The Arrivals 22 { revised edition what noreaga do not want you to see )


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  1. amar says:

    why you lie ? we all see your other propaganda on youtube … its not just aimed at noreagaaa … it is aimed at spreading lies and secterian fitna between muslims … you are secterian and base your views on the idea that all shia are destined to helll and that shias are followers of dajjal … muslims unite and do not fall for secterian trap the illuminati have planned …

  2. mobzone says:

    My brother, I agree with you that the videos may be inappropriate..My point is that we spend so much effort to denounce each other that the importan things in life are overlooked.The Qur'aan preached tauhid and the oneness of Allah the legecy of all prophets before who have preached the same idea, Tauhid.We have become pawns in this "divide and conquer" ideology proposed by the elite. People will always differ on opinions whether it is based on blind following or self righteousness

  3. mobzone says:

    If we leave the judgment to Allah and use our faculties to promote good,evolving as a community,breaking the shackles of an imposed world ideology, we would then be in a position to bring the muslim world out of the rot which we find ourselves in. We are at the mercy of a financial system contrary to the teachings of Islam,Fiat currencies of the world, causing mass discrimination between the haves and the have nots,diparity & the drowning effect of of interest and the pseudo inflation concept

  4. YouNoop says:

    al jihad al jihad! mortadi al kufar

  5. 1926phantom says:

    i agree with you my brother, but to say that ahmadinejad photo was created on photoshop software is a little weird, except you has the proof of what you say, becarefull of anything you say okay. Peace Love Unity

  6. noreagaaaa says:

    send me the original uncut speech , if that picture is photos hoped then i will remove this video . but u will have to show evidence .
    dont run away Shia .

  7. 1926phantom says:

    Okay i'll be at your channel to see what is your proof?

  8. dezed4 says:

    salam u aleikum bruv,
    ok first I am no a shia, I was raised as a sunni muslim.
    I want to apologise for the rant as i don't have the proof to back my claims so I will take them back,
    I tried for a few days to search for an answer or a pictures of that speech with no results which strange in its way so again my apologies, all I can say is that during that search I stumbled on a few things and this story of who is illuminati or free mason and the deep connections it has with history and islam

  9. dezed4 says:

    and other religions is complicated and should be studied very carefully before making any claims, but there is so much man! vatican, politics, zoroastranism, iran, zionism, secret socities, jesuit, sufism, jinns, reptilians etc etc so concerning these issues the best things I can say is Allah knows best and is the best of planner and inshallah we will find the path of Allah. I will keep searching and try to understand the meaning of it all, it will certainly take a life time. take care and salam

  10. dezed4 says:

    Salam and sorry bruva for the rant, you can read my message to noreagaaaa as it is for you too.
    Take care Salam

  11. Ania Pie says:

    Did u know that slandering and backbiting is haram in Islam.
    Noreaga's Arrivals exposed the illuminati and freemasons to the whole world. Thats the main reason why people are starting to rebel against Barack Obama.
    Just because he forgot to mention some details your calling him a liar, Hes a only a human, no ones perfect. And stop causing fights between the sects. Allah wants all the muslims to unite not fight each other.
    1 thing im concerned about is the phase 3 logo is a mason symbol,

  12. fardanio says:

    Very dumb lmao becouse ahmadenijad did it it doesnt mean all shias do and Noregaaaa studyd hes path thts why hes shia maybe u shud do it either yearly 1000 sunni muslims wo study hard becomes shia

  13. Noreaga was trying to unite all Islamic denominations(Sunna,Shia,Sufism..etc) against powers of evil(Illumintai) or whatever those powers called.Thats why he was trying to satisfy all sects.Well most of us share the same dream,Dont know if that would happen someday. though Noreaga should have shown the truth about all sects.People if you did that you will know whos closer to that dream.

  14. @scrambled0service if you had knowledge .. u wud understand that we cannot be unified.. Ahlus-sunnah-wal-jam'ah is the group following the original religion practiced by the sahabah radhiallahuanhu.. sufis believe crap and so do shia.. shia are kuffar .. and most sufis are too , while sum of the less sufi-type's like deobandis of india/pakistan arent but still have incorrect views on many things.. if you want complete knowledge begin your research by finding out what bid'ah is,

  15. @fardanio that means nothing.. so a thousand people are misguided yearly.. there are a million other drinking booze hu dnt believe in god but shout " OH MY GOD" wen in trouble :S- if shia are true muslims y are they still the minority ..
    ur books of hadith are unauthentic.. ur scholars are lunatics.. giving out fatwas thats its okay to have fore play with babies and wat not..

  16. pulman7 says:

    @mara6ab yea shia are Jews brothers !
    they fight Islam from Inside !

  17. Aelbgal123 says:

    @aido1987 For thousands of years muslims jews and christains got along side by side in harmony , you know whos the real probelm? the western world's leaders ,

  18. moe kll says:

    @supporttruth dajjal is the shia imam al mahdi but he doesnt want to tell you hahahaha

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