TFR – Revolutionary Radio with Johnny Cirucci – Illuminati Unmasked Part 2


This is part 2 in my series of interviews with Johnny Cirucci regarding his book, Illuminati Unmasked.


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  1. 1:41:45 — Hold the phone. Cirucci says (just before this mark) to "judge a tree by its fruits" and then he castigates Eric Dubay for exposing zionists? Perhaps Cirucci should take an honest, unbiased look at how Israel has manipulated entire decades worth of wars before coming to the childish conclusion that they're somehow innocent and separate from jesuits.

    Perfect example: there is currently a evacuee/migrant crisis from a war the false state of Israel fomented. Guess how many evacuees they've taken in despite their proximity in the region? ZERO.

  2. 2xtream says:

    Great Show Guys :)

  3. oh wow, I'm really glad to hear you were able to fix your foot!

  4. oh sure, blame the Catholics, protect the Jews…. at least point the finger at BOTH, THEN admit who they actually are…. helloooo? the Khazarians? It's the Russians! the fake jews. the ones who created communism. the ones who hate Christians with murderous fervor. The ones that control all the media and propaganda to always keep everything that would implicate Russia SILENT. "poor Russians"…. wow, I totally saw that coming.

    called it! open your eyes a little more, people.

  5. mottdog2002 says:

    I like this show but I realized that the guys on it are still brainwashed. Every single time they mention Jesus. Who was an evil bastard by the way. The Bible got the flat earth right, as did all religious books at the time. That doesn't make the whole book true….. Thank unicorns. The Bible is one of the most evil and immoral books in existence, 2nd to the Talmud. It's flat sure but that doesn't prove a supremely evil God that makes the devil look like a saint. Wake up.

  6. mottdog2002 says:

    And Dubay was correct. You might want to research the Holocaust and Hitler a bit. Amateurs.

  7. razzon101 says:

    ROB! can you turn on captions please!?

  8. Ok, so the Vedas maintain the earth is flat and the universe is geocentric, so what gives?

  9. I keep listening, but I'm sorry, the Bible is at best to be read on multiple levels, literally being the most crude.

  10. Thank Rob for uploading all 8 new videos since I was last here. Shalom…….!!! SMILEZ :D

  11. MrMondeller says:

    the problem isn't in the planets and stars falling down, it's the unexisting mass of them… they are projections…

  12. Lance Roark says:

    Carroll College, Helena, MT. So not happy that I just moved there.

  13. Cupbearer says:

    Preach it Johnny! We need to examine ourselves! I am convicted… Thank you!

  14. mnfmc123 says:

    Hey Rob, todays jew identity in the suposed state of Israel (now part of the United States) where the "Serpent people" then "Khazarians" that converted to "Judaism" becomming the imposter "Zionist Jews" or other "said Jews" of today. Acording to the bible the real Hebrew Israelite cannot know that they are ancesters of the twelve tribes of "Israel (Jacob)" an are no longer in the holly land beacause they have been scattered around the world till the end times.

  15. STREEEEEET says:

    Maybe it's just me but this was very painful to hear, a lot names dropped and no history line to follow., just a bunch of random names that i can't put a face on it since i'm not even a north american, and i bet most north american's can't either.

  16. tommy webb says:

    Mind completely blown all over the place, I have FELT for a long time that every thing he said about Vatican and catholicism was true, before I ever heard of this guy. Once you trust in Yeshua to reveal things to you I believe he does that before you get physical verbal confirmation 

  17. GuntPulp says:

    While Jeranism is doing great work concerning the flat earth, he uses every opportunity to down Christianity while saying he believes in a creator (and won't say which one he believes in)…the dude is a Gnostic- WATCH OUT.

  18. Why was the flat earth model re-released? Why are they letting this flat earth theory gain so much traction and attention? Compelling and very convincing, evidence is all over You Tube what's, the end game? Is it Look here, look here………but not over there? Look down, not up? Quite the distraction if the flat earth hits the mainstream. You can walk out your front door or go to the nearest beach and investigate or confirm for yourself. Round or not there is clear evidence of a flat plane. Where are the debunkers with their globe model video arguments that contradict the flat earth model? I searched "earth is a Globe proof …3 hits on 1st page. Can't con a conman, this is all just too easy……. within a year? The club doesn't make mistakes like this, if this is a distraction I hate to see what for !!

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