The Antichrist Incorporated – A Must Read


Let us dig down into history and find out how this system of antichrist emerged. What are the attributes of this system and how we can save ourselves and lives of others from this age of deception? I am sure that for most of you, the historical evidence revealed in the article will be shocking and future prophesies will be frightening to some extent but I am sure that this will help you in understanding a whole new perspective of the system of antichrist. So let’s begin. Welcome to the Antichrist incorporated.

by: Haris Mumtaz | United States of Islam

It was during my MBA studies, when I first introduced to the “Maslow’s hierarchy model of human motivation”. It was the first time when I took hierarchy as a concept which to my inadequate wisdom over humanity, is an integral part of our society as far as social classification and human modeling is concerned. It became clear to me later that if you study symbology, hierarchy represents nothing but a pyramid which according to me and other so called conspiracy theorists has a lot to do with today’s world. As a symbolic model, hierarchy represent divisions in the human lives, with respect to today’s institutional world, popular of which are the economical, political, social and religious institutes and so many other small fallen apples from this bigger tree of socialization that has been imposed on our society and we are forced to live in this controlled environment which we call “Global World”.


Furthermore, if u look at a pyramid, the first thing you will notice except for its triangular shape, a pyramid has levels, an upper level, a lower level and levels in between depending upon the convolution of the institutes and society. Now what’s important for us is to look around and see how these institutional and structural hierarchies are becoming a part of our daily lives making them immoral and unethical with every passing second and how we are getting compliant to it in name of globalization. Why immoral or unethical, because these hierarchies are not in place for the betterment of society or for whole human race instead, they are in place to create inequalities within us to keep humans away from each other and from their true creator.

Resulting from these inequalities, emerges the concept of “Global Elite” where a small group of people or families becomes so powerful that they sit on top of the hierarchy while distributing little wealth to the rest on different levels depending upon their potential and influence and thus creating a powerful mechanism to control, manipulate and if required annihilate them from the pages of history and global surface. On a global scale, few families have such colossal power that they can create any materialistic desire and present it to the world as the only option of survival but more so it results to be a part of their secret agenda for global dominance.

It took me sometime to understand the agenda of today’s global elite where these corrupt and power hungry people on the planet have taken over the work of their ancestors who were planning for over 2000 years to create a geopolitical society based on materialistic values and on the basis of that, gain global control but this does not end here. After creating this “global business corporation”, there has to be a CEO or a president that will run the corporation and who will take this agenda to maximum and who is yet to come.

Right now I can tell you that the system is in place and working for quite some time and the creators of that system are waiting for their CEO, president to take control of his position and in return give those creators and protectors of this system … The Golden Age of King Solomon, salvation through Jesus (PBUH), Luciferian Immortality etc. Can you guess who this upcoming ruler of materialism is?

Welcome to today’s world. Welcome to the system of Antichrist, Dajjal, false messiah, the imposter, whatever you call him and whatever the name of his system, whether it be global dominance, New world order, call it anything, but this is happening today as I mentioned. In front of our very own eyes and we are spiritually blind to such extent that we are unable to see or understand this. According to Islam, its important to see and understand, what your enemy is up to and there is so much today to understand his system as how they are planning to impose NWO in the 21st century, what measure they have taken and the most important of all, why they seem to be in a hurry in implementing their agenda especially after 911? Is there something they know in advance which we don’t and what could that be?

To understand the system of Antichrist, we need to analyze the penetration and manipulation of satanic elite class (followers of Antichrist) in today’s economic, social, political and religious institute and how they are creating different hierarchies and levels to hijack their true identity and personification for the implementation of their ultimate agenda which is to keep humans away from the purified stream of spirituality and make them so much dependant on crude materialistic things whose existence and availability will stay in their partial control. By controlling these materialistic attributes of life, Antichrist can claim first to be a prophet of new era, then GOD and those who wont follow him will suffer massively or die as he will make humans endure for materialistic needs already controlled by him and his forces.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has given us a picture of that time in different Ahadit of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim according to which, those will be the times of deception for mankind and it will be hard even for the true believers of Islam to resist against the evil in those times, but Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also gives us the ultimate solution and key to success to resist against the age of antichrist and that is to revert back to spirituality, back to ALLAH (SWT). I believe that the time has come to understand the system of antichrist, to understand how these institutional hierarchies came into existence and who is behind it, how they are paving the way for their false messiah and what they want to achieve until the time when the false messiah (antichrist) will come into existence and live for 37 days before Jesus Christ (PBHU) will kill him in Ash-Sham near the eastern door of Lud (Bab-e-Lud) in Palestine.

Let us dig down into history and find out how this system of antichrist emerged. What are the attributes of this system and how we can save ourselves and lives of others from this age of deception? I am sure that for most of you, the historical evidence revealed in the article will be shocking and future prophesies will be frightening to some extent but I am sure that this will help you in understanding a whole new perspective of the system of antichrist. So let’s begin. Welcome to the Antichrist incorporated.

Economical Hierarchy:

(Al-Baqarah CH 2: Verse 275)

Those who devour usury will not stand except as stand one whom the Evil one by his touch Hath driven to madness. That is because they say: “Trade is like usury,” but Allah hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for Allah (to judge); but those who repeat (The offence) are companions of the Fire: They will abide therein (for ever).

Capitalist Conspirators always begin their story with the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC who was in direct confrontation with the money lender of Roman Empire. Needless to mention but many of these money lenders were Jews. Julius Caesar banned the practice of usury in the empire and transferred the control of credit away from the money lenders into the hands of the state. As a result, Rome flourished until Caesar was murdered and control of credit went back into the hands of the money lenders. And this is how it all began. It’s hard to find evidence in the pages of history that when was the first time one took money or wealth from another with a legal pledge of returning it back with some interest over it and who was that evil genius who developed the money lending standards on the basis of which he can ask or regulate the interest over the money loaned. It’s very much plausible that the concept of percentage might have come from money lenders, which is now in use in every part of our daily life. After Caesar, come Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and his confrontation with the money lenders which is written in “Book of Matthew” in a famous account of history worth mentioning here:

(Book of Matthew CH 21:12)

Then Jesus went into the temple, threw out everyone who was selling and buying in the temple, and overturned the moneychangers’ tables and the chairs of those who sold doves.

It was the Passover, and both Jewish and non-Jewish pilgrims alike from all over the world would come to Jerusalem to seek after God at the Temple. They would come marching through the hills singing and rejoicing of the great things that God has done. It was a wonderful time of joy and festivity. Once they arrived, the foreigners would come to the Court of the Gentiles and they would be confronted with the “money changers.” When Jesus saw them He made a whip of cords and drove them all out of the Temple and said “Do not make My Father’s house a house of merchandise!”

The Temple was in some sense the national bank. It was a great public treasury with vaults containing immense stores of private wealth. These deposits never sat idle, but were loaned at high rates of interest.

After this incident the money lenders (Pharisees) decided to repeat the history once again because for them, Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was a threat to their business as mentioned in their scriptures.

(Book of Matthew CH 26:3-4)
Then the chief priests and the elders of the people assembled in the palace of the high priest, whose name was Caiaphas, and they plotted to arrest Jesus in some sly way and kill him.

(Book of Mark CH 3:6)

Then the Pharisees went out and began to plot with the Herodians how they might kill Jesus.

They however, didn’t succeed in their evil plan of killing Prophet Jesus but ALLAH (SWT) made it appear to them as if they did, as mentioned in Quran.

(An-Nisaa CH 4: Verse 157)

That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.;- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not.

And the list goes on…

In order for these money lenders to prosper and sustain themselves they created an evil plan. For this plan no matter how many souls were murdered or taken into exile, they didn’t care, for their agenda was more important and superior than human lives. No matter if you are a humanitarian, or a movie director like Aaron Russo and John Todd and it won’t matter at all even if you are a president of United States like Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. They won’t spare you if you came in the way of the system.

Now we should understand why ALLAH (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBHU) said that the only way to deal with these people is with war. Islam, the religion of mercy and peace is asking us to initiate war on the money lenders or usurers. Islam is asking you to start war with the antichrist and his system and we know that war is the only solution of this disaster which has been imposed on earth since the very beginning.

The modern form of usury system is our latest economic and financial model which has been imposed on us since 1914 when Federal Reserve Bank was established. By monopolizing the money supply and charging interest over it, then by introducing the system of taxation and making it a law, what will you achieve? Control over people society, governments and countries by submitting them to the system of Antichrist. This stream of interest based money circulates across the system through small private banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges and other financial institutions which comes lower down in the hierarchy. Likewise, countries using this interest based money for international trade automatically inject this virus on a global scale in no time. Institutes like IMF, World Bank are responsible to keep this virus in circulation across the borders of US into every continent and keep everyone intact.

This hierarchal distribution and regulating of world’s desirable global commodities under the regulation of paper currency which has no backing at all, seems like the last nail in coffin. With usury in power and no real value behind the currencies of the world, the banking cartel is now in a position to manipulate the economic structure of countries across the world where by changing simple mechanics of money supply, they can create inflation, poverty, social injustices, riots, political revolutions, global conflicts, and wars which end up changing the fate of the nations and sometimes, international boundaries. This hierarchy is very isolated yet revealed, functional yet wedged, modern yet came out of the dark ages of the history. One needs to understand that this institution is the most powerful aspect of the system of Antichrist, so much so that he himself has decided to show his eye on the strongest currency of the world.

Political Hierarchy:

Despite of how many contradictions and denials, it is a known fact that the world as we know today is an upshot of a devilish memo that was first presented somewhere in 1860s known as the “Protocols of learned elders of Zion”. These protocols are nothing but a detailed version of the minutes of a meeting which was attended by a secret group of Jews who used to call themselves as the “Elders of Zion” and the agenda of the meeting was to achieve global dominance.

In the beginning of this meeting, they (Elders) described themselves as politicians. They believed that these protocols can only be implemented properly if there is a political force under their command or if they become a supreme political force by themselves. One way or the other, the purpose of these protocols was to initiate the struggle for NWO and implement it before the end of 20th century by first creating and then using a global political structure for the sole purpose of serving their interests and which is what we are seeing in our times today. This unseen trap of choices has given us hierarchal philosophies and ideologies like democracy, dictatorship, monarchy and so on.

The real face behind all this is the face of Antichrist who is watching us from some deserted island, spying and confirming that no matter what people choose in terms of political leadership, they should fall into the same trap every time. Either it’s the Republican or Democratic Party, left wing or right wing, socialist or activist, any form of political structure has been placed like a brick of cards, hierarchal levels, on top of which global elite are sitting, influencing the political leaders or removing them from their throne by creating a national revolt or revolution.

There are no doubts that this is a financial driven structure where they spend money on both sides to create a political equilibrium which will benefit their agenda and provide them the ultimate decision-making power that can change the course of a political structure of countries in no time. Society runs by the people and people are getting run by the decision of those who like to call themselves as political elite. They are the regulators of today’s democracy and dictatorship which for them is nothing but a different choice of words for different set of people with different set of minds depending upon their level of education, materialism and demand.

Their geopolitical agenda for last 100 years is to implement their western political doctrine after destroying the ultimate political structure that belongs to Muslim (Ottoman Empire) and keep on changing the doctrine with respect to their requirements. Have you ever noticed that whenever America got involved in Afghanistan, Pakistan was under the rule of a military dictator? It occurred twice and is that a coincidence? We all know about the level of US involvement in Afghanistan through Pakistan on both of the occasions and we know for sure that what price we had to pay for this.

Even if we look at the political system of Muslim countries where you have a political monarchy like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Royal Family has strictly prohibited any criticism on their current political system not only because that is the threat to their throne but also they are more loyal to Americans as compared to the rest of Muslim Ummah. Just because they have been threatened by CIA that if they won’t follow their command, they will be replaced by another political system but it doesn’t matter for the common man because the agenda will remain the same, only different faces if these don’t follow the instructions … i.e. the protocols.

We have seen European countries joining hands to form European Union (EU). We are living in the times where African and South American union have become a reality now and people are now talking about North American Union which seriously, is not just a conspiracy. Today we are hearing whispers about building an Asian Union; all the outcomes of a political agenda of global dominance which you won’t see more often on the main stream media. These evil plans are being made and discussed on forums like CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), The Bilderberg Group and the most controversial in all, The Bohemian Groove, where the most powerful politicians of the world, with the support and backing of the most influential people on the planet, redraw world maps, create war plans, create unknown terrorists threatening mechanism and other devilish plans to establish their NWO and pave the way for the coming of the false Messiah, The Antichrist.

Social Hierarchy:

If you have studied sociology as a subject in your educational life where you have been introduced to the western books on this subject, written by western sociologist professors and authors (not to mention most of them are Atheist), Congratulations! You have been indoctrinated by the army of antichrist to believe in the social hierarchal models. Believe it or not, your concepts have been changed without your notice and now you are working towards the achievement of their goal, treating their thinking patterns as your own.

This is serious stuff. Where you are against the system of today’s global elite but indirectly working for them, knowing deep down that this is wrong but also believing that you alone can’t do anything or you can’t create a societal change. Flash back! Sociology tells you the same that you alone are no worth at all. It’s your community, your social circle that represents you and that is how humans are connected to each other, dependable and responsible for doing what is necessary for the society to flourish. The moment you believe in getting representatives of the society rather than representing the society, you fall into the social hierarchy of the army of antichrist.

You can disagree with me on all accounts. But the reason why your society has given you much in return, money, status etc, is to keep your mouth shut, you don’t want to hear anything bad about this materialistic domination on human beings because its working great for you and you are getting the best out of it. But how long you are going to think about your own self?  How long will you keep on praising individualism rather than collectivism?

Now You think you are enlightened enough to see the real picture, where you can see easily how human beings are getting structured in the socioeconomic model of today’s world, finding themselves attached to one another in one big global society on the basis of money, technology, culture and so on. The term global elite is the strongest evidence of social hierarchy where according to a very reserve estimate, 13 most powerful families in the world possess the 60% of the total wealth of world’s economy, the rest is distributed amongst different social classes mainly like upper class, middle class and lower class.

This classification is however, just on the division of wealth and yet there are other tools like media, education, internet, through which you can put a hierarchical model over a society. This social hierarchy is everywhere where you see people in a city starving to death and at the same time people from that same city are wasting food like they have too much of it to handle. It’s where you see people living in mansions and huge buildings while most of the people from the same city are living in slums below the line of poverty.

If you look into the history you will find this evidence on the basis of cultural superiority or racism; the civilized generation from the renaissance verses the remains of the crusades. Either you are the victim of man-made Jewish holocaust or a real unheard hero of Algiers’s war of independence against the French … there is a difference amongst all of them and that difference is going to give them a status, tagging them to some social class which will become their identity.

I am talking about the division of world on the basis of super powers, second world and third world countries on the basis of wealth, resources, technology and so on. Always remember that Satan has no heavens to offer to their followers and the only heaven it has is this world which according to our Muslim’s belief, is just the test of faith, just because it’s full of materialism. Once you are into materialisms and fall in some social category, that is where the Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” comes in. Where you fight for your social right, you start a revolution for nationalism and you end up blaming people on the basis of their race and ethnicity.

In 70’s CIA was involved in distributing drugs to their youth especially Afro-American black young man to divert their rebellion against the US policy in Vietnam War but this was not the only outcome they wanted. Instead, they wanted to create a social disorder to provoke the hatred of white men towards the Afro-American people and as a result create a controlled society on the basis of racism, effects of which we witness even today.

By creating this social disorder they can generate channels of creating chaos in a society by e.g. labeling them social right movements which end up either in French revolution or the First World War They can keep the world away from Muslims, building hatred for them by labeling them as terrorists and also keep the Muslims away from each other on the basis of ethnicity and racism (also religion but that will be covered later in the article). The idea is not only to keep humans ambushed in a hierarchal social structure, what’s more important is to manufacture proper tools to engage them in a continued struggle that not only will create a continuous disorder in the society but will also invoke hatred for each other, thinking on an individualistic manner rather than a collective one. Even though our children will be learning proverbs like ‘united we stand divided we fall’, their beliefs will be shattered once they’ll fall into this hierarchy of socialism. Hence this axiom will be ready once again for the next generation to learn because like previous ones, this generation has failed in implementation despite of its understanding.

Religious Hierarchy:

This is the last but the most important institution of all where the antichrist forces are trying very hard to destroy it or make a hierarchical structure out of the most practiced religions of the world.

In 1875, a Satanist by the name of “Helena Petrovna Blavatsky” gave a new concept of spiritual hierarchy called “Theosophy” and founded the “Theosophical Society” in New York. According to her teachings and beliefs, every religion in the world has some portion of truth which can help humans to improve their spirituality and live in peace and harmony. This message of peace and harmony was given by someone who wrote a book called “The Secret Doctrine” in which she mentioned Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god multiple times. The hidden agenda behind the teachings of theosophy is to look for the truth in every religion and on the basis of that, create a spiritual hierarchy where the religion with the most truth should stand on top and the rest to follow. Its not difficult to understand that which religion they are planning to put on top of that hierarchy, by creating a human race who is more towards materialism and who believes in logic and believes in what they see from their own eyes. It’s very easy to implement the religion of materialism on the top of that hierarchy; this will be the religion of antichrist … the religion called Satanism.

The creation of religion hierarchy was started long ago as very thoughtfully mentioned by a well renowned religious scholar and theologian, George Moore. He said that the beginning of good starts with the beginning of evil and wherever good has spread, evil was one step ahead of it. If we look into the history of some monotheistic religions only, we can find much evidence of the spiritual manipulation and wrong teachings, where books were rewritten, oral laws were produced, satanic rituals were made part of the religion, prophets were supposedly killed by them and prophets are now worshipped as god while the teachings of that prophet are not to be seen anywhere.

(Book of John CH 14:15)

“If you love me you will keep my commandments.” Says Jesus to us today.

But this is not the case, the followers of Christ are not following his teachings why because for them law was nailed to the cross some 2000 years ago and from that point onwards there is no end. I don’t want to go into the details as this is something related to comparative religion studies and there is a whole lot more to it. What I can tell that the forces of antichrist has done really well in order to manipulate the Abrahamic religions and the forces of evil are still working against the forces of ALLAH (SWT).

This monotheistic religion terminology itself is a way of segregating the unique religion from ALLAH (SWT). What we have to understand that the word Judaism is not mentioned in the TORAH and wasn’t used by Prophet Moses in his life, means he didn’t acknowledge any religion with the name of ‘Judaism’. His religion was the religion to submit to the will of ALLAH (SWT). This is exactly what the case with Prophet Jesus is where the word Christianity or Christian was first used so many years after the death of Prophet Jesus, he had never heard of it or let alone introduce it … surprised? Well it’s the truth.

His religion like Prophet Moses was same as to submit to the will of ALLAH (SWT) and the Arabic one word meaning to the submission to the will of ALLAH (SWT) is known as ISLAM … surprised? … You should be, because our brains are programmed to such extent that it’s hard to take these things into account. The tolerance of our religion is to expect and respect other religions. The similarities however in the beliefs of all the religions in the world are tools to create segregations and once you can do that, it is easy for you to plot them in a religions hierarchy. This is one major aspect of their game and this is what they are doing for the past 5000 years.

The best example of religious manipulation in today’s world is a claim by a group of people who call themselves as ‘GOD’s chosen people’ and who declare their right to live in the holy land. Why? because it’s written in their Bible. ALLAH (SWT) has promised them that a Messiah will come amongst their people, who will take them back to the holy land, liberate the holy land and rule the world from Jerusalem and that Messiah will take these righteous people of the holy land, into a golden era which will be similar to the era where their ancestors had enjoyed in the times of Prophet David and Solomon.

The illegal occupation of the land of Palestine by Zionist Jews is an outcome of that because when ALLAH (SWT) sent Prophet Jesus as their Messiah, they rejected him and they claimed that they had killed him already. When ALLAH (SWT) made it appear to them that he’s dead as mentioned in the Quran, their belief was confirmed that he was not the real Messiah because holy land was still under the rule of Romans and Jews are not experiencing anything close to the golden era of David and Solomon. This proved that they had to still wait for their true Messiah which will be none other than the Antichrist. Is that a coincidence that ALLAH (SWT) will be sending the same Messiah yet again to kill this imposter and fulfill his promise? Wouldn’t that be great that this real Messiah will come as a Muslim, as an UMMATI of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This is what ALLAH (SWT) is planning and verily, ALLAH (SWT) is the best of all planners.

The reason why I am discussing this institution in last is because of my belief that the above discussed hierarchies are well in placed and functional in our societies, but this is the only institution which is still not ready to be put under hierarchy because there are more than One Billion people whose beliefs are much stronger and real, that they are not ready to give up as yet. They will fight till the last drop of their blood. They believe in ALLAH (SWT), believe in all the holy revelations and His messengers that he sent from Adam till the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his last revelation Quran. They call themselves as Muslims. And they follow the religion of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, David, and Solomon called ISLAM.

This is where the Antichrist incorporated has always failed and that’s why they have decided to kill this original belief from its roots and to replace it with the original sin. This is the reason why for the last 30 years or so Muslim countries are more or less in a state of war, be it UN forces killing innocent civilians in Bosnia using peace dealing services as a cover, the gulf war era, never ending war in Afghanistan and Kashmir, either by direct confirmation or using cold war method.

These elite rulers of the world are making sure that they should get rid of these believers who are not going to fall under their self-created religious hierarchy and after 9/11 it seems like they are in a hurry. They have been doing this for so long and patiently that they are now sick of the delays. They are fed up of witnessing their plans being failed at every front to destroy Islam and now they have resorted to attack us Muslims from every front possible, whether its United Nations, NATO forces, Media warfare and if we talk about current Pakistani situation the even presence of Black water and U.S. marine bases. This will be the final war and its here.

Soon the time will come for the decisive battle and ALLAH (SWT) Himself is asking you to become the part of it.

(Al-Tauba CH 9: Verses 13, 14)

Will ye not fight people who violated their oaths, plotted to expel the Messenger, and took the aggressive by being the first (to assault) you? Do ye fear them? Nay, it is Allah Whom ye should more justly fear, if ye believe! : – Fight them, and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you (to victory) over them, heal the breasts of Believers,


The time has come for the ultimate showdown, no matter how good or bad, the conditions of these institutional hierarchies are in the eyes of these global elites. They seem to be in a rush and have launched a massive warfare against the rebellions of their ultimate agenda of world dominance.

Islam and its followers are particularly in the line of fire these days and either by eliminating them or by manufacturing consent, the army of antichrist is getting ready to unleash their ultimate leader to come and rule the world through materialism from the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem which they are planning to build over Al-Aqsa Mosque.

As mentioned already, these above discussed hierarchies are in place and functional and ready to be merged in one big hierarchy of “New World Order” where you’ll have one religion, one society, one government, one army, one state and where few powerful leaders (or families) will rule the world in the shadow of antichrist. Depending on the hierarchy, this powerful group of people would like to be called with different names. Some well-heard names being the global elite, the politicians, zions, knight templars, freemasons, the illuminated ones, zionist, neo-cons, evangelists, anything but no matter who they are and what name they have, their agenda remains the same and they all make up the army of Antichrist.

Even though Islam as a religion has failed to empower any hierarchy over it but if we look at the conditions of today’s Muslim world, it seems like they have accepted materialism as their new religion and they have fallen into the hierarchy of today’s global elite. By using above institutions of money, politics, war and religious manipulation, the army of antichrist have divided Muslim Ummah into 50 states and no one amongst them is ready to get united and stand against their common enemy. The stage has been set and the countdown has begun for “The Antichrist Corporation” to be fully operational. The army of antichrist (Dajjal) has almost completely paved the way for their false Messiah to come and rule the world for the rest of the 37 days. The water in the River Galilee is getting dry with every passing second and today’s world is at the verge of a Third World War which most of us believe that it has already begun since 9/11.

In the end, I want you to confront yourself in the mirror about how you really feel about this time and the time to come. Do you feel unlucky to be born, living in this point in time where so much is happening against you which you can’t handle, or do you think of it as a blessing in disguise that ALLAH (SWT) has chosen you for these difficult times and given you an opportunity an easy way out to do something for your people, for your country and most importantly for the ultimate faith that makes you submit to the will of ALLAH (SWT) 5 times a day. It would be difficult but try to put logic aside for a moment and try to get the answer of this from your heart. I am sure that there is a hint of spirituality still inside us all. Ask yourself.

(Al Imran CH 3: Verse 157)

And if ye are slain, or die, in the way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all they could amass.

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  1. GOLD says:

    The Bilderberg Group! how there not in jail is a crime!

  2. billwalker says:

    Shouldn’t the writer of the above be out on a ledge somewhere ?

  3. Pay attention says:

    The reason for all the Arab wars explained in Gen. 16:11/12
    And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold , thou [art] with child , and shalt bear a son , and shalt call his name Ishmael ; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.

    Gen 16:12 And he will be a wild man ; his hand [will be] against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

  4. Patricia Cokel says:

    I find Pakalert Press very interesting but the fact that the writers of the articles are so anti-Semitic makes me suspicious of everything else that is said.

  5. Richard L says:

    Jesus was not of Religion He is of His Father’s Word.
    The only Word.
    Therefor we can only reach God through Jesus Christ.
    Ever hear of the Holy Trinity?
    One and the same Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end.

  6. Maccy says:

    Scripture seems to require us to use our own God-given mind and heart…
    In that the propensity for blindly following any religious and popular interpretations, subdue the natural spirit inherent to an inquiring mind and heart..

    The commonsense in the scriptural statement : “” Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling””; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become “”blameless and harmless””, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation Philippians 2:12-16

    It will not be sufficient an explanation to our creator that our thoughts and actions in “our opinion are accurate”, claiming our strict abidance to our religious interpretation, that was handed down to us, that at the end of the day by men.
    Scripture is clear in the spiritual requirements :

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22

    “In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest:
    Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother” (1 John 3:10)

    “You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit” (Matthew 7:16-17

    “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35)

    While you may not all hold to bible scripture, the commonsense in these statements cannot be denied, these are but a small handful,. We are each responsible for our own actions and must stand on our own two feet, and search for the course of appropriate action within any given situation, and not be swayed by those around us, we will be judged on our individual course of actions, blaming a chosen religion in that day will not be a viable excuse,. We are responsible, us, each one for conducting our own thorough inquiry, at all levels, everything, however painful that may be,

  7. antiNWO says:

    this is perfect … but i am ashamed that people are commenting on an altogether different tangent … we need to work together and join forces against the NWO and the army of antichrist but instead we are fighting over religion. This is exactly what antichrist want and for sure he is winning … such a grief

  8. Thomas says:




    REVELATION 13:7 ,



  9. Thomas says:

    Just keep doing what you are doing fools i am not easly trapped in your stupidity

    trying to Defend Islam with lies and deception for that is what islam is its the , ANTICHRIST RELIGION , Because the people who are not muslim must be killed or they most exept islam and pay Jizah , if not they will be killed
    special Christians And Jews are the Target , so dont come to me to fool me Islam is A religion of peace , who is The imam magdi who comes to bring in the seven year peace treaty , While the bible says its The Antichrist

    so dont come to me with Taqiyya ,




    according the hadith and bukhari ,

    mohammed was A warrior and killed many people with his army of muslim warriors raping women and doing war booty ,

    so tell me what is The diffrents between Mohammed who was a mass murder married a

    9 year old child and had sex with her while she was nine , this sounds like a pedofile to me , because the hadith says it that he married this child and had sex with her while she was nine , and not only that mohammed raped many women Captured them for








  10. Argument dismay, inconvenient, unpleasant, unhappy but revealing and liberating, the dragon is Satan or hell from the sky it sink into the sea should be seen in Planet X, Marduk, Nibiru and spirit of the Annunaki Anunnaki or if you prefer, and, in the underworld of the planet Earth is at the center of the Earth where they are condemned and relegated to “the spirits of hell.”

    It seems as if the earth was burning under their feet into the earth and over our heads …
    (Moreover, it seems that the Earth itself is literally breaking into pieces visually starting from outside.)

    Some truth until yesterday we were asked to temporal needs of the difficulty of understanding only in symbols and parables, and that only now, there will be given away the veil of time and of time to know and understand everything OPEN.

    Have no fear, with the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God and Jesus Christ our Lord, we are presented with their care and protection from evil, us children of God, we have no reason to be afraid.

    Intuition or whatever, we’ll see …
    For me, I see it as a deduction.
    I wish the Lord.

    Argomento da sgomento, scomodo, spiacevole, infelice ma rivelatore e liberatorio, il dragone ossia satana, viene dallo sprofondo del mare del cielo esso va inquadrato nel pianeta X, marduk, nibiru e nello spirito degli annunaki o anunnaki che dir si voglia, nonché, negli inferi del pianeta Terra al centro stesso della Terra dove sono condannati e relegati ” gli spiriti dell’inferno “.
    Pare, come se bruciasse la terra sotto i piedi, dentro la terra e sopra la nostra testa…
    ( oltre tutto, pare che la Terra stessa si stia in più parti letteralmente spaccando anche visivamente a cominciare dal suo esterno. )
    Alcune verità fino a ieri ci sono state poste per necessità temporali di difficoltà di comprensione solo in simboli e parabole e che solo da adesso, ci sarà dato, tolto il velo dei Tempi e del Tempo conoscere e comprendere ogni cosa APERTAMENTE.

    Non abbiate paura, con la Santissima Vergine Maria Madre di DIO e Gesù Cristo nostro Signore, noi siamo posti a loro cura e protezione dal male, noi Figli di DIO, non abbiamo motivo di avere paura.
    Intuizione o altro, si vedrà…
    Per me, la vedo come deduzione.
    Lo voglia il Signore.

  11. IH8zionists says:

    Maybe today’s Arabs are cowards and will not face the Wests aggression but Afghans are by far the strongest in faith and we are winning the war against them.Pakistan ,Saudi Arabia,Iran will not help, may the Lord destroy them all for their betrayal.Egypt not helping Palestine,Lebanon not. Helping no one but themselves.what happen to these so called Muslims?may the zionists successfuly kill all of them for there is no room in heaven for these cowards.

  12. This is for Mr. Thomas, first of all he should get his facts straight, it is the freemasons and the illuminati which are running the new world order and causing all the murders and mass executions, they have weapons such as Atomic and Hydrogen bomb they have already used an atom bomb twice on a civillian population and are now preaching de-nuclearisation so that only they can keep control over this technology and usurp the resources of all other nations and mantain there hegemony over the world economy, it is these nations such as USA, UK, and ISRAEL which are the real terrorists, they are the ones which control the media and brain wash people like THOMAS into thinking that their government is full of saints and the muslims are the enemies, we are defending our homeland and our right to live and that is our right what gives you the right to bomb our homes and enter our countries, it is the jews and christians governments that are the real terrorists and owning weapons of mass destruction and not only stockpiling them but using them, now they have developed a new weapon called HAARP, go read about it and see its footage on youtube, open your eyes and realize who the real villian is, unfortunately its too late, see you on the battle field THOMAS, it ignoramus Americans who have no idea how Israel manipulates their wealth and resources for its personal gains, read this…-”king’s-torah”/, and this and this
    and than come lecture us over JIHAD.

    • Thomas says:

      Hello mister Shahzad ali khan , i agree with you about the illuminati and freemasons and haarp ; what you have saith but not about the Muslims , muslims are also Terrorists but not all of course ….. why because the Quran Instructed , to kill jahouds ( jews ) and Mushkarin ( christians ) and Kaffirs , dont come to me with your statements about Taqiyya , i dont say you are doing This ” but the problem is in your own book about the Jahouds and Christians and infidels , here is one example .

      fight those who believe not in allah nor the lastday nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by allah and his messenger ( Mohammed ) nor acknowledge the religion of truth ( islam ) even if they are the people of the book ( christians and jews ) until they pay the jizya with willing submission , and feel themselves subdued , sura 9:29 …

      sura 9:5 fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them and seize them beleaguer them and lie and wait for them in evry strategy of war but if they repent and esablish regular prayers and pay jizya ( tax ) then open up the way for them ,

      And another thing why is it being saith in the Quran about the injeel and Torah Old testimony that it is been given to musa and Isa , and that isa is the word of god ,

      my only encourage is what muslims must do is asking jesus for wisdom and pray to him and ask him who he realy is , for if you compare a Quran with a Bible , you will notice that god was and is in the flesh in his only begotten son , For The Quran makes the statements that isa is concieved by the Spirit of god in the womb of the virgin mary , and that a spirit proceed from him Isa , Jesus and that he is called the son of man 8 times in The Quran this word means Son of humans , son of god , but the Quran denieh,s god dont have partners and dont have a son , well tell me this how is it possible then that jesus peformed Miracles , and all prophets from the Bible but Mohammed not can you explain this ? Because The Quran says That isa Jesus says that A Prophet would come after him while According to the Bible Jesus gives a warning about many false prophets that after him should come , so read and understand to compare the Quran and Bible read them both , and you shall see the truth if you ask jesus , for if you will study even history you shall see what the Old testimony is all about , example

      ( Prophecy )
      Psalm 83:1:7 , keep not thou silence O God hold not thy peace and be not still O god for Lo thine enemies make a tumult and they that hate thee have lifted up the head they have taken craftly councel againts thy hidden ones they have said come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance for they have consulted together with one consent they are confederate against thee the tabernacles of edom and the Ishmaelites of moab and the hagarenes gebal and ammon and amalek the philistines with the inhabitans of tyre ….

      i can only say do your research mister Shahzad ali Khan , about the Bukhari and Hadith and Bible and Quran and History who jesus is and who muhammed realy is , for the Bible speaks not about Mohammed as the Quran Claims but as A false prophet it is what it is it are not my words but jesus his own words that many should come after him who would be false prophets , you can only understand this if you going to read the Hadith and Bukhari , then you shall see the true identity of who Mohammed realy is , No offense , and another thing my Government what you spoke of is not full of saints the only true saints are the ones who obey the Commanments of jesus , love your neighbor as your selfs bless them who persecuted you and love your enemies bless them who curse you ,
      these are jesus his own words , for we wrestle not againts flesh and blood but againts principalities againts powers againts the rulers of the darkness of this world againts spiritual wickedness in high places ,

      so you would not see me on the battle field , there is only one jihad againsts Demons and Satan not againts humans as muslims do over century,s , Starting a holy war againts Israel , Example The President of Iran Achminjad wants to Bomb Israel , and all those Muslims who hating Jews they have been persecuted over Century,s and still this happens to day , Prophecy Psalm 83 , its History Mister Shahzad
      do your research , anyway sallam allah cum inshallah

  13. Xavi says:

    This is exactly why author wrote this article for us to come out of these religious argues and focuses on our common enemy which is the antichrist but we are not understanding the message rather then busy in spreading ours and denying others. I ask you all, don’t you have any religious tolerance and is this what your religion tells you? Just because of religious intolerance amongst us the global leaders have implemented a law over us whom they considered as supreme law (more supreme then GOD himself) and now we are forced in to perform “Shirk” just because we cant co-exist. Remember Antichrist has no power except power of materialism which we are strengthening with our deeds and getting astray from religion

  14. Thomas says:

    John 11:23:26 . John 5:21 . John 5:26 . John 5:29 . Resurrection of life Heaven , Ressurection of Dammnation Hell . if you have hate for humans hell if you murder hell ETC ETC ETC . Galatians 5:19:21 .

  15. Thomas says:

    Look on food stamps the bar code what do we see 3 stripes with no number this hidden number is 666 . for now in supermarkets we can buy food by some cashiers with money by some other cashiers only with our credit card , Satan is so clever to get us used to it that we shall live in a non cashless society and The Antichrisr will forse people to take a mark in the for head or in there right arm or left arm , Example bajah beach club in Rotterdam the netherlands they have all ready a RFID ChIP now its only as a volunteer , latter in the future very soon maby 2012 WE shall never know but i know all ready what will happen many are Sacred to die , while jesus is the living ressurection and the life God brought jesus back from the death when he hanged there on the cross , so shall jesus bring us back to life a new body in heaven , For jesus saith in Matthew 10:28 .

    • Richard L says:

      Also in retail outlets and video shops in the Netherlands they use thumb print scans.
      In retail outlets the workers open the cash register with thumb print scan.
      In the video shop it was introduced a few years ago as the newest time saving way to have your dvd’s and all booked with no cash hassles.
      Subtle or what?
      I saw the thumprint scanner left the video shop and have never returned.
      Thru public transport cards being the only form of ticket available in Amst. Rottrdm and other big Dutch cities it is widespread thru Europe for awhile now.
      All personal info is on these cards.

  16. Thomas says:


  17. Thomas says:

    Acts 3:20:26 , , John 5 . Read this and probely you shall open your eyes ? who moses wrote of and if you have any doubth ask Jesus ? i am done with your folks ! Peace be with you all in The name of Jesus for he is who he is Simple is That , ask him and the truth shall set you free dont harden your heart to be ignorant and foolish , just ask , for i know there are lovely Moslims in The world , but for them who do evil ( holywar ) Jihad its probely all ready to late and also for Christians and jews if they not repent of there murders actions , i dont can judge about this but i hope jesus will save them for it is been saith evry one gets a change but you shall face the antichrist the world dictator and will pay it with a heavy price when he comes and the spirit of satan and all other people in The world will the spirit of demons go in Antichrists , but by faith in Christ you shall defeat them not with blood shed , but by calling on The name YESUAH EMMANEUL ABBA ELSHADAI ADDONAI YHWH ,( DEMONS AND SATAN . LORD OF ALL DEMONS ( BEEZELBUB ) THIS WORD MEANS LORD OF ALL DEMONS AND THAT IS THE EVIL ONE SATAN , FOR THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL THOSE WHO MURDER IN THE NAME OF GOD , GALATIANS 5:16:21

  18. Thomas says:

    stop preaching nonsence , to tell you constantine have destroyed nothing its still in the vatican as far i know ? they are the ones who holding scriptures out of the Bible the Bible it self is not corrupted but scriptures have been taken out of it , Even jehovah witnesses who have made there own Bible , is not from god People who do such things god warned them very clear . Revelation 22:18:19 . For i Testify unto evry man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book ( Bible ) if any man shall add unto thse things , god shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book and if any man shall take away from the words of this book of this prophecy god shall take away his part out of the book of life , and out of the holy city , and from the things written in this book , and something else all you moslims think that moses talked about mohammed . well all of you are wrong because its jesus ” not mohammed , but i am done with your people , only i can say that i am feeling deeply pity for all of you that you dont seek god and asking him what he have done for all of the people of the face of the planet earth and asking him who is , Satan what are his tricks what is he doing and who are you god and who is Satan , he have used humans over the years when he kicked out of heaqven to bring false Gospels . like the Quran and buddisme and all other religions Satan have done this , All . For who denieh,s the father and the son is antichrist , not your selfs but the spirit of the antichrist , is upon you with out even knowing it , for it is Satan him self what is The spirit of The antichrist , and in the end of days he is going in to a man what is Called the son of Perdition , ( this man who likes to rule the world ) but there is not one antichrist but many Demons who are inerly using humans to control them , In There mind and in soul , you people who are moslims and all other religions of the world are fooled By them all , for who is not searching in A Spiritual way to seek god with body mind and soul and heart , ( DONT KNOW WHO GOD IS ) ” Deeply i am feel pity for all of you people ,l searching scripture,s what for religious book it may be , it dont can set you free A Book is just a book and the Only word what is From God is The Bible , for it came out of jesus mouloth and is written down by God his spirit ( The Holyghost ) for god is Spirit and have used moses and all people < From Genesis to revelation ) , and all other books what is been keeping out of it and that is Only 2 books the book of elijah and enoch , and about those 3996 gospels , you ony read what is from men because there are no 3996 gospels its all a lie from men used by Satan to bring your mind in any doubth they can just like the vatican is doing , Satans trick is to hold you down from a Relationship From God < religion is Just a word for A believe system < and another thing Mr Abuqabar , your last message sounds like The New Age Religion They think They are God him self and that evry man have something of god in them the last thing is Correct evry one have something from god , Because We are Created in his Image , But What Is Satan doing He Says you Shall be Like God , in The Book of Genesis Chapter 3 he is Called The serpent and Decieved Eve And Adam Took A Bite from the Fruit while God Clearly Said Thou Shall not eat of This Three but From Other threes Ye Can Eat but Of This one Not , Genesis 3:1:5 , what it means What Satan have said in The last vers 5 Ye shall know Good and evil , if Eve not have eaten of That Three and have given a Bite To Adam They Were Only Good Things And Not Evil , so who is So Smart , He is Called Very subtil in vers 1 ( Satan the serpent ) subtil means Smart very clever evil being , so why are there many Satanic Sura,s In your Quaran sir , abuqabar , and is been said in some sura about crosses they who say that jesus is the son of god are blashphemers cut of there fingers and slit there neck or let them be hanged on a cross , while in the Bible it is been saith By the high priest the leader of The pahrisees , asking jesus are thou the son of the living God , Jesus saith Yes i am , the high priest saith blashphemer bring him to the cross , so what is been perverted The Quaran Made Up By The Devil and not By Gabriel , anyway i am done with this confercation , done talking i have saith more to you and all who read this , just seek god and pray and ask him who he realy is not just pray five times but many times as you can because ye dont understand the Bible , Moses spoke about Jesus not Mohammed , Peace be with all of you and just seek the truth if ye have any doubth about The Bible Ask God him self if The BIble is Truth Or false , and That YOur Book The Quran holds The truth , What is The Truth Oh God please tell me lord and not Allah but Jesus him self otherwise you will not get any answer , Sallam !!!!!!

  19. Thomas says:

    That is what you think ” mr abuqabar , but its all right you can ever think what ever you like but there is no one superior to god no jews no gentiles nobody , and to talk about the correction and reproof , it means if somebody bring,s false doctrine without even knowing it and if the person want,s it to get corrected by a brother or sister who have,s more things revealed by god by his Sanctification true the holyghost we must pray and look upon it to come back by him what is the word ( jesus ) to pray and ask him to correct us by god his spirit the holyghost , many people dont undersatnd the bible just like you because you refuse to go to him and to ask him to guide you the way in to the truth , just like jesus have said to the jews in his time , you searching the scriptures but you refuse to come to me to guide you in the way i have walked , Example what would jesus do if some one is getting killed your mom or daddy or some one who you dearly love , christ should asked the person why do you have killed , . just like his father in heaven have done back in the old days of cane and abel . cane killed his brother ….. so dont think that i am blind and deaf and dumb , i dont care what you say , one day the truth is right infront of your own eyes that you will see him on the clouds of heaven , and evry men who denieh,s the father and reject his son dont have any wisdom for wisdom came down from heaven in the flesh , you just slackness . and why i dont correct the Quaran have nothing to with it for it is already been fortold . Galatians 1:6:12 . i marvel that ye are so soon removed from him ( jesus ) that called you into the grace of christ unto another gospel which is not another but there be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of christ but though we or a angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto than that which we have preached unto you let him be accursed as we said before so say i now again if any man preach any other gospel unto you than ye have recieved let him be accursed for do i now persuade men or god ? or do i seek to please men ? for if i yet pleased men i should not be a servant of christ but i certify you , brethren that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man for i neighter recieved it of man neighter was i taught it , but by the revelation of jesus christ …………. so as long a men is not willing to bow down in a spirtual way by the holyghost you shall never understand his words what came down from heaven in the flesh , men must seek god and not only in the bible but by praying and talking with god spirtual . our own thought,s We must cast away for it is foolish and slackness for a natural men cannot receive the revelation in christ , who payed the price for us all in all his humilty ( jesus ) he was mocked in his time and was not angry the only time he was angry was that the parhisees and the jews maketh of his fathers house a robbers house and not a house of prayer , so if you only pray five times a day . and all tge otyher doctrine,s buddisme harikrishna elephant god the rat god the monkey god the holy cow god ETC ETC “what is in India and even sacrifice food to demons , and 3 false doctrines of christianity . jehovah witnesses Mormon latter day saints and vatican catholic dogma is false doctrine , and to tell you what the name jehovah means , it means the most high Jah Or YHWH in hebrew or ELSHADAI ABBA ADDONAI . So dont come with your 99 name,s of allah to me for one of the name,s of allah in the moslim dogma . is been called the most proud one well the bible says its Satan , same as Kahyrul Makereen . so dont think i know what you maby try to do no offense . i dont say you lie but if you do what i think you do you have a serious problem with your self sir for i know former moslims even former iman,s and moelha,s who become christian . and now have a price ticket on there head , for it is been saith if some one walks away from the moslim faith this person must been killed ( honor killing ) not all moslims doing this dont get me wrong but if you like to be refuted here you have some Satanic sura,s out of your own Quaran sir whjat came to mohammed by gabriel while it was not gabriel but Satan in Disguise . sura 48:4 , While the bible says love your enemy,s and pray for them who persecuted you . Luke 6:27:29 . Sura 42:44:46 . Allah dont do this . For Satan is the father of all lying things and was a murder from the beginning says the Bible , John 8:44 . sura 48:29 . Those with mohammed are ruthless , while jesus was love and kindness against people who mocked him and try to correct them Matthew 15:1:9 . and i have even more of these false word,s from the devil out the Quran but you know them as well as me but still you hold on to your own Book ? anyway i hope you have love in your heart , and no jihad to kill infidels just let hem be if they want to life like that way one day God,s wrath shall fall on there heads , For The Bible says a man have,s a free will to choose for god or doing there own ways unless God draw,s them to him , Same thing is for you because you are blind and deaf and dumb not me you just must open your heart for jesus and let him guide you in his way,s but you refuse willing to pray to him and seek him ? just like the jews and pahrisees and Sadusees , Peace be with you and one day if you keep refuse him and reject him you shall see him on the clouds of heaven and cast you away , if ye gain no love of him forgive and it shall be forgiven on to thou for the one who is not willing to forgive so shall the lord thou god also not forgive you , We must obey jesus his command evrything he saith if not We are not come in The Kingdom of heaven , Sallam

    • To MISguided Thomas: go here and WAKE UP. He quoted the Qur’anic ayat or verses out of context, I wonder if he finished his high-school.

      Thomas is a living proof on how the Zionists (Satan on Earth) Satanic work have — temporarily though — succeeded in “D/R” their specialty; Divide and Rule.

      There is one brief verse in the Qur’an where the Almighty Allah (SWT) challenged the UNBELIEVERS that went like this (not the exact wordings): “Produce your PROOFS if you are correct!”

      Real God did NOT eat bread! Wonder if “the Last Supper” rings a bell.

  20. abubaqar says:

    this is why the koran came to confirm what is true, to correct, and supplement to whats coming! people like mr thomas who are deaf,dumb and blind will not even judge the koran from the test in their bible at 2 timothy 3:16 which state that ALL SCRIPTURE IS RPOFITABLE FOR DOCTRINE,CORRECTION,REPROOF AND INSTRUCTIONS ONTO RIGHTEOUSNESS.


    The stories told in the bible can be shown to have come from earlier sources. The earliest sources known come from India.
    The great men of the bible can be shown to have been based on earlier accounts of others.

    All that happened was that the jews who had been in captivity in Babylon retold stories that they had heard. Over time, a few names were changed.

    The creation story, the flood story, the Moses (baby in basket) story and many more had been told before with names of earlier characters.

    Any educated man or woman should be able to figure out that there are problems with the bible. We begin with Adam who was all alone. Then God decided that he needed a woman. But rather than just make one in the same way that Adam was made, he had to take a rib from Adam.

    Next we have Cain and Abel, two brothers.
    Next “Cain KNEW his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch:”

    Right about now you should be saying “wait a minute. Cain Knew his mother, Eve”. There were no other females in the world and even if there were some, they would have been his sisters.

    The present King James bible has hundreds of contradictions in it. It is clear that not all of what is written can be true.
    I will go into some details of the bible in another page.

    It is all a myth based on earlier stories that have been twisted out of shape very badly. We don’t need to keep fighting and killing for this rubbish. We can think for ourselves, unlike our ancestors of two thousand years ago.

    The stories told in the bible attempt to explain the mystery of how we got here. There is a great creative force in nature and we can call it God if we want to. There is no man-God Bel, Baal, Jehovah or whatever else you want to call it. It is just an ever-expanding force in the universe. It makes things and then it experiences the things that it has made. It experiences our life through us.

    Everything in the universe is just moving electrical or magnetic charges. There is nothing else. Those who work with sub-atomic physics know that particles are not solid and are waves of charges. In recent years there has been interest in the research done showing that particles fail to exist if they are not observed. Both the appreciated and the appreciator need to be present for the event of appreciation to occur.

    The force that is ever-expanding can best be described as universal mind. A part of this universal mind is in every living thing in different degrees and even in things such as rocks to a lesser degree. If the universal mind is to be called God, then a part of God is in each one of us. We are all connected to God, to each other and to all the living things in the universe.

    There are some religions that respect all life no matter how humble it may seem.
    Something within man tells him that there is more to our life than we see around us.
    From the earliest days of man he has seen the apparitions of people that he knew while they lived. These are what we now call ghosts or spirits. They are just people like ourselves who have moved on to the next stage of life and who can come back if there is a suitable medium present to assist them and physical conditions are right.

    The strange records of the bible claiming that men heard voices when there seemed to be nobody else present are likely to be true. This happens frequently in our own time. People who have lived on earth routinely return and speak, with the assistance of a medium, to their living relatives and friends. A large number of people have experienced contact with departed friends or relatives since 1848 when it became known that communication was possible.
    Famous scientists have studied the subject and they have become convinced of the fact that communication is possible with people who once lived on earth, who have passed through the event called death. Those who have died convey to us that they live in a world similar to our own. They tell us that we reap what we sow and that religious words mean little there. What is important is how we treat others.

    These people pass the message that the churches have hidden the truth for a long time. Before priests or rabbis there were mediums who may have been called shaman or some other name. The ancient religions involved the worship of our departed ancestors who on occasion could materialize and be again with those whom they knew. The apparition was for a short period of time and they vanished again leaving those on earth bewildered by what had happened. From this all of the religions evolved.

    We are all part of God and not one of us is any more chosen than any other. The bible myth has brought misery and millions of deaths to mankind. Christianity has killed at least 25 million people in an effort to convince them that the bible holds the truth. The religious insult to man’s intellect has caused millions to reject outright anything beyond the physical.
    This is unfortunate because modern research suggests that there are strange things happening. The books The Field and The Intention Experiment both by Lynne McTaggart discuss experiments suggesting, among other things, that plants can react to our thoughts. Studies such as these provide further evidence suggesting that we are all connected through the universal mind, which you can call God if it makes you feel better.

    There are many millions of people who pride themselves in regularly attending church and memorizing prayers and hymns.
    These same people drive past the homeless, the poor and the sick without giving the slightest thought of offering help.
    They race each other for the best parking spots and compete to look best and sound best to others.
    The man Jesus that these people claim as their saviour would have no part in the farce that they call Christian religion.
    We need to grow up and discover the truth by opening our minds to facts and rejecting ancient superstitions.
    We need to reject the myth that there exists a chosen people who believe that they are superior to other human beings.
    We need to be willing to let go of the bible that has caused so much misery to mankind and go forward into the future.

  21. abubaqar says:

    thomas u poor deluded fool. stop preaching nonsense to use do you know that the words ACCORDING TO LUKE,MATHEW,JOHN, AND MARK in the bible means that no one knows who wrote the bible attributed to these people says your christian scholars?

    why do you not answer the questions i asked?
    1) do you have the full message of the bible even though the emperor constantine destroyed 3996 gospels?

    2) do you know that the dead scrolls are 24 ,000 gospels?

    3) acts ;2 verse 22 states, ye men of israel, hear these words,jesus of nazareth, A MAN APPOINTED OF GOD who did wonders ,miracles in the midst of you, which god did by him which you yourselves know!. its very clear mr thomas jesus is a messenger of god. not god or son of god but a man appointed by god to be his representative to those devilish people callled jews who rejected every messenger including jesus!
    4) which bible is correct, is it the roman catholic version or the protestant version or maybe the jehovahs witness,s version or the the thousands of others mr thomas?? is your holy ghost truthful or theirs?
    5) there is not a single unequivocal statement by jesus where he said that i am god worship me anywhere in the bible!

    6)on the contrary jesus always says worship the father in heaven the real god and not him!

    7)do you realy fully the old testament mr thomas?

    you also have to remember that the disciples cannot supersede the master or his sayings , so why is it mr thomas that everything you quote is opposite to what jesus said or taught?

    please answer these questions and tell us where the gospel of jesus is in the world? that is what we would like to read and see, not unknown writers who even you do not know about but still preach they sayings not jesus,s!

  22. Thomas says:

    John 1:1:14 . In the beginning was the word , and the word was with god and the word was god The same was in the beginning with god all things wwre made by him and without him was not anything made that was made in him was life and the life was the light of men and the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehened it not there was a man sent from god whose name was john the same came for a witness , to bear witness of the light that all men through him might believe he was not that light but was sent to bear witness of that light that was the true light which lighteth evry man that cometh into the world he was in the world , and the world was made by him , and the world knew him not he came unto his own and his own recieved him not but as many as received him , to them gave he power to become sons of god , even to them that believed on his name which were born , not of blood nor the will of the flesh , nor the will of man , but of god and the word was made flesh , and dwelt among us , and we beheld his glory , the glory as the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth …….. so how then say some among you there is no ressurection . 1 corinthians 15:1:26 . Moreover , Brethern . I declare unto you the gospel which was preached unto you which also i have recieved , and wherein ye stand by which also ye are saved if ye keep in memory what i preached unto you , unless ye have believed in vain for i delivered unto youfirst of all that which i also recieved , how christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and was buried , and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures and was seen of Ce´phas then of the twelve after that he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once ; of whom the greater part remain unto this present , but some ar fallen asleep after that , he was seen of james , then of all the apostles and last of all he was seen of me also , as of one born out of due time for i am the least of the apostles , that am not meet to be called an apostle , because i persecuted the church of god but by the grace of god I am what I am and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain ; but I laboured more abundantly than they all : yet not I but the grace of god which was with me therefore whether it were I or They , so we preach , and so we believed now if christ be preached that he rose from the dead how say some among you that there is no ressurection of the death ? but if there be no ressurection of the dead then is christ not risen and if christ be not risen then then is our preaching vain , and our faith is also vain yea . and we have found false witnesses of god ; because we have testified of god that he raised up christ whom he raised not up if so be that the dead rise not for if the dead rise not then is not christ raised and if christ be not raised your faith is vain ye are yet in your sins then they also which are fallen asleep in christ are perished if in this life only we have hope in christ we are of all men most miserable but now is christ risen from the dead and vecome the firstfruits of them that slept for since by man came death by man came also the resurrection of the dead for as in adam all die even so in christ shall all be made alive but evry man in his own order ; christ the firstfruits afterward they that are in christ,s at his coming then cometh the end when he shall delivered up the kingdom to god even the father when he shall rule and all authority and power for he must reign till he hath put all enemies under his feet the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death , Which is the devil ( Satan ) Hebrews 2:14 . Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also like wise took part of the same ( Jesus ) : that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil

  23. Thomas says:

    The mystery . Jesus christ is god incarnate – trinity three in one ( the father the word jesus and the holyghost the father god , god in spirit ) and this is what it is called three in one . ( one god ) , Jesus christ _ i am the way the truth and the life _ jesus christ no man comes to the father but by me _ jesus christ i am the bread of life _ Revelation 1:17:18 , and when i saw him i fell at his feet as dead And he laid his right hand upon me saying unto me , fear not i am the first and the last I am he that liveth and was dead and behold i am alive for evermore , Amen and have the keys of hell and of death . revelation 1:8 , I am Al’pha and O’me-ga the beginning and the ending saith the lord which is and which was and which is to come the almigty . John 14:8:9 . Phil’ip saith unto him , Lord shew us the father and it sufficeth us . jesus saith unto him have i been so long time with you and yet hast thou not know me philip ? he that hath seen me hath seen the father and how sayest thou then , shew us the father ? . john 10:30 , I and my father are one , Salvation Gods Blood . Acts 20:28 . Take heed therefore unto yourselfs and to all the flock over which the holyghost hath make overseers , to feed the church of god which he hath purchased with his own blood . 1 John 3:16 . Herby perceive we the love of god because he laid down his life for us ; and we ought to lay down our lives for the bretheren . Isaiah 9:6 . For unto us a child is born unto us a son is given ; and the government shall be upon his shoulder ; and his name shall be called wonderful , counselor , the mighty god the everlasting father prince of peace . Glory of god in the face of christ , 2 corinthians 4:6 , For God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness hath shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of god in the face of je’sus Christ . Christ Who is the image of god , 2 Corinthians 4:4 , in Whom The God Of this World ( Satan ) Hath Blinded The Minds Of them Which Believed Not , Lest the light of the glorious gospel of christ who is the image of god should shine unto them …. God hath in these lastdays spoken unto us by his son who being the brightness of his glory, And Express image of his person . Hebrews 1:1:3 . God Who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in the time past unto the fathers by the prophets hath in these lastdays spoken unto us by his son , whom he hath appointed heir of all things , by whom also he made the worlds who being the brightness of his glory , and express image of his person , and upholding all things by the word of his power , when he had by himself purged our sins , sat down on the right hand of the majesty on high … Christ jesus being in the form of god . Philipphians 2:5:9 . Let this mind be in you , which was also christ jesus ` who being in the form of god , thought it not robbery to be equal with god but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant , and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashsion as a , man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death of the cross wherefore god also hath higly exalted him and was given him a name which is above evry name . Matthew 1:23 . Behold , a virgin shall be with child and shall bring torth a son , and they shall call his name Emmanuel which being interpreted is god with us . Colossians 2:9 . For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the godhead bodily . 1 timothy 3:16 . and without controvercy great is the mystery of godliness : god was manifested in the flesh justified in the spirit , seen of angels preached unto the gentiles believed on in the world received up into glory .

  24. Thomas says:

    sorry but i am not a poor deluted fool , you probely dont understand things . why because christ means savior the appointed one the annointed one , the word flesh christ the word of god messiah means messenger , Emannuel , means god who is with us , for on to us a child is born and his name is called Emannuel , ( god who is with us ) Matthew 1:22:23 . now all it this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the lord by the prophet saying behold a virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a son , and they shall call his name em-man,u-el which being interpreted is god with us , . tommorow i will give you the mystery of whom he is and who he claims to be ( jesus ) all written in codex . for the words was coming out of his moulth ( Jesus ) he is the ressurection and the life . for as he is so is he the image of him who have sent him !!!!

  25. abubaqar says:

    mr thomas you poor deluded fool. we muslims have salvation as we believe in jesus.
    we believe in him as the christ– which means the messenger of comes from the word in latin called christos meaning (appointed) like in hebrew messiah, massih in arabic. your scolars lopped off the os and left it as christ to make it something unnatural sounding.

    all this words means is appointed of god and not son of god!
    in hebrew son of god only means a holy and righteous person not a literal son which is blaspehemy against god because he does not beget sons or daughters at all , he only creates with his will whatever he wills!

    when he jesus said, I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT NO MAN GOES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT BY ME, he was telling the truth which we muslims believe because he was the only way for the jews who rejected him totally! in his time of ministry on earth from god the jews had to listen to him to do the will and plan of god to which they never listened at all even upto today. in the time of other prophets of god they were the way to god no one else and today mohammed is the way to god for all eternity. whenever you write mr thomas please also give the context of any sayings so that we can all read in what reason a statement was said!
    for example, before abraham I WAS. so therefore you pooor fools make jesus into something spooky. in soul form mr thomas we were all there before abraham says the koran to us, we all existed before abraham was it does not make us into some thing unnatural, our souls are older then this earth probably!

    i am not ignorant mr thomas, i am a scholar of comparative studies in religion,also i mean no offence to your belief but am challenging only what you claim which is mostly untrue or misunderstood by your kind of people.
    please tell us muslims what happened to the 3996 gospels brought to the council of nicea in 325 a.d and destroyed by constantine the emperor and why he chose only 4 which were then heavily doctored and added to to make you believe falsely what you believe as is evident today?

    the holy ghost was with prophet zakaria in his mothers womb says the bible, so it was always present even before with others, it means nothing. being born again means to repent into ways of gods laws as enshrined in the commandments for soul welfare and entrance into heaven by beleieving in the father in heaven and not thinking of him as a man walking in galilee otherwise the words in english holy shit might take on a different meaning!

  26. Thomas says:

    if you read 1 john 4 , and 1 john 5 , its talking about things if you dont understand that , sorry then mr abuqabar , then you are very ignorant no offense . peace be with you and jesus and lets hope by mohammed to but i doubt that why because evry men who denieh,s the father as the son is antichrist , and this is also happen in christianity now these days , god calls this doctrine of men and devils people have fallen astray and heaping after them teachers with itcy ears , wolfs in sheep clothes , christ warned us for this very clear , The Bible is full of things about what god says , AND MEN CANNOT UNDERSTAND BY THEM SELFS BUT BY GUIDENS OF HIM WHO IS WITH US , THE ( HOLYGHOST ) , SO IF YOU ARE NOT ASKING GOD FOR SERIOUS HELP TO GET AWAY FROM YOUR HATE YOU DONT KNOW HIM AT ALL WHY BECAUSE YOU ARE BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN DELUTED SATANIC WORDS FROM THE QURAN , MANY SURAS I HAVE SO STOP WASTING MY TIME AND SEEK GOD BY PRAYING SIR , SALLAM I AM DONE WITH YOU SORRY BUT I DONT CAN TALK TO YOUABOUT YOUR FOOLISHNESS NATURAL WALKINGS IN SLACKNESS . SALLAM ALLAH CUM !!!!

  27. Thomas says:

    hate killing slaughter more then one women stealing ETC ETC ETC is not from god and then you dont know god , Simple is that

  28. Thomas says:

    and about what you have saith about the roman empire i agree . for me they are no saints what they have done in the past but also moslims who are doing this by the will of allah are no saints , why because god is love and by his love he have sent chrsit down from heaven to earth to testify about who he is and waht he have command us to do , love god with all your heart mind soul and body and humans as well , but if whe dont have this how can we love him waht he have done for us this is disobey to him , if you kill and slaughter and hare one and another and steal and rape etc etc etc etc etc , Thats why jesus have saith a men must be born again spiritual and seek the kingdom of god what is with us , ( jesus ) for in him his kingdom is with us what will come down from heaven and is in our body by the testimony of god in the flesh Jesus , he claims who he is and is what he is for even he was before Abbraham he is I am who i am slain from the foundation of the world , and nailed to the cross by the roman empire the jews and parhisees and jews who judged him and dont believed him who he claims to be because they refused to come to him , only one have come to him nicodimus and asked him questions and believed later who he was , for a men can not inheit the kingdom of god in the flesh a men must be born again by the holyghost of god asking him to cleanse you from all sin by the blood of christ We can come back by Christ for it is Satan who have power over death and Christ conquered death for he trust his father who was with him , for jesus was the image of god , God in the flesh , a man who says not is False doctrine , Sallam

  29. Thomas says:

    Why I Love Jesus . ( 1 ) i love jesus because because he loves me , 1 john 4:19 We love him because he loved us first , ( also he loves you mr abubaqar but what you say he hates no offense ) . ( 2 ) i love him because he answers my prayers psalms 116:1 . i love the lord because he hath heard my voice and my supplications . ( 3 ) i love him because he gave his life to save me . Romans 5:8:9 . but god commendeth his love toward us , in that while We were yet sinners , christ died for us . much more then being now justified by his blood , We shall be saved from wrath through him . ( 4 ) i love him because he is God . collosians 2:9 . for in him dwelled all the fulness of the godhead bodily . ( 5 ) i love him because , even though he is fully god because he became a man he understands and sympathizes with my weakness and temptations . Hebrews 2:17:18 , Wherefore in All things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren that he might be merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to god , to make reconciliation for the sins of the people ” for in that he self hath sufferd beign tempted , he is able to succour ( aid help ) them that are tempted . ( 6 ) i love him because in him we have wisdom rigtheosness , Sanctification , and redemption 1 corinthians 1:30 . But of him are ye in christ jesus who of god is made unto us wisdom and righteosness and sanctification , and redemption . ( 7 ) i love him because in him we have redemption . Romans 3:24:25 . being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in christ jesus : whom in his blood , to declare his righteosness for the remission of sins that are past through the forbearance of god . ( 8 ) i love him because he is the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me ( jesus ) . John 14:6 , jesus saith unto him ” i am the way the truth , and the life : no man cometh unto the father , but by me . ( 9 ) i love him because there is no condemnation to those who are in him . Romans 8:1 there is therefore no condemnation to them which are in christ jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit . ( 10 ) i love him because nothing can seperate us from his love . Romans 8:38:39 . for i am persuaded , That neighter death , nor life , nor angels , nor principalities , nor powers , nor things present , nor things to come , nor height , nor depth , nor any creature , shall be able to seperate us from the love of god ,which is in jesus christ jesus our lord . ( 11 ) i love him because he causes us to triumph . 2 corinthians 2:14 , now thanks be unto god , which always causeth us to triumph in christ , and maketh manifest savior of his knowledge by us in evry place . ( 12 ) i love him because in him all things are made new , 2 corinthians 5:17 . therefore if any man be in christ , he is a new creature|: old things are passed away ; behold all things are become new . ( 13 ) i love him because through him we are reconcited to god . 2 corinthians 5:18 , and all things are of god who hath reconciled us to him self by jesus christ , and have given to us the ministry of reconciliation , Ephesians 2:13 . but now in christ jesus ye whom somethimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of christ . ( 14 ) i love him because he is my peace , Ephesians 2:14 . For he is our peace , who hath made both one , and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us , ( 15 ) i love him because by faith in him i became a child of god , Galatians 3:26 , for ye are all children of god by faith in christ jesus ,

  30. Thomas says:

    well well well well , mr abubaqar , if you think that i am a terrorist and a kaffir . then you realy make me laugh . why because jesus commandent us to love him and love our enemy,s bless them who persecute you ETC Whe must love god with all our heart mind soul and body , for a person who hate one and another and dont have love in his heart dont know god at all , so look who is talking mr , its jesus his words not mine hate is not of god shopping some one the head of is not of god , in simple words hate is of Satan so who is the infidel ? ( sinners who murder in the name of allah holywar ( jihad ) is of the devil , me as a christian fear no evil nothing for it is a spirtual warfare against Satan and not agants humans , christians and moslims like wise who are killing are not of god , and by the way it where not the christians who have killed in the name of god but the templars , but to say now in this time even christians murder and killing but there are more moslims then christians who are doing such things , Why because of hating one and another or example some one have killed a family member and take the wrath in the own hands while there is only one person to take wrath and thats god him self , so dont judge about me sir abubaqar , i love evry human even if the person want to kill me i still love him or example some one is killing my mom , ask your self This what would Jesus do , in my footsteps he would go to visit the person in jail to use me , and say to the person why do you have killed my mom i forgive you in christ his name , a christian who calls him self a christian who dont can,t do this and take wrath in his own hands is not of god ” just like moslims hate hate hate wrath wrath wrath kill the infidels kill the jews kill the christians who say jesus is the son of god shop there heads of unless they repent and worship allah alone , dont come to me with your words mister i am well knowing with the islamic doctrine what is not from god why , because most moslims in the middle east hate christians and jews , but at least there are wise moslims who live in peace with the christians and jews in the middle east and yes your right yea i know there are arabs who are christian , but lets give you my speech why i love jesus if you like

  31. Thomas says:

    well well well well , mr abubaqar , if you think that i am a terrorist and a kaffir . then you realy make me laugh . why because jesus commandent us to love him and love our enemy,s bless them who persecute you ETC Whe must love god with all our heart mind soul and body , for a person who hate one and another and dont have love in his heart dont know god at all , so look who is talking mr , its jesus his words not mine hate is not of god shopping some one the head of is not of god , in simple words hate is of Satan so who is the infidel ? ( sinners who murder in the name of allah holywar ( jihad ) is of the devil , me as a christian fear no evil nothing for it is a spirtual warfare against Satan and not agants humans , christians and moslims like wise who are killing are not of god , and by the way it where not the christians who have killed in the name of god but the templars , but to say now in this time even christians murder and killing but there are more moslims then christians who are doing such things , Why because of hating one and another or example some one have killed a family member and take the wrath in the own hands while there is only one person to take wrath and thats god him self , so dont judge about me sir abubaqar , i love evry human even if the person want to kill me i still love him or example some one is killing my mom , ask your self This what would Jesus do , in my footsteps he would go to visit the person in jail to use me , and say to the person why do you have killed my mom i forgive you in christ his name , a christian who calls him self a christian who dont can,t do this and take wrath in his own hands is not of god ” just like moslims hate hate hate wrath wrath wrath kill the infidels kill the jews kill the christians who say jesus is the son of god shop there heads of unless they repent and worship allah alone , dont come to me with your words mister i am well knowing with the islamic doctrine what is not from god why , because most moslims in the middle east hate christians and jews , but at least there are wise moslims who live in peace with the christians and jews in the middle east and yes your right yea i know there are arabs who are christian , but lets give you my speech why i love jesus

  32. abubaqar says:

    mr thomas, i cannnot let you go without an answer to your absurdities and nonsense you spout from your foolish unbelieving mouth.

    the greatest terrorists in the world are kaffirs like yourselves who butchered whole nations like the red indians,aborigines,eskimos, africans and others as you know because because jesus loved them???

    you dutch bastards are notorious for your crimes against humanity in indonesia and other places most recently in srebinica because your CHRISTIAN bum boys (homos)did not do the job they were supposed to and let your CHRISTIAN brothers the serbians do what is most normal to them by massacring innocent civilians in cold blood.
    PERVERTED JEWS AND CHRISTIANS LIKE YOUR SELF CAN NEVER BE OUR FRIENDS, the koran speaks the truth, you only have to look ar your conduct in history with us and other races where every race has condemned you THE WHITE MAN TALKS WITH FORKED TONGUE”.
    the false lie you perpetrate about muslims killing jews and christians is not true, a pervert like you should perhaps answer as to why there are 14 million ARAB CHRISTIANS after 1435 years in the muslim world and hundreds of thousands of jew still living with us in peace and security and why we have not chopped off their heads in all that time??

    you only have to go back 60 years and your christian brothers were shoving jews in gas ovens? and killed over 100 million people in 2nd world war for what? and in the inquisition your christian brothers were notorious for the most vile crimes against mankind this world has ever known, and yet you are the people of god you claim?

    your history of saladin is also false you moron, he fought your christian perverts called crusaders and not romans, you know the same crusaders who destroyed the christian city of constantinople and killed,raped everyone including men ,women and children because they were on a holy mission sent by the pope in rome to reclaim the holy land. what a bunch of thieves and robbers besides killers they turned out to be, but to you they were saints no doubt!!

  33. Thomas says:

    if you read it very clear what my point was then i said a whole diffrent point , because i dont have said that the Bible sholars are of the illuminati , do you need glasses for your eyes sir ? anyway you think that the quaran is the book of god , tell me this why is it been said kill the infidels dont have jews and christians as your friends , ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC i have many satanic verses out the quaran , and if you have read the bukkari and hadith well probley mohammed need a doctor , sorry no offense . for me its all ready clear that you believe in a holywar ( jihad ) ? just as many moslims in the middle east and a few over the whole world . you say moslims have nothing to fear , We will see when jesus is coming back what he is going to say to you ” and by the way if you think that i need doctor or psychiatrist , is for me to see how slack and refuted ignorant dumb you realy are sorry with all do respect from human to human but you realy need to study more probely ? i dont know . for history over century,s the romans have persecuted the jews after that allsallahadin with his army of moslim warriors conquer the roman empire , and put jews in bondage and killed them and slaugtherd them like animals , anyway my standard point is who those not acknowledge the son those not know the father and this is the spirit of the antichrist who was and is all ready in the world , Islam believes jesus was a prophet but dont believe his words , and even you talk about my own believe system first of all its not my believe system but a relationship with god and his son for in jesus all was been revealed and abaout something else you think just like many moslims that there is been talking about in the old testimony and new one about mohammed and other books , what do you think Satan is doing can you ask your self this question twisting with the word of god , only the Bible is always been chainced no other books of diffrent religions , Because Satan is using humans to twist the words THe Bible and no other book , for all the other books like in budism harikrishna Quaran ETC ET never have been chanched ; WHy because Satan likes it . and another thing like hamas hezbollah al quada plo ( moslims ) are Terrorist sir blowing them selfs up like martyhers for allah and even lady,s who are moslim and teaching there children when the grow up to fight in the name of allah , if you believe like them then you are realy dumb , and feel deeply pity for you if you do . anyway i stop talking with you if you dont mind for this make not any sense anymore to talk to you of your slackness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. abubaqar says:

    mr thomas, you need to see a psychiatrist. you have spoken of so many red herrings and useless information pertaining to your own belief and not what is or was revealed to jesus pbuh. on top of that you agree the bible is/was being changed regularly by your kind of morons who want the world to beleive ,falsely, that you hold the one true and real copy of the last and final testament of jesus written by your own selves!!!!!

    plus, you say that all bible scholars are working for the illuminati and are not christian???? please go to see a doctor or something, what you claim is nowhere in the bible1 what you follow are your own lunatic fancies based on no evidence as is pointed out by your scholars—– a good read is a book called WHO WROTE THE BIBLE by johnathan freedman i think, buy it, read it and it will show you your misconceptions.

    there are many books missing from the bible not just 2 as you claim, for example the BOOK OF JASHER is mentioned, THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM, THE BOOK OF MALACHI and lots of others to name but a few which you can find a list of in the book called IZHAR UL HAQ by maulana kairanvi from delhi!

    the last messenger of god Mohammed pbuh is mentioned in the hindu scriptures by name and his coming, in the buddhist scriptures and zoroastrian scriptures by name and the bible in the old and new testament by name and yet you profess to believe in your book???

    seeing they see not,hearing they hear not,neither do they understand, jesus said. DEAF,DUMB AND BLIND, THEY WILL NOT COME BACK TO THE PATH says the koran and you fit that bill mr thomas.

    the muslims are not extremists but you european christian bastards are, wherever the european bastard has gone into the world only murder, mass killing,prostitution,terrorism, anti god behaviour and general devilishness has followed him agaainst the very laws the european pervert claims to follow from the bible?

    is there any other satanic race like yourself in the world besides the devilish jew?

    the muslims have nothing to be ashamed of compared to these rubbish of the human race called western civilization which has murdered billions of people in the world by worshipping a man instead of god. the christians masters are doing the very same thing in palestine even upto today!! satanic behaviour and deeds coupled with false religious teachings producing the model jew and christian who are an affront to human dignity,behaviour and humanity!

    as jesus said BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING muslims should take heed of this advice, they have suffered so far by being heedless of this advice!

  35. Thomas says:

    sorry i forgot to mension one thing , those christian scholars what you talked about are have fallen away from the truth for if they were of us they would stay with us but are now have fallen astray , all things We can find in The Bible for The Bible Talks about Fake Christians and the person who wrote that book what you talked about who wrote the Bible is probely the Illuminati what he talks about in his book ? …. anyway if you dont believe me what i said thats up to you ? . only i can say keep reading and praying when ever you going to read the Bible . My self have no understanding in my self but by the wisdom of him ( god ) We shall understand for the wisdom of men and women are dumb . all wisdom comes from above and if ye study history ye shall even know if you are willing to let God showing you things by praying for the Bible is full of history and even talks about the Illuminati , and also that A Jew Who shall be The world dictator ( antichrist ) Why you must ask your selfs , well very simple God him self is All knowing he knows evrything from the Beginning to the end . and to understand the Trininty . its tree diffrent beeign not 3 in one But all with the same mind and this is what makes it tree in one . For it is not me who longer lives but jesus who is with me says Paul so as he have walked so shall We must walk . You moslims believe that jesus was only a prophet well the jews believed this as well but dont believed it just as you moslims that he and the father are one and is the son of god , God is spirit and the only thing why God came in The flesh because people make a big mess of this world so god showed his love to us , by teaching them who where willing to follow him those 13 apostles for even moses him self wrote about Jesus even in some book in The old testament of moses Elijah spoke of a Coming messhiah and moses have heared this and god reveal it to him and Moses wrote it down , also i dont know if you have read it very clear about saul who was A Persecutor of The saints of god and have killed them Jesus asked him saul saul why are you persecuting me . later he have repented of his wickedness and god forgive him and become one of the greatest of all encourages to us all . and jesus gave him another name ( paul ) all people from the old testimony to the new one have been controled by the Spirit of god , they wrote the Bible Jesus his apostles wrote the new one but Judas betrayed jesus and sold him for 30 silver coins what he have get from the Pharisees , but one men of them Nicodemus was a wise men and believed jesus who he was he was going to rebel againts his fellow brothers who were pharisees . ETC ETC what the Bible speaks of for jesus Claims very clear who he is so if you dont believe his words ask him self by going to pray to him and maby he shall reveal it to you ? . for even the Quaran spoke about the injeel . so tell me who is playing whom ? . jews who are the fake jews using the kabbalah but the good jews use the torah for the torah is the old testament . jews who say its not are probely part of the Illuminati i dont know i dont can,t judge only jesus have the right to judge in the end of days for he is not come to judge but to save us all , but if ye not lissen to his words by asking him self ye shall perish , only i can say to win a person for god is to show that person love and have passion and pacience with that person , but if the person dont like to hear the words keep the dust away from your shoes , for a person have,s a free will tho choose for god or for him self says the bible all things are written down , thats why a men must have understanding by getting the Knowlege from above ( God ) to live spiritual otherwise you are a easy prey for Satan , he is the one lurking around corners , and to say something else in All those islamic country,s if some one is stealing something the hand with what he or she have stolen will be cut of . and if a women is going to bed with another men she is getting stoned or killed . and the most horrible country of all is Iran over century,s this fundamental extreem Islamic doctrine have going around the globe honor killing is of the devil . killing is of the devil and what do We see of those extreem moslims they hate the jews , asking and wonder your self this ? why because its predicted in the Bible and i have all proof on paper > Prophecy in The Bible is no lie for God dont can Lie says the Bible , while The Quran says in sura 3:54 . That allah is the great schemer of all . Kahyrul makereen . do you think that former arabic terrorists should lie about this who have repent of there wicked ways and have asked to jesus who he realy is . like walid shoebat who is now a christian , for isa and the iman mahdi are fake . the bible says only jesus comes back so who is being fooled by whom ? because there is coming a fake christ says the Bible ( Antichrist ) and a ( False prophet ) when the end shall come beware who have warned you out his words the Bible . for the antichrist shall be A Jew says the Bible , Zechariah 8:23 . and compare it with Revelation 17:12 . if you dont believe this then you are very ignorant ” Sallam

    • Abdallah Jan says:

      Thomas from Barbaric Holland that killed untold millions of Innocent for greed and Chrstianity is the most brainwashed Idiot in this forum.

      Muhammad means Praise worthy in English translated Parakeletos in Greek and further changed to Comforter.

      “I have many thing to say unto you, but you shall not comprehend them now, but when I leave I’ll ask The Father to send you Praise Worthy (Muhammad) who shall speak of me and Guide you”…….Jesus

      “I must go now, for if I don’t, Muhammad (Praiseworthy=Comforter=Parkelotos) wont come”.
      “For when I go, I shall send him unto you, and he shall guide you”.

      “Think not, I have come to abolish the Law, Nay, I myself follow the Law of

      Jesus (pbuh) did not come to make new religion
      “Go not the way of Gentiles, but to the lost sheep of Israel”.

      If you had known Jesus you would be Muslim

      God hears thee, Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael Gen 16:1-6
      Prophet Abraham walks in the middle east ‘Arab Region’) Gen 13:15-17
      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Original promised land
      from the Euphrates to the Nile. Gen 15 18-21
      Prophet Ishmael’s (pbuh) children always be Princes in the
      Arab region. Gen 17:20
      Prophet Muhammad was the direct decedent of Kedar. Gen 25: 13-18
      Paran (Faran) Makkah. Gen 21: 17-21
      Paran is Baca (Makkah) Psalm 84: 1-7
      Shiloh (Prophet Muhammad) the last prophet for all Nations. Gen 49:10
      Prophet Muhammad was like Prophet Moses in receiving
      God’s Laws. Deut 18: 18-19
      Prophet Muhammad opens Paran (Makkah) with 10 thousand
      Saints 630 A.D. Deut 33:2
      The Holy One (Prophet Muhammad) from Paran. Habakkuk 3: 1-16
      Prophet Muhammad Spoke to the children of Israel in Arabic. Isaiah 11:16
      Prophet Muhamad the only Unlettered (Ummi) Prophet. Isaiah 29: 11-18
      An Inspiration in Arabia and the battle of Badr 624 A.D. Isaiah 21: 13-17
      Islam the Unconquerable Power. Isaiah 30: 6-17
      The Law of Qura’n through Prophet Muhammad from Gentiles
      to all Nations. Isaiah 42: 1-21
      Makkah: source of Light for all the Nations. Isaiah 60: 1-12
      Prophet Muhammad’s Prophesyses Constantinople (Istanbul)
      will be opened by Muslims 1453 A.D. Psalm 120: 1-7
      The Hebrew word ‘Mahmad’ describes Prophet Muhammad
      the Last Prophet for all Nations. Haggai 2: 6-9
      The One Night Journey of Prophet Muhammad to Jerusalem
      and Ascension to Heavens 621 A.D. Malachi 3: 1-15
      Kingdom of Allah (Islam) will Finish the Roman Empire and other
      Realms 1453 A.D. Daniel 7: 1-28
      God (Allah) Raises Prophet Muhammad’s Kingdom forever
      to all Nations. Daniel 2: 44
      Caliph Omar rides a Donkey to Jerusalem 638 A.D. Zechariah 9: 9-10
      Prophet Muhammad Baptizes all Nations with Holy Spirit St. Mathew 3:2-12
      The Prophethood was given to Muhammad the Brethren
      of the children of Israel. St. Mathew 21: 43
      Prophet Jesus (pbuh) denies being the Last Prophet to all Nations.
      St Luke 7: 16-20
      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the Promised One, and the Last Prophet
      not Jesus (pbuh) nor Elias (pbuh) St John 1: 19-27
      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the Prince of the World St John 14:16,25,26,30.
      Prophet Jesus finishes his duty St John 16: 5-14

      Wake up you fool

      Assalau Elekum

  36. Thomas says:

    Hello mr abubaqar . i know Bibles are being corrupted not it self but 2 books are missing the book of enoch and the book of elijah , because people have perverted the words says god in jermiah 23:36 . anyway i am claiming nothing God him selfs claims evrything for it is not my words but god his words , and the Bible can only be understand by The Holyghost Jesus have given this us a A comforter to reveal things to us as We pray for guidens by this spirit for A men must be Born again a amn must live spiritual otherwise We can never understand the words what was coming out of jesus his moulth . anyway sorry for my english i know its not good i can speak it but to type it its very hard for me , my Appoligy for this . But am not a Nigerian i am Dutch . But what you spoke of yea the Book Ezekiel 23 its not Ezekiel 23 but 18 , and sorry that i must tell this but its not talking about God and jesus if youy read the whole Chapter Because its giving a Example From Father to son Earthly People Like a Mom and Father , for if some one is doing wrong evil things like your fathher are ypu doing the same things as he is doing ? Thats why god says repent in vers 30 its not only for the house of isreal but also for evry men and women because the new jerusalem comes down from heaven not litteraly but spirtual god restore his beautyfull country because the antichrist will sit in the new rebuild temple so god shall take him out of the way , anyway sorry that i must tell you this but i am not willing to talk with a Natural person . You asked me to challenge me evry were in the world were you like , but why are you not willing to seek God and ask him for answers him self , no offense but you must be born again Spiritual for a Natural man cannot understand for it is not for me allowed to talk about foolish Questions By God Sorry , only i can say To you pray to jesus he shall reveal things to you i am only a servant of him to bring his Testimony . Because believe me Satan is Playing with all of you Moslims He is The one Who showed up to Mohammed so i dont can blaim him Its Satan who i Blaim , and he is not only playing with you guys but also With The jews , But When jesus is coming from heaven to consume The antichrist with The word of God And Not a Bloody Crusade Jesus shall Give all of youa Change To Accept who he is The son of The Living God , for it is Satan who have power over death and God Haves Power over life For God him self resurrected Jesus from The grave when the jews Parhisees And Sadusees Killed him , and only what i can Explane why Jesus let him self killed is only because he loved us so much , he asked God him self Father even if itwould be Pôssible let this Cup Flee from my but not my will shall be done but your will shall be done , Jesus was pure with out spot and with out sin The Quran says it The bible says it , and he have taken all the sins of the world upon him when he Hanged there on the cross , when all sins came on him he said father why do you have left me , why god have left him for god hates sin . so jesus gave his life for us all so that We can come back by god to pray to jesus for who is not honor the son is not honor the father , for if thou not acknowlege Tyhe father and not the son thou do not know God , a man must be born again and be kind in his heart to evry one only Jesus can clean your heart and all your wickedness , he is the one and only who can set your free thats why he was going to the cross for our sins for we all fall under judgement all have sinned , so as the father god forgive us in his mercy so shall we forgive them in mercy for if we are not willing to forgive those who have trasspassed us so shall the lord also not forgive you a men must be clean in his heart and mind to be sober , and jesus shall help you with it by the guidens of The Holyghost . seek god first and the rest will follow for A Fool says in his heart there is no god but god looks down who is seeking him and asking him for guidens by the holyghost to understand his words for the word dwelled among us ( God in the Flesh ( Jesus ) he is The Living word of his Father he spoke of it and it was given to his apostles . From Genesis to Revelation only 2 books are missing Enoch and elijah , why you must ask you selfs well the catholic church have done it for all popes are antichrit the word Vigar in Latin means Replacer of christ . the pope him self Called for A Nwo but the pope him self is not the antichrist he is been controled by the spirit of The antichrist , antichrist Means enemy of god , Satan and demons ( Anti God Sheeps in wolfs clothes Men and women who call them self Preachers but prevert the word of God . ETC . anyway if you like i can give you many Bible Scriptures About Prophecy and who jesus is ETC , first i also dont believe it but by praying and asking to jesus to reveal it to me he revealed it but not evry Person shall know it for if you heart is hard like stone and dont ask jesus to make it to him possible to cleanse you from with in all your hate all your enemy,s who you hate your sins asking him to help you you shall never know who he is , anyway to talk about The Catholic Bible its a Perverted Corrupted Bible They worship The statue Mary and THe cross the bow down to it , and The Moslims in mecca worship Yhe black stone and trow stones to a Wall to get away from the devil THis dont make any sense , Why because its idol worship no offense . because i have not only warned Moslims but also Mormons Latter day saints Jehovah witnesses and catholics , because if a man reads the Bible spiritual by the guidens of God him self by the Holyghost You shall See many things for it is BY praying and talking to god to reveal things To you not your selfs but he is the one who have spoken ( jesus) , PROPHECY all We can find in The Bible . We can see it all around us Example super market what do we see there by some cashiers we can give or money and by some we can only pay with our credit card , TO tell you this this is just the Beginning of A Cashless society for Satan is So smart to let us Get used to it by A Cashless society . Later The Rfid chip is Coming and some Digital Tattoo . all who shall take it shall feel the wrath of God , and if You are Not taking it you shall be killed , but just as jesus was resurrected from the grave for he is The resurrection and the life , and shall give evrybody who put there trust in him a new body in heaven . I can tell you many things but you will not believe me only god him self can reveal things to you not me . so only i can say pray pray pray pray pray nothing else . Sallam allah cum

  37. abubaqar says:

    mr thomas, you sound like a nigerian in your writings on this post. what you claim is not true. however , if you believe what you state then i am willing to challenge you anywhere in the world to bring your proof to refute the koran and prophet mohammeds teachings and prophethood!!
    please do us muslims and the world a favour with your proofs!

    maybe you are unaware that the king james bible has been through 6 MAJOR revisions since 1611 to 1971, we muslims would like to know what you christians have taken out of the bible and added in to make it the so called “word of god” and yet you tell the world that this bible is the last testament and will of jesus even though you have adulterated and interpolated it freely over the centuries!

    perhaps you also do not know, that in 1971 the new revised standard version of the bible took out the words”BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD” because it was an interpolation and nowhere does this word occur in ANY ancient gospel! also the trinity was taken out again due to it being nowhere in the most ancients gospels available to christianity today, because it was an addition to make you poor fools believe in something other then what jesus taught namely WORSHIP THE FATHER IN HEAVEN and not any man or monkey!
    if there was no son then there is no sacrifice and no redemption according to the false teachings of the christian church, in the year 2000 the christian scholars themselves have admitted this lie foisted upon billions of innocents over the centuries just what the koran has been saying for the last 1400 years! this utterance is a blasphemy against god who is one and not 3 in one.

    the writers of the gospels are unknown say your scholars of christianity, if you like read the book WHO WROTE THE BIBLE by a christian scholar and you will get your answers to your misconceptions.

    the koran itself challenges any human being to prove ONE discrepancy in it, because it says that if it had been from anyone else except Allah there would have been many errors in it! no pagan ,christian,or jew have ever found one in 1435 years , so maybe thomas can do it in his poor english to enlighten us?

    as for the bible, the roman catholics have 73 books in it and the protestants have 66 books and it is still from god???? tell us which is true mr thomas?

    the errors in it speak for themselves in volumes, but i would like mr thomas to tell us why someone needs to die for the sins of the world when in ezekiel 23 it says THE SON SHALL NOT BEAR THE EVIL OF THE FATHER AND THE FATHER SHALL NOT BEAR THE EVIL OF THE SON, THE WICKEDNESS OF THE WICKED IS UPON HIM AND THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RIGHT IS UPON HIM BUT IF THE WICKED SHALL TURN AND DO WHAT IS LAWFUL AND RIGHT HE SHALL SURELY LIVE AND NOT DIE, meaning god will not throw him into hell. so mr thomas does this verse which is islam in practice mean anything to you?

  38. Thomas says:

    jesus is more then a prophet , Sura 3:55 . Sura 19:33 . Sallam

    • Abdallah Jan says:

      “I am not worthy of tying his (Muhammad) shoe lace”………..Jesus…Gospel of Barnabas.

  39. Thomas says:

    Hello my fellow brothers and sisters who are moslim ” i love all of you but am a christian and have moslim family members in my family and have study the Quran to compare it with a Bible . and can see very clear that it is almost the same , but i am not agree with all the teachings what The Quran says . The reason why is because mohammed have warned very clear that Satan have wispered in his ear words . what sura it is i dont remember anymore but moslims who have study the Quaran correctly know that i speak the truth about this , and to tell you something what for me very disturbing was is that in the Quran it is been said That Allah is the greatest deciever of all . in Arabic it is been said Kayrul makereer , translated Allah is the greatest deciever of all . sura 3:54 . while the Bible says its Satan KJV ( king james version ) Isaiah 14:12:17 . John 8:44 . 1 Peter 5:8 . and to go further why i dont believe in The Teachings of The Quran because its mixed up with truth and lies and deception . No offense dont get me wrong i Respect Mohammed because i dont can blaim him otherwise he dont have said Satan have wispered words in his ear . compare a Quran with A Bible and you Shall See That the Quran is not The true word of God . The Reason why is Because of The iman mahdi what will come back with Jesus ( Isa ) A seven year Peace what the Mahdi will Bring , while The Bible Says its The Antichrist and his False Prophet . Mahdi And Isa in The Quran are not The truth Jesus his real name is YESUAH . And to tell you about what happens right now in the Middle East ( Israel ) We can see in Psalms 83 about a Prophecy what bad Moslims do to the jews but to tell you another thing there are Jews And Moslims who live in harmony in Jerusalem they want no war but Peace but first a false peace will come and then suddenly destruction and death all being performed by The Antichrist and he shall bring all nations of The world together but first Islamic nations to set up a war againts the true peace people who are good Moslims jews and christians who live in harmony . But The only Sad thing is That Moslims and Jews dont believe That Jesus Yesuah is The son of God a few jews believe it but most of them not ” dont get me wrong in This But this is what the Bible very clear says if you read it from Genesis To revelation you shall understand for The tribe of Moslims comes out of Ismael ” and out of Isaac The Tribe of The jews . The Bible is here very clear in also it is been said That Jesus will come on the clouds of heaven in The Bible and also in The Quran well Tell me this Moslims if Jesus was not The son of God how then he can come on the clouds of heaven ? for he is The son of man says The Quran ” The Bible says it also but what The word son of man Means is The son of God . why because he was born in The virgin mary says The Quran with out A earthly father he is been concieved by The spirit of God says The Quran The Bible says the same thing but The Bible is Going in More details about This subject For if he was born without A eartly father and was concieved by The spirit of God as The Quran says why is it then refuse to say That he is The son of God dont get me wrong ? god is Spirit says the Quran The Bible says The Same thing so God him self Concieved Jesus in mary her womb in This is why he is called The son of man The son of God . But The Quran says God dont have a son . only i can say compare A Bible with a Quran and you shall see who appeared to Mohammed . it was Not gabriel the arc angel ” But Satan in Disguise . Check it out for your selfs and ask god him self what is the truth to guide you for if you love your neighbors as your selfs and dont have any hate in your heart and love evry human he shall reveal it to you . For in Jesus his love is revealed to me by asking and praying to ask him what is The truth , He died for The whole world only for loving us all but you dont believe this i can understand that , but as long you dont ask jesus what he have done you shall never know for He is The word of God and The word manifested in The flesh . John 1:1:14 . 1 timothy 3:16 . Knock and the door shall go open Jesus is the door way . John 10:1:38 . John 5:23 . ( this sounds maby to harsh but this is what jesus have said in his time to the pharisees scribes Jews and Moslims John 5:38:47 . Jesus Clearly Claims who he is and what he have done for God came on earth in his only son . in The beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god . john 1:1 . vers 14 of john 1 , says . and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth . and to tell a secret what God Knows about The Illuminati We can find in Revelation 2:9 . I know thy works and tribulation and poverty but thou art rich and i know the blashemy of them which say they are jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan . ( rockefellers and roth childs and fake Christians and fake moslims who have being good buddy,s with the rockefellers and roth childs ) Take A look at the georgia guide stones what Do we see there arabic Hebrew and english . so tell me what is The truth , Quran or Bible ? only you shall know by submit your selfs to jesus and to pray to him for no one can come by the father then by him first pray to jesus and his father will give you his answer for jesus is The father he is God God came on earth . This is very difficult to explain but by Reading and praying and fasting ones in a while to be humble your selfs in love but if ye not love your enemy,s , ask jesus to help you with this . for me it was the first step for what people have done to me and to my mother i was full of hate but by the love of god that he gave his only begotten son for me to die for me on The cross only for love i submitted my self to him and to ask him about The truth . for the truth shall set you free . sallam allha Cum , Im shallah . Greetings from The netherlands

    • Abdallah Jan says:

      Bible has son of god by the tons. Bible is the concoction of Saul of Tarsus aka Paul. He mixed some Torah with lot of Garbage from the ancient Pagan Egyptian mystery religion who’s god-head was Osiris in trinity format. Osiris was called as god or son of god. He was born of virgin birth on 25 Dec in a cave where three wise men visited him with gifts. He became teacher at 12 and started his ministry at 30. Osiris walked on water, healed the sick and blind and turned water into wine. He fed multitude of people with few loaf of bread. People loved him, that made the ruler of his time threatened and had him crucified on false charges, whence he died and buried. He arose from his grave after 3 days and ascended to heaven. It is said he died for the sins of mankind. Who so ever believeth in him will have ever lasting salvation. His return is expected by the Pagans. Osiris is not the only Claimant of being the only begotten son. There is Zeus, Dionysus, Adonis, Attis, Bacchus, Mithra, Krishna, Aztec to name just few, that had similar claim of being the only begotten son of god with similar bibliography as that of Osiris and Jesus (pbuh). Paul plagiarized the Pagan Egyptian mystery religion to attract the people of Mediterranean who already believed in Zeus god head in trinity format and had no objection in replacing Zeus god head with that of Jesus (pbuh) provided they change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday (Sun Day or Son Day).
      What prompted Paul to fabricate a new religion (Christianity)?……The chief Rabbi had promised Paul, hand of his beautiful daughter Popea, who ended up in Nero’s bed. Paul made a U turn and concocted a lie of meeting Jesus on way to Damascus. His agenda was to put Romans against Jews and Jews against Romans. For this he had to concoct and fabricate a new religion (Christianity) to attract the Pagan Romans who already believed in Zeus god head in Trinity Format. This new religion was first endorsed by Tertullian ( Pagan Berber Egyptian Monk) who already believed in Osiris god head in Trinity format. And then made official by Constantine (pagan Emperor) who already believed in Zeus god head in Trinity format. This was a turning point. The Unitarians and Jews were Massacred by the Romans post 325 AD. So Paul had his revenge from Rabbi (Jews). Paul was the first Anti Christ and first Anti Semite. In short he was a self hating Jew and a looser who lost his woman to Pagan Emperor Nero. So Thomas from Netherland, if you want to believe in this garbage you are most welcome to it. There is not a single verse that can be attributed to saying of Jesus, where he says “I am god, worship me”. The word ‘Christianity’ is not in the bible. The word ‘bible’ is not in the bible.
      Gospel was revealed to Jesus (pbuh), and bible is not the ‘Gospel’ of Jesus (pbuh) but a fabrication of a looser known as ‘Paul’.

      Muslims are the true follower of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (pbut) with Qur’an the last Testament (Final Message) revealed from GOD.

      So if you want to be a believer, there is no belief system but Islam. As all the prophets were Muslims. The word means as to one, who has submitted to the will of GOD.


  40. Zubair Chughtai says:

    Mr. Farrukh you need to re-read my article and you have to understand that science is a standalone knowledge which is based on keen observation and experimentation. Like I said before evolution is very slow process and only a very keen and an enthusiastic scientist would be able to accept its reality and after studying it hard. I have seen the documentaries of Harun Yahya and Noriaga a long time back ago and especially the ones about evolution. I don’t believe he is either a scientist or professor let a alone an enthusiast of science, what I believe is that he is only a revoltist who just wanted to become popular among the like minded people and the ones who could be easily mislead against the pure knowledge of science. I have already said that Islam does not need science and vice versa as these are all one. It is up to us to do the research and find the truth and the missing links.
    I am not a scientist but I am surely an enthusiast and mostly the previous scientist were more of an enthusiast rather than the academic degree holders, but they did so well that today we are seeing their names in the text books and all the laws and theories we are using are applied in our daily usage of the technology without which we could not have what we have now. This all became possible when people started having a question mark in their heads that why is it like that? And this question mark of ‘why’ has lead the civilizations to reach for more as compared to us who lack with this ‘why’, so that is why we are all single tracked, single minded Muslims who are not open to theories rather we are paranoid of science. But I ask why is it like that with us? Allah (SWT) said supposition is not HARRAM so why we not suppose and study science. I am so much disappointed of Mr. Harun Yahya that how he is misleading people especially the youngsters who yet to have study science and when they will get such misleading examples and quotations from people like Harun Yahya whose explanations and reasoning’s were all baseless and misleading without keen observation and experimentation then obviously we will not harbor scientist but fanatics. He basically spoke lies out there and only used parts of the quotations from majority of the scientists and never gave the full picture and views of their theories so he has been only very conversational in misleading people. Therefore how can we have our society flourish with rich and pure knowledge of science when we will be mislead and have no open mind about it? I have already said in my last reply in this forum that we should not bring Islam on conclusion course with science rather should keep studying both and still keep our Islamic ethics up and normal in concurrence with science.

  41. abubaqar says:

    can anyone explain that if we are descended from monkeys as stated by western science, then why does the chimpanzees or gorillas not have clitoris,s?

    how can the monkeys not have and we humans have from that transformation? if it is true which i do not believe, but still i want a europeans answer to this question if possible!

  42. farrukh says:

    Mr Zubair Chughtai comments are a reflection of his brainwashed psychology. Harun Yahya and Noriaga (in their Arrival Series) have conclusively refuted this Atheist Theory.

    Mr Chugtai should read both sides of the theory before preaching this baseless concoction passed off as “theory of Evolution’. A figment of Darwin’s psychotic imagination which lead the Western World away from Monotheism towards Atheism and imorality.

  43. Zubair Chughtai says:

    Ok, it is a great article and there are great replies from people about it in this forum but I would like to add further to it in this forum and explain the misinterpretations of Islam by Non Muslims and about science by Muslims.
    I as Muslim have to believe this all but I always have one question fo,r such article writers that why we Muslims and other monotheists keep denouncing science and especially when it comes to biology and the theory of evolution? I am saying this because I have read something about Darwinism and in this article I felt it is again being strongly denied decisively which is not just unfair but also very ignorant. We all know if we are educated in biology that evolution exists and has been proven very well over the period of time in many ways, though it is slow and painstaking and not detectable in a human life span but if we look at the genetic junk of human beings we contain all those genes which have been in our predecessors are up to 97 percent and what makes us human is only the non dormant genes of 3 percent, so why this trend is not found in other primates and only in us? This is because we followed up the hierarchy of evolution very well and not them therefore they don’t have all that genetic junk in dormant form as we do. So if hierarchy works in natural form then it is also natural to be seen in our societies as well. I am not provoking any one to believe that those 13 or so families of the world should be allowed to form hierarchy in the world as said in this article but the evolution does work and the Darwinism is a truth, however since humans have happened to become all homo-sapiens so naturally that we are all one species now with different races amongst us with and only a fraction of a difference therefore we are all one and now we need to avoid further hierarchal system created unnaturally by the elites.
    Now, If this hierarchical system will continue or will be allowed to continue unnecessarily and unnaturally created by those elite racist families or by the racist people of the earth for several millennia to come then it will create such a division amongst the human race that we will not be able to intermingle anymore which will then give rise to new species from races instead and once more we will be seeing new species out of the human beings and that we would really be the time when the real Satanic model would be established. And we would then see the survival of the fittest amongst the species created out of human race like it was before now when Homo-Habilus were over taken by Homo-Erectus and further down the road by Neanderthal and then by us the Homo-Sapiens. So do we want this to happen again and this time unnaturally to us or do we? Who wants this to have happened to us? Well it is the racist people of the earth, the 13 richest families, the elites or whatever you want to call them as said in this article. We all need to get united as good humane humans if we want to successfully and peacefully live on this planet. How can we make our planet to survive and not lose its resources when we are not fair to humanity ourselves?

    Islam on the other hand is a religion of peace and talks about equality and believe me it does better than any other it just the matter of delving into it and studying it harder, but like all other religions and its followers it has been against science and it has been due to mostly because of its followers and the misinterpretations by them. I have just been watching TV lately and I saw the news on BBC world about the science day exhibition in London in which the days of science was being celebrated, remembered when Muslims were best at it in medieval times of Europe, when it was in dark ages. Slowly and gradually when the Europeans caught up with it and we lagged behind and finally lost all our achievements of science then their society flourished and amongst their society emerged one especially society now known as illuminati which really embraced it well. However illuminati has a different agenda as well and that is to create hierarchal divisions and stay as an elite on top of the others and thus suppress the world like other elites where as Islam which is integrated with science and vice versa so naturally that it explains us the whole meaning of the life, the equality and the implementation of science where and when and how and not just for self gain or greed for only one society but for the whole of the humanity and all other living things encompassed.
    Finally speaking I will also like to say that the writer has spoken the truth about the antichrist, the Jesus (PBUH), Mohammad (PBUH) and all other things in his article but have not been realistic about Darwinism and I felt that he has something against science like all other religious speakers and I strongly believe had we not un-embraced science or had we not left it alone then we would have been still in power and unlike those elites mentioned here, illuminati groups and unlike all such others, we could have been providing justice, equality, rights to all the people of the earth and ourselves at the same time just like before when we were in power, instead. It s only by leaving science and listening to the hardliners and false scholars that we do damage to us and rest alike. We need to create more scientist then Hafize’ Quran (Those who remember Holy Quran by heart) and the hardliner speakers. Only then we could provide justice to our selves (Muslims) and avoid allowing hierarchical groups to gain power as mentioned in this article. We have seen a prime example in just recent past how it disallowed the extreme capitalism and the elites to enter in their main stream system and yet the people stayed in power for a long a time and resisted United States which is none other than the past Soviet Union . Although communism is not appraisable in Islam but the only reason I mentioned past Soviet Union here is to give an example and to let you all know the actual driving force behind this ‘ism’ was the science and technology they had embraced to be successful and full of resistance to the United States Of America which still is a super power today, is also only because of science and technology. Science is considered mostly blasphemous to religious kinds from especially monotheists background yet they all live along with it swallow it hard down their throats as a bitter truth, resist and deny it unnecessarily so unless we Muslims do not re-accept it fully and practice it fully we will always be considered savages, backwards, ruthless without any educated background and thus un-respected on this planet be suppressed by these elites and abused become debt ridden slaves and labeled as terrorists.

    • Abdallah Jan says:

      Modern Science was introduced by Muslims. All the Muslim scientific Scholars were Hafiz or had memorized Qur,an. It is the Qur’an that encourages the men and women to observe, learn and investigate. The more learned one is, the better for Islam.

      Allah has guaranteed the preservation of Qur’an and the Huf’az are HIS Helpers. When you spout nonsense of alienating Qur,an by Muslims, you go out of the boundery of Islam and thus be raised among non-Muslims.

      There are much more to Qur’an than what you comprehend. When you can’t comprehend the message yourself do not blame other Muslims for not comprehending evolution.

      There is not a single error in Qur’an. All the established science agrees with Qur’an, you have doubt?…………..then prove it.


  44. Kozmic says:

    This system of antichrist is not only in place but also working on its maximum capacity and destroying every one who is in his way. The so called war on Terror has now been restricted to Muslim countries only and they are adding new targets day by day Yemen is an example of that. I think the time has come to understand this system as it is brilliantly explained in this article and try not to debate on the issues of Jesus and difference between Christianity and Islam we all are true believers of one GOD and no other and by getting involve in these discussion over the manipulation of religion makes us fall in the same hierarchy of religion which is mentioned by the author. If we have one common enemy and that is the system of antichrist i say lets forget our internal difference and combine our strength to defeat the bigger enemy.

    Thank you Pakalert for posting such kind of articles because knowing the current geopolitical environment of the world is important but whats more important is that we should know the concepts to clear our understanding further

  45. al-Dajjal says:

    Very iteresant but i can’t speak english (i can reed better)

    Muy bien señores, una vez superados los traumas pertinentes -nunca me acuerdo de subir mi fotito- estamos en plenas condiciones de retomar el contacto tipográfico que desde aquí hemos denominado ‘el comunicado’.
    Desde la certeza absoluta de que ‘la cuenta ya jamás podrá ser regresiva’ se nos conceden, a nosotros los hermanos de la sedición última, ciertas libertades como por ejemplo elegirlo a usted como destinatario, y a su ’sitio’ como soporte de nuestro mensaje.
    Aclarado esto, y si los demonios del éter cibernético nos lo permiten -me encanta decir eso-, podríamos empezar por un mas detallado abordaje de la cuestión: 1) Este muchacho, al que los ‘operarios’ del sector naranja llamamos ‘Walter’ -he llegado a saber que también lo llaman ‘César’ y que a medida que mas cerca se esté del ‘centro del edificio’ sus nombres varian acrecentando ‘complejidades sonoras’-, representa (por no decir ‘es la estricta encarnación de’) el grado mas bajo de la existencia humana en todos los órdenes. A este respecto se ha podido decir muy justamente que en su persona -a modo de correspondencia microcósmica- realizaría exactamente lo contrario a la ‘extinción’ del yo ante el Si mismo: el ’suicidio’ de la sumerción en el Caos. 2) Será coronado ‘Monarca Universal’ luego de presentarse como el restaurador de la paz amenazada por un ‘gran problema ficticio’. 3) Vendrá en apoyo de esto un ‘prodigioso talento’ del cual no se nos permite hacer mención. 4) La gente creerá en sus intenciones paternales como hoy mismo se cree que la película Shrek es buena para los niños -¡por Dios!
    Señor: Como ya dijimos, Ud. ha sido elegido -al azar. Poco importa lo que haga al respecto.
    Es hora de que sepan -y sería una necedad de nuestra parte negarlo- que el reinado de ‘Walter’ será el mas terrible y al mismo tiempo la mas efímera de todas las coronas impuestas a la humanidad. La subversión definida plenamente en todos los ámbitos será signo del ‘fin de los tiempos’, y tras la necesaria inversión de los polos -a partir de la cual ‘el sol saldrá por occidente y se pondrá en oriente’- una nueva humanidad florecerá en un nuevo ciclo, ciclo con el cual la humanidad presente no tiene ninguna clase de ‘relación de continuidad’.
    Dicho esto -¡oh, amigos de Darwin!- es evidente que aquí no se trata de mera Teología (detestamos los exclusivismos): La hermenéutica de los textos antiguos supondría para ustedes -en el hipotético caso de que puedan sacar media cabeza de la jaula racionalista cientista dogmática occidental- mucho mas que una brisa de aire fresco en un mundo como propuesta de las grandes corporaciones.
    PD: Y entiéndase bien que para nos, coma ya se dijo, la ‘espiritualidad new age’ es el aspecto mas aberrante del mundo de hoy como tal (lo mismo vale para toda religiosidad).

  46. j.kesyopea atonborow says:

    Great articles indeed.
    I am biologist looking for a job. Please, write more about the genetical modifications of food and patents and how practically the Muslim word is fighting Devil and his demons.

    Sincerely, Jonnea

  47. mohammed says:

    to all the Christians:
    please understand who actually compiled the Bible- it was jewish rabbis, some time after Isa (Jesus) PBUH.they took whatever sayings/words of Isa (jesus) that his followers “apostles” had collected and chopped & changed these words to mislead his followers to come.
    they have altered & tampered with the Bible to such an extent that very little remains of the original message of Isa (jesus).
    the same goes for their own book, the Tauraat (Torah). these ungodly people have always been disobedient to God and are actually the helpers of Shaitaan (Satan).we all accept that Shaitaan (Satan) was granted respite until the day of Judgement & he has vowed to mislead all of us in order to take us to Hell with him.
    and we Muslims dont belive that Isa (jesus) is the true messiah.
    we belive that he is a prophet of god sent to guide his people towards the worship of Allah (God) alone, & not to associate any partners with him.
    we also believe that he was not crucified but Allah has lifted him up into the heavens & he shall return once more to earth.
    when he does, it will not be as a prophet, but as a follower of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
    then there is the appearance of Imam mahdi (meaning the guided one).
    he will be from the lineage of Hasan (RAD) ,the grandson of the prophet Muhammah (pbuh).he will appear before the second coming of Isa but it will be Isa who will slay the Dajjal.

    most of the wars/conflicts that are happening in the world today are in muslim lands or involving muslims.
    why is that so?
    because we are bloodthirsty savages or is there another reason for it?
    the satanist Illuminati headed by the Rothschild family (i think) are trying to destroy islam because it represents the only remaining obstacle to their plans of total world domination. they have infiltrated & subverted Christianity & judaism long ago and they dont pose a threat to them anymore.
    the wheels have been turning for centuries now- this plan was not concocted in the 20th century.

  48. A corporation is a vehicle to commit fraud. It is a ficticious entity. We all under corporate law, which is comprised of the Uniform Commercial Code, and Maritime Law. Under civil law only two persons that are recognized in the courts of law, are debtors and creditors. The political hacks are surogates for the international fianance hyenas. The common people do not own real wealth. They are corporate surfs. When the international bankers appointed the necessary person into the international sphere of fiance, the corporate surfs began to pay them tribute of subjects, and all the monies of the world began to flow into their cash boxes. Central Bank Notes stupidly calle money are bills of credit. Real property is held in trust. All property is chattel leaned property, opposed of free hold. You only have a deed of trust and rents. International finance has a security interest against it. When you bought the property they did not disclose that fact to you. That is called a due process violation. The local government taxing authority, which is a public corporation, pledge all property in their jurisdiction as security or collateral for the bonds they float or issue. The New York Investment Bankers underwrite the bonds, and individuals, governments, finance companies, insurance companies, and institutional investors buy them. The government than collects realestate taxes to pay for these debt obligations, and enforces payment by the threat of foreclosure and eviction. That is legalized extortion. Did you sign a loan agreement, so that a public corporation could borrow money against the vested interest you hold on property? The common people only have right of occupancy and use. Not right of possesion and use. Only live persons can own real property. Not corporations, because they are a ficticious entity. If the common people do not demand their constitutional rights to own real property free from all leans and encuberances, and a debt free money system based on the real wealth, which is represented by gold and silver, than future generations of the unborn are doomed to debt slavery

    Respectfully James M Nunes
    Monetary Reformer/Social Creditor

  49. Andrea says:

    The principle and the qualitiy of forgivness of Jesus Christ lies dormant within every human being. It is the princile of the sixth chakra (agnya) which is placed on the forehead.
    This princile gets awakened when the the holy spirit is awakened within and takes over. The sixth chakra gets enlightened and this is how the way is opened to the kingdom of god which is placed in the seveth chakra (sahasrara) on the top of the head.
    If you want to know more google for sahaja yoga.

    This awakenig takes place collectively all over the world right now and this is how Jesus Chist will manifest on earth in our times.
    We should not wait any longer for anybody to come. Each one of us has the potetial of Christ within himself and the ability to manifest it being part of the spiritual evolution of humankind.
    It is our aim to manifest the kingdom of god wordwide and this is done by manifesting it within orselvs.
    The critical mass of realised souls has to be attained to save the world from the demonic destructive forces.

  50. farrukh says:

    A very enlightening by pakalert team. Totally in cognizance to the groundbreaking video series THE ARRIVALs by noreaga and achenar.

    a must read

  51. farrukh says:

    To curiouskath permalink:

    “But I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH UNDERSTANDING THIS – If the Muslims believe that Dajjal is the False Messiah, and that Jesus Christ is the True Messiah, son of Mary; and the true Messiah is the Son of God according to the Old Testament – then theoretically, Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but don’t realise it!!!! “”

    you are right in saying : Dajjal is the False Messiah, and that Jesus Christ is the True Messiah, son of Mary
    and wrong thereafter.
    Mslims belive — as they are told to believe thru revelation in the form of the last Holy Book — The Quran, that Jesus PBUH was a prophet of Allah, just like all the prophets before and after him.
    Being born miraculously without a father doesnt make him god’s son, since Adam can claim this more vociferously, since he was born without a father & mother as well.
    For a muslim Allah can not be imagined or given human attributes. For any diety, who can be imagined has been encompassed. And this violates the basic definition of Omnipotence in every aspect and shade. In the quran,
    “Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
    Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
    And there is none like unto Him. ‘

    To attribute a son to god is ludicurous and a way — humanizing him. due to limitations of our intellectual and mental faculties, we humans try to understand god with comparisons, whereas He is absolute. And herein lies many pitfalls.Infact Allah declares in the Quran

    Sura 19:88-92 They say: “(God) Most Gracious has begotten a son!” Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous! At it the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin, That they should invoke a son for (God) Most Gracious. For it is not consonant with the majesty of (God) Most Gracious that He should beget a son.”

    it further explains the position of Jesus as
    5:72-73, 5:75 “They do blaspheme who say: “God is Christ the son of Mary.” They do blaspheme who say: God is one of three in a trinity: for there is no God except one God Allah. If they do not desist from their word of blasphemy, verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them. Christ the son of Mary was no more than a Messenger; many were the Messengers that passed away before him.”

    and no, Jesus never said that he was a god unequivocally. And the word trinity doesnt even exist in the bible.
    hope this helps

  52. Tariq Mahmood says:

    The belief in the expected person who would get us rid of all worries is present in all faiths. The belief has some positive effects and some not very positive. Large groups of people expect a peron with meta-physical powers. This approach will gear them to do nothing. On the positive side the idea yields hope.

  53. I am wondering why my first reply didnt show up here. Dont you like me saying that all 3 religions are fairytales and based on ancient astrological believe and observation? Are you party to opinions or are you interested that we get true media instead?
    This article is not worth to be described a sientific correct article and smells as much sensationalism than the other side! Just one example. The writer describes satanic everything antichrist. So all we, not following anymore non of the 3 stories fotocopied to each other, are we satanic? And what about calling the 3 religions the only satanic issue around humanity? It is and its time to end this play with peoples heart.
    Consumption, religious believe, political set up, for about 60 years the US has been on THAT sleeping bag and lots of so called modern human cant even handle the most basic natural issue anymore. Let there be believers in Christianity, in Moslem or in Judaism, those have the right to say the world is a disc and not a ball, let there be psicopaths in the dark manipulating those and getting terribly rich and powerful, any human is always and exactly where he should be and will learn his lesson by whatever negative or positive outcome.
    More than 2000 years this 3 twinbrothers born in the same dusty poor corner of arabic territory are 3 companies grown into multinational corporations according to the sample of Romes empire given. All 3 of them selling the same product without production and thats where high finance got its tricky tool ideas from.
    Evil, true evil against nature and human can only be effective where the ground let them play their games like a deadly desease can only act where the underlying ground (self defense system) let it passing through. Even that may have a higher spiritual meaning but I prefer to name it psicological prozess of learning and maturing or even evolution.
    But nethertheless religion become again one of those big issues to bring your attention to sleep again if you allowe such. And it will get much intense since we are at the beginning of a world wide night translating into violence, hunger, thurst, viral and chem attacks, even civil war in the US and many all EU countries.
    Analyzing and investigating all 3 religious tendencies made out of one will lead into endless scandals, endless discussions, but we know world is a bit older than those story tellers and we may take the decision to search for god for real and forget about that suspicious mind crap in the background of those 3 religions.
    Muslim aint better than Christianity and Judaism, non of them can be better than the other, study yourself the wisdom of budism and you learn to see all these things from the inside and no one is selling you a god nor a religious structure leading to manipulation and power. Than go farther and study the Taoism, the wisdom of present beauty and you improve again on your spirtual walk of your life. But walk yourself. Dont wait a TV show or even a progressive media like pakalert pushing you.
    If we constantly consider to be victim of this and that we dont end being victims forever.

  54. abubaqar says:

    well done haris, excellent and informative article,mashallah!
    when jesus was on this earth trying to get the jews back onto the path of god” I HAVE NOT BEEN SENT EXCEPT AS A MERCY TO THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL”

    he was the way to god , because there was no other way for them (jews)due to their rejection of him, in every prophets time he is the way to god whether people accept him or reject him,hence mohammed pbuh is the final way to god. to reject the messenger is to reject god.

    when he also said”THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL THAT THEY SHOULD KNOW THEE , THE ONLY TRUE GOD AND JESUS CHRIST WHOM YOU HAVE SENT” does that make jesus a god? this is a statement between a messenger and his sender god almighty like we muslims say “THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MOHAMMED IS HIS MESSENGER” in his time jesus is saying the same thing THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND JESUS IS HIS MESSENGER”.

    all these teachings in christianity are at variance with jesus,s in all spheres of life and yet are in concordance with those of the enemy of god called NIMROD!! if the christians care to look at his time period and teachings which have been foisted upon christianity by the followers of the anti christ!

    the early followers of jesus did not accept him as god or son of god literally(which only means a holy or righteouness person)but as a messenger sent by god as a light to lead them out of darkness into faith! needless to say the trinitarian church warred upon these unitarian believers and massacred them by the millions in history as you can read in the rise and fall of the roman empire by gibbons the master historian!

    we muslims and christians ,jews have a common enemy from time immemorial called satan who has a variety of faces in all time periods, only in the koran has he been called IBLIS meaning the (bruised one) from whom a large part of humanity is saved by abolishment of idol worship by the message of the koran and coming of the prophet mohammed pbuh.

  55. Butt sniff khan says:

    Dear sir – let the world go to hell – will pathans conquer pakistan and make it once more ours ?

    • Abdallah Jan says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, but Pathans will conquer Bharat aka India soon Insha-Allah, and turn their faces westward across Arabia.

  56. Rose says:

    Jesus said, I am the Truth, the Light and the Way – The path is narrow – There is only one path – not many, sorry folks! It is men and women who say there are many ways and many gods, but that is the interpretation of men and women based on their individual choice to believe their beliefs or sell books and become rich and famous. I have seen – I have had an after death experience – Jesus is the Son of God – He is the only Way to the Light – believe me or not – I’m only a messenger. God Bless all as I leave each person to decide for themselves which is God’s Will.

  57. Ciò che è stato sarà di Nuovo, al Tramonto dei nostri Tempi, al Sorgere di una Nuova Terra e di un Nuovo Cielo per una Nuova Umanità Ri – Voluzio – Nata,
    l’Umanità è pronta nella sua ulteriore Ciclica Ri – genera – azione, si perpetui la Nuova Umanità Rinnovata e proiettata a Nuova VITA in un Nuovo Cielo e in una Nuova Terra.

    Ri – Appaia il ritorno della Croce nei Cieli, ciò che è stato sarà di Nuovo, resti in noi la Consapevolezza di Essere LA CREAZIONE DI DIO L’UNICO IL SUPREMO L’ONNIPOTENTE in Spirito Universo quale Vero DIO nostro UNICO CREATORE.
    JESUS CRISTUS sia su tutti noi, anticipa il tuo Ritorno, GESU’ ti imploriamo, mea culpa mea culpa mea grandissima culpa.

    La Battaglia Finale degli Spiriti è già in Atto, IL REGNO DI DIO TRIONFERA’sul regno dei demoni, Fratelli in DIO non abbiate paura, con GESU’ SIGNORE nei nostri cuori noi non abbiamo motivo di avere paura, JESUS CRISTUS SIGNORE NOSTRO SALVATORE ci tiene a sua Cura e Protezione.

    IL Pianeta dell’attraversamento chiamato anche SECONDO SOLE, forma con l’orbita sua e della Terra, una Croce simbolo nei cieli causando sconvolgimenti e spostamento dell’asse Terrestre.

    Prepariamoci ad accogliere gli Eventi, inizino i Canti e le Danze di Liberazione dalle paure e dalle angosce Umane, Un Nuovo RI – Inizio dell’Umanità in una Nuova Terra e in un Nuovo Cielo sta per porsi in essere.
    Gloria alla Jèrusalem Celeste nei Cieli e alla Nuova Umana esperienza in Terris, Dio in noi, Dio tra di noi in Dio Uni Verso.

    JURM Ben ISman
    ( ROMA provincia li 11 – 11- 2009 – 22.11 )

    Per il bene della Santa ricomposizione dell’umanità L’IDDIO UNO L’UNICO L’ASSOLUTO,VOGLIA, che le Altezze Celesti e Terrene prendano in dovuta considerazione attuativa quanto segue e ponga il tutto in essere, CHE L’IDDIO UNO LO VOGLIA e che le Forze Celesti Veglino sulla Umanità e sulla Terra.

    E’ il momento dell’Umana Ascensione in Corpo Mente Anima e Spirito alla Jèrusalem Celeste nei Cieli, essa ci appartiene come il Cielo ci appartiene.

  58. curiouskath says:

    I agree that the West has been conned by the Americans and their agenda, under the control of the Rothschilds/Freemasons, to give all power to the antichrist from Jerusalem. The West is a mess spiritually and completely confused by the media. But that is part of the agenda of the antichrist, isn’t it?

    There are hundreds of Catholic prophecies from the saints, going back thousands of years, that state that the Jews will accept the antichrist as their long-awaited Messiah. They have DENIED that they killed their only Messiah – Jesus Christ, who they believe was NOT the Messiah. The passages in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John clearly state what happened after Jesus Christ was murdered and how authorities covered up how Jesus rose from the dead and left the tomb that he was in, even with a massive stone covering the opening. The authorities were afraid of what the people would to to them if they discovered that they had killed their Messiah – so, they lied and created a conspiracy to cover it up. The Jews never change, do they?

    The Jews and Romans were covering up the fact that Jesus Christ WAS their Messiah back then – over two thousand years ago!

    They murdered and stoned all of their prophets before Jesus Christ was born. Read the parable of the vineyard owner (Matthew 21:33-45), who is God; JC is the owner’s son; the tenants are the Jews; and the servants of the owner are the prophets who the Jews stoned and killed because they spoke the truth. They have conspired to hide the truth and kill the messengers ever since they lived in Egypt.

    The ONLY reason that God led the Israelis out of Egypt originally was to get them away from the paganism and occultism of the Egyptians. And what they have done now, is create the Synagogue of Satan (see Revelations 3:9) who use the ancient occultism of the Hebrews that they brought with them from Egypt, to destroy the earth and gain power over all people as the antichrist.

    But I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH UNDERSTANDING THIS – If the Muslims believe that Dajjal is the False Messiah, and that Jesus Christ is the True Messiah, son of Mary; and the true Messiah is the Son of God according to the Old Testament – then theoretically, Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but don’t realise it!!!!

    If you read the New Testament and everything that Jesus Christ actually said, he never ever stated that he was a prophet. He avoided any questions about that because he feared the authorities would kill him and he had lots of work to get finished before that happened. Whenever he is asked, he always says ‘that is what you say’ or something similar. Or he asks somebody else who they think he is. It is the words of the prophets of the Old Testament that confirm who he is and also his resurrection from the dead, which the Jews covered up and denied in a conspiracy.

  59. Richard sievert says:

    The question I askis would money corrupt you ? Owe every poor man would surly say no way because they have nothing’ But if given the chance would they be the same?
    Ponder this question in prayer and then get real with your answers . If jim needs money to pay jill than he finds something of value to her that he can pay with.We have placed value in the things we can buy with money nut not our own soul that lasts forever’ forgetting the most important factor us’ We get lost in our merchandise and forget we are human we forget how pathetic, And week we really are’ To the elements of natural destruction there is and above .
    And where all being watched close the reason things haven’t happened yet is we are noticing slowly what I am saying’ That in order to stop wars we must quet making bomb’s Excellence is not given it is earned!
    ” By being excellent’
    Iif we continue on the path we are on we will be destroyed but not by ourselves no’ But them that patiently watch and hope we do the right thing and learn from our past mistakes please listen to me befor it’s to late.

  60. kalkichrist says:

    Abraham Lincoln, Vladimir Lenin, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, King Mongkut of Siam, Barack Obama and many others – all Divine Incarnations, Deities, born in the middle of strife to help establish balance for the conscious and spiritual ascent of Humanity, now with its final stage in preparation.

    Simply, there are thousands of Divine Incarnations Who are not yet aware of it and will wake Spirit in Human attention soon.

  61. Delta says:

    Great article, very moving. I think people are now starting to wake up to whats going on around us, as the global elite accumilate more wealth and resources and are literally in spitting distance of accomplishing their goals. And its as if they have changed their strategy from being ‘the hidden hand’ to now more overt methods of in your face tactics which can be seen in some TV adverts and even from the masonic puppets in the music industry who blatently show their commitment to satan in their music videos. This arrogance may be from their knowledge that they are close to completion of their plan and that they have gathered such colosal power that it may be to late for the masses to be able to even hinder their objectives. But they will see how pointless there efforts were when there so called saviour is killed and the system that they have been working towards for centuries so easily abolished, and No their suffering will not stop there, there awaits for them a Burning Fire whose fuel is men and stones. Were they will be dragged on their faces into the fire and they will hear a voice call out ‘Taste the touch of Hell’. There is no punishment severe enough on this planet which could reflect the sins they commited and for them their is hellfire, ‘and they will abide therein for etenity’.

  62. pandora says:

    ** RESPONSE TO massigusoni …from a REAL Christian **

    I went to your site,

    Interesting that you post two poems on it. One by the famous FREEMASON Rugyard Kipling. See “Rugyard Kipling and His Masonic Career” at

    You also post two photos. One is the “Sword in the Stone”, which has VERY OCCULT symbolism. The other photo is a donkey, who is probably more Christian than you are!

    From the evidence,one might ascertain that you are an Internet Troll **

    ** An “Internet troll” is a person who posts outrageous message to bait people to answer. Forum Troll delights in sowing discord on the forums. A troll is someone who inspires flaming rhetoric, someone who is purposely provoking and pulling people into flaming discussion.

  63. Carol Stukey says:

    To all my Christian friends ( I am a recovering Baptist ) My religion never made sense to me, even as a small child. I left all religion and church-going behind as soon as I left my parents home in 1967. But I did not stop searching for the Truth. As mentioned in the article above, most religions teach us how to love others and ourselves. When the Christian church made Jesus divine and the rest of us poor souls responsible for his death, we have been suffering this unearned guilt. This has made us prey to the control of many unholy people and institutions. This Age has been a time of great deception, but the new Age coming soon will bring Disclosure and accountability. The Divine Plan will win out, but we have to participate and be the Love that we are. Just spreading Truth and not war will bring about a quicker end to our suffering. Another Divine Child of God, Carol

  64. Sehr says:

    i love the social hirerchy part and good article overall

  65. Zain says:

    Excellent stuff

    This is by far one of the best consolidated attempts to explain todays global chaos in just one article eventhough its length but understandably so and i congratulate pakalert for posting such kind of articles. I can see bother Massigusoni is not thrilled by the idea that we Muslim do believe in Prophet Jesus as a messenger not as a son of GOD and thus not inline with the biblical prophesies instead we believe in the prophesies of Quran and Hadith but this should not be a bone of contention between us Muslims and Christians as rightly mentioned by the author that its related to the comparative religion. What we have to understand is that we the followers of ONE GOD are against the enemy of Antichrist which is affecting all the religions and we have to join hands to fight with this system. People like David Icke and Alex Jones have talked much about New World Order and Zionist but they failed to provide us Muslim a perspective that we can relate with our religion and faith and i believe that brother Haris has done a great job.

    Keep up it and congratulations once again for posting

  66. massigusoni says:

    Pak Alert has some real good articles, and I refer to it often. This is not one of them. The investigative reports on current affairs lend to the probability that some Christians may re-interpret their understanding of Bible prophecy. [e.g. that the Zionist cabal is of Antichrist, and NOT a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy concerning Israel’s return to the land. It should be clear that this fulfillment, when it comes to pass, follows a set sequence in all the occasions where it is mentioned, from Genesis XLIX onward. That sequence of events is: 1- The coming of the Messiah (for us Christians, His second coming) 2- He sets up His Kingdom in Power and Glory (through Angelic, Spiritual and Supernatural agencies) 3- He Gathers His own into it. Any other manifestation of such a “Kingdom” coming to pass, must be something else entirely.] That our Lord Jesus Christ was “that Prophet” spoken of in Moses should be clear to most. That he was also the suffering Lamb of God spoken in Isaiah LIII and in the Psalms of David should be also clear. I believe that Islam holds that Christ was not the Son of God, and that He did not literally die, and was resurrected. Such a belief is laughable from both the secular and the Biblical historical perspective. It flies in the face of Christianity. I, personally, can sort out legitimate reporting from Muslim doctrine, but there are many who can not. And I’m afraid that with many of these the mix of Muslim doctrine with reporting is counterproductive, if your aim is to get Christians to re-think their prophetic interpretations. That is to say, statements which contradict the Christian beliefs will alienate the Christian reader. It is an easy step from there to loose credebility in the eyes of the readers that I believe you are trying to influence. The sympathy and understanding of many Christian people are moving in favor of the suffering people of Palestine, and Iraq and Afganistan. And many Christian people are viewing the Zionist Anti-Christ agenda for what it is, and as such are in agreement on some things with many Moslems. There are still areas of faith that we do not agree upon. We all should realize that as the events come to pass, that at some future date, at the appearing of Christ, all speculation will cease, and we all (with the exception of the deranged in mind) will have to bow to the revelation of that moment. Until that time it would be prudent for both Muslims and Christians to “agree to disagree” on some issues. The greatest of these is the person and office of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In mathematics, there can only be one correct answer to a given problem. However, some answers may be closer to correct than others. From a Christian perspective, the Muslim view of Christ is incorrect; but it is closer to correct than any other. We have a common enemy as well, who would pit us against each other at every opportunity. In light of this, I would highly recommend that your articles be “proof read” with a view to pointing out the ‘common ground’ between the Christian and the Muslim. This may prove a challenge, as there are many Christians who can not find common ground among themselves. Yet, I feel that such an effort would reap good fruit unto truth. I would also recommend that some proof reading for English grammar would be a plus. Any ‘preacher’ can easily preach to the ‘choir’ in his own ‘church’. It takes a better man all together to shine the light of truth into the darkness. This may seem a critical post: and, so in closing I will say that the criticism is meant to be constructive, and that I hold the effort of you folks at Pak Alert in very high esteem. I subscribe to, and read, and recommend your work. May you all be blessed, and protected, and enlightened further in your courageous effort.

  67. wazi says:

    Great article
    Very precise and to the point I am sure there is a lot more to what the aurther has written or try to cover here but for sure this is new perspective and I love it

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