The 7 Types of American Politicians


1. DEMOCRAT: The Anti-American Marxist Subversive

The Marxist radical is out to destroy America and remake it into a totalitarian welfare state. This vile, degenerate psychopath knows exactly what he wants and pursues his goal with relentless and ruthless fanaticism.

Examples: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer

The 7 Types of American Politicians
Communists: NY Senator Schumer , Obama and Hillary

2. DEMOCRAT: The Careerist Crook

Unlike the Marxist-Communist, the Careerist is not ideologically driven. Under the right set of circumstances, the Careerist would easily switch parties and convert to a “conservative” if it were to benefit his political career. (Current Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry did exactly that in 1995!)


The Careerist Democrat will talk, walk, and vote exactly like a Communist, only because he knows that the Reds control the Democrat Party and can benefit his career.

Examples: Joe Biden, John Edwards, Andrew Cuomo

Career Criminals: Big Mouth Joe Biden  / New York Governor Andrew Cuomo


3. DEMOCRAT: The Ignorant Do Gooder / Libtard

This comical character is the only type of Democrat that is not purely evil. In the deluded mind of the self righteous libtard, socialist policies are good for the people. He truly does believe in the Global Warming Fairy Tale, and that high taxes and heavy regulation serve the public good, and that massive deficits and money printing are harmless. Behind his back, the Communists and the Careerists laugh at the childlike credulity of the naive Do Gooders in their midst.

Examples: George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter


Idiot President Jimmy Carter & 1972 Loser George McGovern


4. REPUBLICAN: The Liberal Democrat in Disguise

You will typically find these ‘Yankee’ types in the North East. They are essentially the same as The Ignorant Do Gooder Libtard, with the only difference being that they are members of the Republican Party instead. These self righteous Political Puritans see it as their noble calling to water down the “extremism” of the Southern and Western Republicans.

Examples: Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Mike Bloomberg, Arlen Specter (deceased)

Silly Socialist Senators Snowe and Collins of Maine have no business in the Republican Party.


5. REPUBLICAN: The Gutless, Spineless, Supine “Moderate”

Very similar to the Careerist, the “Moderate” is driven by fear of the liberal news media. He may actually be quite conservative at heart, but the minute The New York Times or Washington Post fires a few warning shots over any given issue, the “moderate” instantly soils his panties, caves in, bends over and begs to cut a deal with the Democrats. The media will then praise him for his “moderation” and “bipartisanship”.

Examples: John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan

Gutless Moderates Boehner, McConnell, and Ryan represent the majority of the GOP membership.


6. REPUBLICAN: The “Neo Conservative” Warmonger

The “Neo Con” is essentially the same as a “moderate”, except that he is also radically pro-Israel and always pro war. Only when it comes to war does the Republican Neo-Con take an immovable position. This warmongering faction was primarily responsible for bringing us the Iraq War.

Examples: John McCain, Linsey Graham, Peter King, Dick Cheney

Psychopath John McCain and his homosexual sidekick Lindsey Graham plot their next war.


7. REPUBLICAN: The “Tea Party” Conservative

Though very few and far between, and not always 100% reliable,  “Tea Party” conservatives are the only politicians in Washington who genuinely oppose the 2 Party socialization / destruction of America. Because of this, they are generally shunned, or attacked as “extremists” by the other 6 factions of Washington, as well as the liberal / Marxist news media.

Examples: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee

Senators Paul and Cruz stand together….and alone.

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