The 10 Most Powerful Militaries In The World


Brian Jones

As a Marine Corps veteran, I would like to point out that there’s more to military prowess than firepower. There’s no statistic for leadership, no metric for the stuff they pump into you at Parris Island.

But firepower matters … a lot.

In a world rife with global conflicts, the ability to project power and wield that power decisively is an important national security and diplomatic asset.

The folks at Global Firepower have figured out a way to rank who has the most powerful military.

They measure 40 different stats about a country, including number of aircraft characters, available manpower, and labor force, to produce a  “Power Index,” in which lower numbers equal more firepower.

Note: Nuclear capabilities are not included in this calculation — but Russia and the United States far outpace the rest of the world in nuclear armament, with 8,500 and 7,700 nuclear weapons, respectively.

10. Brazil

Power Index: 0.6912

Defense Budget: $31,576,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 371,199

Labor Force: 104,700,000

Total Aircraft: 822

Total Naval Strength: 106

See the full listing.

9. Italy

Power Index: 0.6838

Defense Budget: $31,946,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 293,202

Labor Force: 25,080,000

Total Aircraft: 770

Total Naval Strength: 179

See the full listing.

8. South Korea

Power Index: 0.6547

Defense Budget: $28,280,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 653,000

Labor Force: 25,100,000

Total Aircraft: 871

Total Naval Strength: 190

See the full listing.

7. Germany

Power Index: 0.6491

Defense Budget: $43,478,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 148,996

Labor Force: 43,620,000

Total Aircraft: 925

Total Naval Strength: 67

See the full listing.

6. France

Power Index: 0.6163

Defense Budget: $58,244,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 362,485

Labor Force: 29,610,000

Total Aircraft: 544

Total Naval Strength: 180

See the full listing.

5. The United Kingdom

Power Index: 0.5185

Defense Budget: $57,875,170,000

Active Military Personnel: 224,500

Labor Force: 31,720,000

Total Aircraft:1,412

Total Naval Strength: 77

See the full listing.

4. India

Power Index: 0.4346

Defense Budget: $44,282,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 1,325,000

Labor Force: 487,600,000

Total Aircraft: 1,962

Total Naval Strength: 170

See the full listing.

3. China

Power Index: 0.3351

Defense Budget: $129,272,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 2,285,000

Labor Force: 795,500,000

Total Aircraft:5,048

Total Naval Strength: 972

See the full listing.

2. Russia

Power Index: 0.2618

Defense Budget: $64,000,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 1,200,000

Labor Force: 75,330,000

Total Aircraft: 4,498

Total Naval Strength: 224

See the full listing.

1. United States

Power Index: 0.2475

Defense Budget: $689,591,000,000

Active Military Personnel: 1,477,896

Labor Force: 153,600,000

Total Aircraft: 15,293

Total Naval Strength: 290

See the full listing.

10 Responses

  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Imagine how much of that USA money is going into criminal pockets.

    • Chaos says:

      $3 Billion US Gift Dollars annually to Israel . $2 Billion to Pakistan, $2 Billion to Egypt, the list goes on and on just for Middle Eastern countries(even the ones like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia who are super rich from oil). ZOG Amerika arms both sides and funds both sides of these conflicts. So…YES….Billions of US Taxpayers money annually end up in Criminal Pockets worldwide.

  2. Chaos says:

    There are many more factors to consider here. For instance: #1 Amerika’s military is spread out like the Greek and Roman Empires of old. That weakens our military strength as our lines are thinned. Meanwhile Russia and China move into first and second place because their forces are centralized , solidified and strong. #2 Amerika’s military is restrained with bullshit rules of engagement for our infantry that just ends up putting our troops in harms way without a proper plan of defense. So our casualties increase while other countries will never have this problem. Israel’s military has the highest Kill ratio killing anyone they want with impunity (mainly unarmed civilians). China and Russia don’t have rules of engagement that would end up risking their soldiers’ lives. Again, The Unfree Slaves of Amerika are bumped from first place. #3 the ZOG of Amerika sends the sheeple’s money in “foreign aid” to countries that hate us to the staggering amount of $50 billion annually. China and Russia don’t do that. Russia and China help allied countries with COMMERCE…the way it should be done. Essentially, the ZOG is making us weaker and helping make other countries’ military forces stronger. Again ” we the peasant people” slip from first place. #4 Alot of US military aircraft parts are made in China…some of these are vital electronic parts that you would normally assume our ZOG might require them to be manufactured in Amerika. When we go to war with the Chinese, they will be able to easily hack our systems because they made a shit load of the parts involved. Thats’ how the Iranians hacked the US drone flying over their territory and safely landed it. Our Zionist masters in the ZOG are so Arrogant that they believe their puppet military is unstoppable. We may have awesome technology, but we hand away secrets so easily because of Zionist Masters’ Arrogance. Again, a once great nation slips from first place. Russia and China rightfully move up. #5 The US is controlled by a foreign hostile force which makes up the Zionist Occupied Government…. Russia is controlled by Russians , China is controlled by Chinese. We have a Kenyan born puppet running the Liberal Front show which is designed to keep you dumb sheep busy following his dictator antics while the REAL GOV runs their EVIL plans without interruption. Their plans include some new wars for Israel. Syria and Iran have been on the planning table for quite a while. Amerika bogged down in more wars and our soldiers being used as cannon fodder for Israel makes us weaker, we slip from first place again. Russia and China are not Israel’s Bitch(es), so they become stronger. #6 Military strength is also gauged in battle effectiveness. It appears we did great battling Saddam forces in two Iraq wars, but after all the smoke clears our soldiers are still getting killed in Iraq. Afghanistan is not much different, as our ZOG puppet Ozomba tells us that he will bring our troops home, all the while they keep getting killed over in the sandbox. Is our Military really EFFECTIVE now in those two campaigns? When the Chicoms helped North Vietnam, we bailed in the fight against Communism, so therefore we lost. Before that, the Chicoms helped North Korea and that war ended in a cease fire. Not really a negative outcome for Uncle Sam, as we helped establish a democratic economy in South Korea. I am surprised that Israel’s Military is not even on the list. They spend more money per capita on their military than any other country and they have some of the best Performance in History. The six day war in ’67 came right out of the 1940s era German Wermacht’s “War playbook”. Israel should rank higher than France and Brazil, after all they get $3 Billion annual US gift dollars that Israel can spend on fragging Palestinian children using them as target practice for the IDF. Our 3 billion in gift dollars went well in the Israeli military testing their Iron Dome system when they killed hundreds of Palestinians with an exchange of thousands of missiles.
    Amerika is rotting from within , with it’s corrupt foreign government control all the while making us weaker and weaker. Amerikan civilians are unknowingly funding genocide in the world and fighting Wars for Israel all the while making our country and military weaker.

  3. Leo says:

    Laughter, and the United States will hopefully soon drop a few notches down on the list . or better yet drop off into non existence .

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