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This past summer I was taking an upper level Graphic Literature course at my university. For my final project, I composed a soundtrack for Shaun Tan’s graphic novel, The Arrival. Everything was played by me on my synth with different sound patches for different instruments, except the polka sections (which sound almost midi-ish, they were played back with Sibelius). I absolutely love this story, the artwork, the message, the emotions…I get chills every time I pull it out. I highly recommend picking up a copy. You should check out his site for more info

Here are some of his notes on the story:
“The Arrival is a migrant story told as a series of wordless images that might seem to come from a long forgotten time. A man leaves his wife and child in an impoverished town, seeking better prospects in an unknown country on the other side of a vast ocean. He eventually finds himself in a bewildering city of foreign customs, peculiar animals, curious floating objects and indecipherable languages. With nothing more than a suitcase and a handful of currency, the immigrant must find a place to live, food to eat and some kind of gainful employment. He is helped along the way by sympathetic strangers, each carrying their own unspoken history: stories of struggle and survival in a world of incomprehensible violence, upheaval and hope.”


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  1. Hey there! I definitely understand where you're coming from. Few things…first, these images are already online, by Tan himself. I didn't put anything online. Second, the music doesn't correlate to the pictures, so it's in essence just an audio work. My main point was to have the audio up, the promotional pictures for the Arrival (which have already been distributed) just made sense to share over top. Lastly, the music was made for a university project, no commercial use.

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