the bottom of the world is a mysterious place. Have you looked at it seriously???? Or is so far downunder that Australia barely thinks about it?


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  1. Marine Shtf says:

    Alot in the world is hidden from normal people, I hope and wish before I die is that we can all learn the truth about some of the secret events. I'd love too hear a announcement one day that we are all told the truth about Antarctica, Yes Nazis have been living down there this whole time, the Antarctic treaty was made by them that some people can come down there but nothing else. Maybe they do have weapons that make what we have in 2016 look like something out of the stone age. And that keeps all other countries to back off. Or there's a huge hole, or the whole flat earth thing. Whatever the case it would be nice to know the truth about it.

  2. ToyTube TVT says:

    I think they set if nukes in the antarctic sky a long time ago, to cause a nuclear winter, in order to cover something up, literally.

  3. Second time I have seen it brought up regarding Nazi's setting up a base in Antarctica. Pretty good chance that Nazis did plan ahead and set up a hideout somewhere other than Europe, besides South America. Only reason this video caught my attention is, my father's side of family is from Germany (German/Prussian), my father was about five when he shook Hitler's hand at one of his propaganda parades, witnessed and experienced lots of horrible things. At end of war came to U.S., eventually becoming a U.S. Citizen and joining U.S. Navy and became a First Class Radioman. Also curious about Antarctica because in the early 60's he was assigned and served a one year Expedition, Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica! Would imagine our Government knows if the Nazi's are established there? My father was still new to English language (saw notes in his military files regarding this), since he was German born and raised until late childhood! Maybe big reason he was sent, just like later he was sent back to Spain, France, Germany (where I was born). Hmmm…He was very good about keeping military information to himself though, just told us stories about the guys and Antarctica itself…

  4. Big J says:

    Swabia ! ! !

  5. So, just because you can't understand what science has to say about Antarctica that means that all the answers are convenient lies? If you've read the science, you know the answers. It is not the fault of science that you can't comprehend those answers.

  6. Don Seagrave says:


  7. Emily Truman says:

    I think Antarctica is Atlanta because Antarctica was connected with all the country's. we know there are pyramids there and there is a underground base. We also know that millions of years ago there were trees rivers flowers and ? insects. Our governments are trying to stop civilians going there. This is wrong because nobody owns Antarctica so why are we not aloud to go there?? Presidents prime ministers have all been going down, there so why?? And they are not going there for the climate issues!!!! So many questions and no answers????

  8. Look people the elite are scared and they are building their selves homes because they know that the truth is about to come out

  9. Mother Earth or Middle Earth, one reaps and one sows……I'm thinking we are being very fucking supportive without being told. We pay the Bills, How?………..A Steady stream of perpetual debt that creates just enough negative energy so balance is not achieved, which prevents reconciliation of Accounts. No one can change a person, only the environment can change which could facilitate a change. Those at the top have fucked this up and those who want us to change will change our environment so a balance and reconciliation can happen or we may experience wastage and/or write off, resetting the System.

  10. Maybe if you had turned your phone off while you were making this video, I could believe you.

  11. John, The North Pole is warmer because under the north polar ice is an ocean (The Arctic Ocean), and ocean currents constantly bring warmer water in from the south. That sort of heating system can't happen for a continent (Antarctica).

  12. Jordin Hay says:

    A really great video on hollow Earth. Nazis migrated to Argentina but the best ones came later to USA (including Mengele) where they were given new identities and the best jobs in science and government projects. Hitler and Eva had spent rest of their lives in Argentina with other high ranking officials; everything was an organised deal.

  13. TTstone616 says:


  14. I'll say this we believe what we are told if a million people say the earth is flat we believe it's flat.if a million people say it's a Shere we believe it's a sphere.People lie it's a natural part of Humanity.

  15. David Doyle says:

    I ssooo wanted to be informed by this video and I was sssooo not informed. I stopped at the 6:07 point because I could not take the cluelessness. The completely lack of information on the basics of history. Magellan did not follow the equator around the Earth. He did not sail up the Amazon River, take his ships apart, climb the Andes and rebuilt his ships only to do the same in Asia, India, and Africa.
    This is not a small point. Taking a ship apart and rebuilding it was a way of moving across land masses. For example, during the Californian Gold Rush, many people build a boat, sailed to Nigaragua, turned the boats into rafts, floated across Nigaragua, and rebuilt the boats to finish the last leg of the journey along the Pacific Coast.

  16. John, thanks for talking about this. Is good to point out that we really don't know what the hell our "leaders" are actually doing. This is just one more reason we should reconsider allowing them to have power at all. Whatever this is and whatever "They" have planned for us couldn't happen without that huge coercive club we call Government.

  17. mr. martin says:

    john if can tell me are you a flat earth.

  18. TSATrash says:

    Rumor has it, we discovered 21000 year old technology back in the 90's that is way more advanced then anything we have now deep underground. With the coming world monetary collapse coming, this tech will be forced out to save the world economy. Possible Black Projects (Deep Under Military Bases) are probably being done to keep it from the public. Deep waters that run at 60 -70 degrees under the ice. So very likely, there is a huge underground base that could easily be supported with the warm waters. I was drafted for secret black projects.

  19. Jahe Hill says:

    I'm weak as fuck! That nigga Byrd got his clock cleaned, by Nazi's USO & UFO's drones!

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