The American Dream has become a DREAM!!!

Pakalert August 14, 2011 4

If you take the 1.4 trillion dollars that was spent to bailout out the banks and redistribute that money among the millions of Americans who have problems paying their mortgages and who just has lost their jobs in the previous year or two each one will receive a check for 350 000 dollars , for millions there is no American dream it is survival , the dream is being able to pay the rent on time and have food on the table , the American dream was stolen by the government and we allowed it to do it , 54 percent of the US federal tax dollars go directly into the military , 19 percent is just paying off the interests on old wars that are over and we are not fighting anymore!!!!…..

Obama has done nothing to help ordinary Americans. He would rather spend taxpayer dollars bombing other country’s than helping Americans get jobs and have food. The unemployment rate number is also a lie. The number is based solely on those people on unemployment. There are many people that are not on unemployment anymore yet are still unemployed. Obama is a very sick man…he ran on a platform of hope.

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  1. vljones August 15, 2011 at 4:14 am - Reply

    Their was never an American dream for some of us americans. Often times people are born poor into proverty and try to go to school and better themselves. Yet when people strive for college degrees and become middle-class now that is disappearing. I never brought into that American Dream because so many corporations such as the banks, wall street and automakers that was bail-out those of the people that the government help not the people. I never see any presidents that help that much as far as the people probably a few presidents. Look at BUSH, OBAMA, CARTER, REAGON, CLINTON no president really didn’t help the economy. This is only the country for the rich not for poor people.

  2. ARCHANGEL August 14, 2011 at 11:45 pm - Reply

    The United States is a corporation not a Republic for the people. This has to change.
    They have planned the demise of the dollar .You must buy hard assets to survive .The entire financial system is broke and all will collapse. You must protect yourselves wth silver and gold in your possession only..
    You are not in Kansas any longer.

  3. Lucky Saint Luis August 14, 2011 at 11:20 pm - Reply

    the american dream was a joke in the first place, the perfect marketing strategy of a perfectly stupid folk trapped in posession and greed of materialism, the dream to be better than the neighbour and the dream of ideas fixing the world while only heart is needed.
    this great american nation brought nothingelse than blood, lies and twisted violation of demcracies to the world and its perfect the great americna folk eat the dust now by hoping they really learn something with it. The toxic money system got be removed in full, to be rich is a sign of being sick psico unless all and everybody is rich. THIS is all what got to be done and than there is a future better than the past.
    Read a bit more before you issue such superficial messages in pakalert and pakalert shall not fall back without showing the deep root relation in all what happens on earth or you are just another scandal press not worth.

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