The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds



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  1. The idle rich lionized – a load of shite!

  2. If anyone believes that such people like the Rothschilds are the good guys, that person needs to reconsider their values really seriously.
    For every million any rich man owns a thousand people some place else are in misery.
    All of those riches are been spend to show off, and to buy endless amounts of vein crap, while this planet has been demolished by the human race.
    Most of the world's wealth is been concentrated in the hands of few trough the means of war and financial slavery.
    The human race is nothing, but a bunch of absolute idiots and these aristocratic gibberish is simply the pinnacle of human idiocy.

  3. I pray that the Rothschild get some virus that kills and rottens them slowly

  4. Kolin Dunn says:

    He who controls the money controls everything Food Water Shelter .

  5. DeathStrike! says:


  6. GuyKnife says:

    An interesting note in hindsight:
    Jacob noted how he sold his north sea oil interests for a twofold increase on profits RIGHT BEFORE the Suadi's flooded the market with their cheap oil, DESTROYING american oil sand companies with high manufacturing costs, [see canadian oil sands being grabbed by Suncor] if you've been paying attention to the news, the "north sea oil interests" took a massive hit RIGHT AFTER he sold his shares. I wouldn't be surprised to see his cronies behind the throne in the recent "Land-grab" style deals they're renown for, just like waterloo they're using the oil market to grab MASSIVE GAINS for pennies on the dollar.

  7. PointmanJan says:

    Modern art is a Joke.

  8. emilio conte says:

    mancano i sottotitoli in italiano

  9. The guy spent millions of dollars for a pile of plates?! And it's considered art? Wtf?

  10. Matt Cook says:

    presedent jfk told us so they had him shot every one was in shock and they didnt get the message well i did WE THE PEOPLE ARE COMING FREEDOM DONT COME WITH A PRICE TAG

  11. Yassine 09 says:


  12. PJ Walker says:

    The super class, the ubermensch, der furher rasse. Sieg Heil. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention they funded Hitler through their Bank of England and the Bank of International Settlements? Perhaps that explains why the young Princess Elizardbeth was taught the AshkeNazi salute….hmmmmm

  13. PETRAS says:

    "They all have to face with two things: Death and taxes" I´m sure, some of these aristocrats like the rothchilds only chose 1 of these things.

  14. jim boniface says:

    We are coming after your family. They will be castrated

  15. senior1110 says:

    Jacob is going to give "most" instead of just "some" of it. Now that's a sign of a enlightened man. I hope the other Rothschilds will do the same.

    The theory that the Rothschilds through the Illuminati wants to govern the world has no basis given what Jacob is going to do with his fortune.

  16. ChuckHydro says:

    You mean the trash that has literally destroyed this country and half of the world.

  17. patrick45sue says:

    So much hate is written in the comments, at least they are not strapping bombs to themselves trying to blow innocent people up !!

  18. Heaven Earth says:

    The Rothschild's are not Jewish and are not the true Jews as they claim they are. The are the Ashkenazi so called Jews came from khazaria eastern Europe. They were brought into Israel in 1941. They are full of Satan worship evil and pagan worship!

  19. wastamo says:

    Why the ban in England?
    I don't get it, seems a nice good video to me.

  20. Putin needs to team up with North Korea and come destroy these bastards ASAP

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