That 70’s Show Theory: Eric DIES?!


It turns out that there’s more to That 70’s Show than meets the eye… HUGE THANKS to /u/NurseBerry for providing the theory that this video was based upon.


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  1. Itamar Tzur says:

    are you stupid or something?

  2. Orada sevgilin var mı? Seviştiniz mi?

  3. Geee Mooo says:

    my theory is that eric is a dumbass and forgets to change the tags on the plates to the vista cruiser…yah my theory makes more sense

  4. Mc Donald says:

    What's up Reese? How has Malcolm been doing?

  5. Medeja Mp says:

    how do you explain donna and eric then ?

  6. Why would you do this to me?

  7. air-conditioning is for pussy.

  8. This hit me hard man…

  9. At the very end of the last episode, it shows the cast singing from the end of the first episode. This could be Eric's life flashing before his eyes 

  10. first off, have you seen a Simpsons episode? Secondly, if Eric is in a comma and everybody comes over to tell him stuff, why would they inject Eric in the day-today happenings? Truth is story is told through eyes of Leo…clearly explains the memory gaps in timeline.

  11. BHFFS says:

    I can';t believe there are that 70s show theorycrafters

  12. Frank Qi says:

    where's the intro song bite from?

  13. Phil cook says:

    That 70s show is a retrospective. You have to apply the unreliable narrator theory. It's just like anyone trying to remember things that happened 20/30 years ago, especially trying to remember a decade they spent mostly high on pot.

  14. Wow. You have another subscriber now.

  15. Robert Sosa says:

    Or maybe the show would rather keep the year 1978 so that they can still call the show That 70's Show and still make sense.

  16. Patty Ngara says:

    Where's ChetHaze?

  17. If you are gonna make this sort of video, CHECK YOUR FACTS!!! Eric comes back right at the end of the very last episode! -.-

  18. I think the coma theory is way over used and pretty clichè now.

  19. Does anyone remember: That 80's Show?

  20. Brandon Teel says:


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