of the worst activities we have set up in the name of “government”. They train these amoral people(those with no formal moral education) to be violent cowards with the slogans of “intimidate, dominate, control” and when that filthy stupidity does not work unreasoned violence is the only follow up response. This is how communism is brought in to a society on the basis of slow encroachment, incrementalism till the nation is destroyed from within. And these evil people think this behaviour is legitimate and can’t change till they are deprogrammed and given other information that requires a conscience educated to evaluate using moral principles and principles of justice. When one converses with a law enforcement person along the lines of justice and morals you can see the struggle going on internally because of their limited thinking due to the indoctrination to shut down the conscience, but they can’t deny the obvious. They just use hostility to reject what is right and go on about their mindless violence. Shooting at a van with women and children because of a tail light, since when does the pretext of a cracked tail light justify the death sentence? You FOOLS leave the innocent alone and quit the lie everyone is guilty of something.

  2. Satans demons came to me last night in a dream. At first I was pissed off because I had better things to sleep about but then they spoke unto me:

    “Fret not Stan Sikorski. We come to you in peace as messengers to deliver the words of our great horned master that any cop or other authority figure that kills a dog or other animal, ‘in the line of duty’, will automatically earn a very special place in Hell upon death in which they will be eternally tortured by the Hounds of Hell. And those bastards are mean motherfuckers.”


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