The All Seeing Eye On Top Of The Television


Thomas Dishaw

According to recent Nielsen statistics 56% of the households in the US own a video game console.  Unbeknownst to many Americans this can be an open invitation to let big brother into your house.

Disguised as a video game add-on, Microsoft’s Kinect is the all seeing eye that sits on top of your TV watching your every move, listening to every conversation and even monitoring vital health information.

The All Seeing Eye On Top Of The Television

Now imagine if the Government went door to door and  wanted to put a black box on top of your TV (and I’m not talking about your cable box)  that did the same things, hopefully you would tell them hell no and immediately get out of your house.

But since the Kinect is disguised as entertainment  most people will gladly accept it.

Below are some eye opening facts and quotes to think about before you make that purchase this fall.

After reading all the capabilities the Kinect has we all know this personal information would never be accessed  by our loving Government without a warrant, or be passed on to the FBI, CIA or DEA to be scrutinized in America’s secret courts.

Since Microsoft has the customers privacy in mind and would never sell us out for profit, we can be assured that marketing groups, corporations and health care providers will never access our browser habits, purchase history and health information, all of which can be available through the  Kinect/Xbox system.

Most Outlandish Quotes From Microsoft Claiming To Protect Our Privacy

  • Microsoft insists that it wouldn’t help the government turn Kinect into an eavesdropping device. Quite the opposite, in fact. “Absent a new law, we don’t believe the government has the legal authority to compel us or any other company that makes products with cameras and microphones to start collecting voice and video data, and we’d aggressively challenge in court any attempts to try and force us to do so,” the company told The Verge by email. Microsoft also confirmed that the new Kinect, like the original, has an activity light when it’s turned on.

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