TFR – Revolutionary Radio with Doc Marquis talking about the Illuminati


In this episode I talked with fellow researcher and friend Doc Marquis about the Illuminati and the Illuminati Playing Cards.


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  1. Hey Brother Rob,,,, if you would like to see another enormous conspiracy that God led me to discover, is in language itself.  " Words half reveal and half conceal the spirit within" …. I made a video called  The Word of God: Hidden in Plain Sight,,, this shows how the Bible is literally true, and how God speaks to us using multiple meanings/definitions of word as the same time within the same sentence.  If you look up a word in a dictionary (I used free online dictionary) and read ALL the meanings you will be blown away.  Examples:  TREE: a figure that branches from a single genealogical root.  ANGEL: a financial backer of a political campaign or a dramatic production.  (order out of chaos)  ORDER: one of the nine sects or choirs of angels  CHAOS: the abyss   WORD: Jesus Christ   IMAGE: a clone    SHOUT: one's turn to buy a round of drinks (Jesus says He will not drink of the new wine until He does so with His elect. Jesus comes with a shout.) BASTARD: a HYBRID (a bastard shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, even until his 10th generation. Noah was the 10th generation)   Many more… Also, LEGALESE is a foreign language,,disguised to look like common English,,,just as the tares are disguised to look like the wheat.  If you read all codes, statutes, ordinances, regulations, they all use the words PERSON or PERSONS,,,never man, woman, people….If you look in a LEGAL dictionary (which is the size of a regular dictionary and has common words with new meanings) it is a corporation, partnership, LLC, fictitious entity, ect.,,,,,also the second definition is : individuals according to their rank in a society. Well what society have we been tricked into entering?  The LEGAL society,,,your birthday is when you are conceived,,but your LEGAL NAME (PERSON) was born on the day your birth certificate (article of incorporation) was created,,,If you look up BORN in the legal dictionary: wholly brought into separate existence/creation.   There is many kinds of law,,the one they fool us into, by believing we are the LEGAL NAME, is their administrative hearings that use codes,,actually based on the Babylonian Talmud.  But we are man,,,and at any time we realize or believe we are man created in the image of God,,we can once again operate in common law…this is the law we all instinctively understand,,, where we have God given rights and not STATE granted privileges that can be taken away any time the STATE deems it to be necessary and proper(clause 18) There is much more to this, much more than I can convey in a comment.  But a man named Karl Lentz, some clips on YT, but also a show on Talkshoe called Unkommon Law, has found how to operate in common law.  I have used this in accordance with my beliefs, and also confirmed much of this information with multiple county judges (really magistrates, in common law the jury is the judge. Trial by jury is not the same as jury trial. )  LEGAL and Lawful are 2 very different things.  Thanks for your work for our Lord Jesus Christ, and I hope you check this information out.  They even have groups devoted to this word game, that is from Satan himself.  The Hermes Club, Quill and Dagger (Cornell) The best example of what they do is when we were kids, if our mom asked us, or told us to cut the grass,,and we said " I'll do it tomorrow" ,,,the next day comes and our mom says did you cut the grass,,,and we say ,," We agreed on tomorrow,,it's today.." ,,,It sounds to ridiculous to be true,,,but I assure you Brother,,this is what these forked tongue serpents are doing.  The whole point of the LEGAL system is that everything can be yes/no LEGAL/ILLEGAL at the same time,,,(tree of the knowledge of good and evil) it gives the appearance of justice, all the while they decide issues based on their Luciferain doctrine/agenda…and cases are decided based on who is involved and what the issue is,,and no matter which way it's decided (judge's OPINION) it appears legitimate.  But the LEGAL PERSON is a separate entity than the actual man,,,but they trick us into becoming the surety for that entity by the word game.  Just the word "YOU" can do this,,,YOU is a plural word that is NEVER singular,,,we use it as singular, but that is incorrect.  So if the judge says are YOU  JOHN SMITH (the PERSON) you answer YES,,JOINDER has just been created to the man and the LEGAL PERSON. This is also shows how the KJV Bible is perfect and uses the Thee, Thous, Ye, ect.. because this tells us if the words are singular or plural.  Also, Proverbs 11:15 He that is surety for a strange shall smart for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure.        Jesus Christ is the Word of God,,so it only makes sense that Satan attacks us with words…God bless you Brother Rob…

  2. Reincarnation as a bunch of poppycock, and those EVIL demonic Luciferians when they die there's no coming back to life for them the next stop is the lake of FIRE by the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan has them SOOOOO DECEIVED it's a crying shame……!!!

  3. This guy does not seem legit, serving up illuminati 101 mixed with omission and disinfo.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    I want more videos,, Rob Skiba is like Captain Knowledge… need MORE

  5. Maybe the astroid strike is fake then. Maybe the NIBIRU thing is also fake and has been planning it for over 65 years. Maybe they have been setting it all up.

  6. Bill Smith says:

    Hey, Uncle Rob,,, it's me,, Billy…will you do a teaching video on like, ticks mosquitoes mites lice, ect.. do you think these nasty creatures are like the T-Rex.. a "abomination", accept they survived the Great Flood..????

  7. Rob, Thank you for all you do!You are one diligent person,and freely share what you  are researching and learning w/ the Body.I am just about at the point I w/ stop completely reading comments anymore.I used to learn and glean much and find new contacts and links.Now it is more akin to Elementary School playground antics.So much un-Christ like behavior and it not only a terrible testimony to others,but plain sad~another sign of these times.

  8. jebling4 says:

    Rob…have you listened to any of Gill Boussards info on his channel Planet 7x? Interesting in re to the data he reveals that goes against Nasa with planet x. My only question with his findings within last week is he bases everything on globe and earths rotation around the sun so I'm not sure if that model would blow his findings out of the water in re to a flat earth. 

  9. jebling4 says:

    Gill uses past biblical events to show coming destruction and how a celestial body could be the cause. He says Rev 12:1 gives us a clear date of March 23, 2016 of when this could hit and expects seal 3-4 od revelation to open prior like Sept 27, 2015

  10. jebling4 says:

    Although I agree with much this man speaks of I feel he was evading you questions with man walking on moon and flat earth. He would never directly answer them but got off on different subject. Secondly, I'm wandering why this man hasn't been knocked off yet by illuminati for exposing this info. Aren't they sworn to secrecy especially when they take blood oaths?

  11. jebling4 says:

    In my opinion this man hoped from one occult to another…CHRISTIANITY. he's dooped into the church system steeped in man's traditions and doctrines. I'm so glad Yahuah brought me out of 37 years of indoctrination setting in search for his truth and His ways thru the Malkezedeq Covenant

  12. jebling4 says:

    He also appears to believe in false doctrine many churches teach called the Rapture. 

  13. Rob, you should watch, "The Chosen". I believe it was release early 80's and deals with two different Jewish cultures at the end of WW2. One family is pushing for the formation of Israel and the other is looking for Israels formation after the Messiah comes.
    Great Movie, I think it is still on HULU

  14. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Rob Skiba for doing diligent research and discovering more and more nuggets of truth so that I can fallow along with you on a constant path of testing all things !!!

  15. This was from the book book, Pawns in the Game, not from the actual letter…sorry Rob and Doc. Next time, do actual research.

  16. kernowarty says:

    What does he mean " these letters, whether genuine or not, are spot on"???  Well, obviously if they are not genuine they were written after the events so they are going to be spot on!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. kernowarty says:

    1,.31.00  We are going to end up in Somerset did he say?  Well I live in Cornwall which is only about 80 miles away from Somerset so that will be convenient for me.  Though I don't think Somerset is big enough to house billions of people.

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