The 2016 Illuminati Rio Olympics announces the New Word Order and the Antichrist


Each new Olympic Games respresent a new step towards the New Word Order. The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio contains several clear references to both the …


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  1. man this is stretching it man are desperate and this vid 6 min in had nothing and that commercial with people singing was a pathetic attempt

  2. Lisa Aiken says:

    Jesus Is coming back but nobody knows for sure when. He once said that his people suffer from lack of knowledge. i think you need to research huanism as compared to satanism cuz youre being decieved.

  3. CoLLeeN says:

    Is there any way you can put up the opening ceremony in its entirety ? I can't seem to find it , only clips.

  4. That's not the horn sign… the index finger and little fingers are…

  5. my lord dose know the time and hour but he wants to keep it hidden for he dose not wish to worry us and live are lives

  6. the proof i have is my Bible of the Lord all mighty .and how you dare call my fellow brothers and sisters morons we will not laugh at what you believe in and you wait on the day of crist the Lord will take the one who believes .I'm a fellow christans and I'll stand for what I believe in

  7. +Jonathan alexis amen

  8. The CAPITOL of JESUS CHRIST IS & WILL ALWAYS BE MOUNT ZION IN JERUSALEM (City of God, our Eternal CREATOR) City of PEACE that was given to Abraham, Israel, and King David! JESUS OWNS EVERYTHING. satan will attempt to sit on GOD'S Throne, but will FAIL UTTERLY. Good try New World Order-YOU LOOSE! Lake of FIRE is where you are at!

  9. Carlos Lazo says:

    Dont die in vane. Remmember this, whatever could happen. Be smart.

  10. Carlos Lazo says:

    You are not enterily wrong. You are enterily right. You are not crazy, but try not to get it.

  11. Carlos Lazo says:

    I dont believe in fantasies. But i see that sciences are used to do bad things, lately. Expect for this as the resistance, not as believers. I dont know if God exists. I just believe in what exists, seen or unseen.

  12. Jesus said in Revelation.. I Am Coming Soon.. but it's to set up His Kingdom.. with us that love Him in that Kingdom.. He will take the trash out.. Maranatha.. hurry Lord, Satan's gaining ground.. †

  13. fanatic people…nothing better to do

  14. Yes there is a second coming but first the antichrist is going to deceive even those who believe in God but still want to conform to the world, if you still have a doubt go read your bible and stop believing everything you see or read in the web or t.v…..

  15. comments are full of jesus freaks thinking he will come return to get you and your family HAHAHAHA keeeep on waiting…itl be a while, at least till the end of your rope lol

  16. we already living in our own personal hells and it is only getting worse

  17. Thanks bro, this is more than deep and eye opening. God bless you.

  18. if you believe in the bible or koran or religion your lost those things are just tools to control the mas bunch of sheep's

  19. There is no working for our "hereafter" eternity with the Lord is a free gift offering for every soul that lives.

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