Texas high school teaches Nazi oppression by making students wear red arm bands, treated like Jewish prisoners


Ethan A. Huff

A former student at Perryton High School in Perryton, Texas, has filed a lawsuit against the school’s district for injuries he allegedly suffered during a teacher-mandated reenactment of the Holocaust. According to the suit, Andrew Yara, now 19, suffered a partially dislocated hip, dehydration, and a series of seizures after being forced to carry around several heavy student on his back as part of the bizarre education experiment.

For a number of years now, Perryton High School has observed a two-day remembrance of the Holocaust known as “Red Ribbon Day,” during which time students taking a world history class are taught the grim details of this sobering scourge on human history. But part of this educational experience includes dividing students up into groups of “Nazis” and “Jews,” and forcing the “Jews” to withstand numerous forms of abuse from the “Nazis.”

“(The Jews) must do everything school faculty or other students tell them to, including picking up other students’ trash, being taken outside and sprayed with water hoses, bear-crawling across the hot track, carrying other students’ books, and even carrying other students,” says the complaint. “[A]ny student who did not do everything they were told were [sic] receive a failing grade.

Yara, who was one of the “Jews” forced to wear a red ribbon, subsequently became injured after a student who allegedly weighed nearly double Yara’s own weight jumped on Yara’s back and asked Yara to carry him around in between a class period. Yara says he was forced to carry three different students around during this passing period, and at one point had two students jump on his back at the same time.

When the second student jumped on Yara’s back, Yara allegedly fell backwards and sustained numerous injuries to his body that sent “shocking, burning” pain down both of his legs from his pelvis. Yara says he suffered continued pain throughout the day in his lower back and legs, and later had to undergo expensive medical treatment. He also later passed out at work and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

Yara and his parents say the school showed “deliberate indifference” to Yara’s constitutional rights throughout “Red Ribbon Week,” and they are seeking damages for violations of Yara’s right to bodily integrity under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. They also cited Yara’s right to be free from excessive force under the Fourth Amendment as part of the suit, which is also asking the school district to cover the costs associated with Yara’s medical bills.

You can read the full details of the lawsuit here:

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  1. Chaos says:

    Liberal Jews want to beat THEIR version of events into your Gentile “GOYIM” cattle minds. Getting an Israeli Sovereign nation of their own wasn’t enough. receiving over 150 Billion in US Taxpayer’s extorted Dollars isn’t enough. Forcing ALL European countries to Pay Millions in Reparations for the “Holocaust” wasn’t enough. Killing U.S. sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty without any consequences wasn’t enough. Herd the GOYIM into the Liberal Public schools and BEAT the LIES into the Sheeple! Line up for the Slaughter little Piggies! The Chosen People have your number and your number is up.

  2. Skyhawk68 says:

    We are living in strange times when a teacher can endanger his students with wacky assignments and no one complains?? The mindset of this “aquarius age” lacks compassion, mercy and common sense. This is the result of banning the Ten Commandments and rejecting belief in a God that placed rules that would protect mankind. I worked at a high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Special Education program in 2002-2004 and we had bulleys that would intimate an epileptic girl that I worked with and one of the boys would scare her so much that she have an epileptic attack. I would try to protect her and one of the teachers would tell me not to interfere because that was the real world that she would have to live in.

    I was perplexed because with new concept of ideas, are we not allowed to help a person who is being assaulted? Is this the new ideology that is prevailing through the global leadership? Will it be unlawful to be good Samaritan in the future?

  3. Archie1954 says:

    Why don’t they just take school trips to the nearest Fema camp, or send observors to Guantanamo, or how about a foreign adventure to an American secret prison in Eastern Europe. If you really want to teach children about oppression you don’t have to look that far back in time.

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