The Arrival Movie Trailer (1996)


The Arrival Movie Trailer (1996) starring Charlie Sheen and Ron Silver.


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  1. WODELAR says:

    One of my favourite scifimovies. Has an inteligent intrigue

  2. Contact was out at the same time with this, it "looked" bigger and better but wasn't. It refused to give some long awaited answers in the end. However it just swallowed "The Arrival", which is maybe the best sci-fi thriller ever made, AND they included the aliens, something that movies of the 90's were skeptical about (whether on not going CGI or puppets). In fact, they had already prepared silicon masks for filming The Arrival, and very wisely rejected them and went cgi with amazing results. Charlie Sheen is at his best, in one of few dramatic roles he ever took. The role itself is not too demanding, you could try other actors for sure, but he was great.

  3. Ekoms Three says:

    Looks good have to watch am fan.???Check out YOUTUBE now THE KRYOGENIX 

  4. Mic Nor says:

    Whoa Charlie Sheen?

  5. So is this any good or nah?

  6. This trailer really gives away the movie,
    like really bad, the trailer is too long.

  7. Angel Avel says:

    Interesting movie good

  8. Ibpn says:

    change the earth through geo-engineering to make more suitable to aliens, reduce human population to 500 million to make room for aliens, assign human elites as overlords of surviving humans as reward for doing the aliens dirty work, ET's move in take over and have humans do their bidding. life is good. is this really happening?

  9. Venser says:

    The only thing memorable about this movie were the alien's backward legs.

  10. charlie looks a lot like jud nelson here

  11. Machinedrum says:

    That typing should've won an Oscar.

  12. Ygor Nimoy says:

    best movie about an alien invasion out there.

  13. ThisIsTurok1 says:

    Is the movie as bad as the trailer?

  14. …….Now that we know all to know about Charlie Sheen real life l wonder if the reason for the goatee was because of herpes?
    …… Well kids Charlie Sheen is what happ.. when you make alot of money and then jump head first in a den full of PornStars and Hookers all free willy.

  15. TAO的VVHL says:

    ɷ I Havee Watchedd This Movieeee Leakedd Versionn Hereee : –

  16. Old Man says:

    Great movie but the trailer gives too much away.

  17. "I want my tape back. I WANT IT BACK!"

  18. "extra solar life" lol

  19. Dan S M says:

    Can full of smashed ass holes! Winning

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